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Advocate Me started out as a legal practice, but now operates as an advocacy service, which finds solutions where the legal system fails. It is about connecting people in the best way, to achieve the greatest outcomes, all while creating unity and upholding human rights, liberty and justice.


The legal profession itself has been sullied by materialism, which fosters conflicts of interest that pervert and corrupt its very purpose, making it more about winning than about what is right. So, it is no longer a solution to achieving real justice on its own. 

Advocate Me will never stop fighting for Liberty, Justice and Democracy to protect the innocent, and be a voice of reason when the system is unjust.

Right now we are facing the biggest challenge in our lifetime. Advocate Me has been there from the beginning, challenging excessive overreach of governmental powers and mistreatment of people, breaching human rights and causing immense collateral damage.

Our class actions and campaigns are spearheading a revolutionary change in our justice system, making it more about attaining true justice, rather than money and winning.

How We Work


Our investigations expose corruption in government, corporations, policing and the legal system. We expose this corruption and take action to bring about accountability for misconduct and corruption.


Advocate Me has started a movement, where those who have been mistreated by the system can come to seek assistance when their human rights, safety and dignity are being trampled. We find real solutions to real problems by connecting with the right people, uniting as a powerful collective that cannot be ignored.


Taking action is one thing, but taking the right action at the right time, with the best possible resources is what we do best. Strategy from thorough investigation, making the best connections and challenging through the right channels can bring about success. 

Our Campaigns


Thousands of residents in nine Melbourne public housing towers have been negatively impacted by the actions of the Victorian Government and their hard lockdown. This Class Action aims to challenge the administrative failures and human rights breaches and bring accountability to those involved, to ensure such failures will never be repeated.


Under both Federal and States and Territories’ legislation, consideration must be given to whether a public health risk is serious and significant enough to necessitate emergency declarations. In doing so, Governments must balance the competing need to protect the public interest, with the need to protect human rights.


Many are concerned about the speed with which the covid-19 vaccines are being brought to market. In the government’s rush to roll out and potentially mandate the experimental vaccines, many people have been motivated to take action to bring about honesty, transparency and accountability with this vaccine program. 


Dealing with the immediate risks associated with threats around loss of employment and refusal of service is sadly a reality. To assist you in these cases, we have developed an Advocacy Service within our CoVision project Our Advocates are committed to helping your side be heard when dealing with organisations who have infringed upon your human rights. 

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