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Crime Scene Tape

Detention Towers Class Action

These proceedings challenge the lockdown measures imposed by the Victorian Government on 9 public housing towers in inner suburban Melbourne between 4 and 18 July 2020, located at 9 Pampas Street, 159 Melrose Street, 33 Alfred Street, 76 Canning Street and 12 Sutton Street, North Melbourne, and 120, 126 and 130 Racecourse Road and 12 Holland Court, Flemington.

This class action was filed in the Supreme Court of Victoria on March 19, 2021. Immediately following, the Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB), an arm of the Victorian Government, began their assault on Advocate Me.

As a result of the interference by the VLSB, the Lead Applicants have now instructed Clemens Haskin Legal.

We understand and empathise that much confusion has arisen as a result of the unlawful actions of the VLSB, and we are still getting many group members reaching out to us. However, we are redirecting all these enquiries to Clemens Haskin Legal as per the Summary Statement below. You can still reach out to Advocate Me at 0425754299 to be redirected to psychological and emotional assistance.

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Detention Towers Summary Statement SEALED page 1.png
Detention Towers Summary Statement SEALED page 2.png
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