Thank you for submitting your details to become a class member of the National Class Action Challenging the ongoing disproportionate response to SARS-CoV-2 in Australia,

You should now have read our costs agreement and disclosure statement. The last step to commit to this class action is to complete the form below, using the email address you submitted your interest with, as an identifier.

You must stipulate what amount you choose to contribute to this class action where indicated, keeping in mind the minimum contribution is $250, unless you are willing to be a lead applicant representative.

If you are interested in being an applicant representative, we wish to reiterate that there are risks to you should you decide to go with this option. There are no risks for a standard class member.

It is that you will become the lead person on behalf of others in your state/territory and representing the particular circumstances you have nominated you are affected by (your group). 

Effectively you are running your claim in the interests of all affected parties within your group. An applicant representative assumes the risk and cost of the litigation, should costs be awarded against us. 

So while we do not expect any adverse costs, there is always a risk and so we want to be sure that any applicant representative has no property or significant savings in their name first. 

This is to protect you in the unlikely event that any adverse costs are awarded against us, it will be easily mitigated and avoided as we can negotiate your release from that and it will ensure the rest of the group will not be exposed to any risk at all. That is why we are offering applicant representatives costs of only $100.

Could you please confirm by reply email that you understand the risks in championing this class action in this manner and that you would either wish to continue as an application representative, or a standard class member.

Confirm Your Participation

Thanks for comitting to this class action! We will have further material for you to look at in relation to filed Court documents on or before 13th September 2020