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Thank you for your Message

Hello; you are landing on this page, as you sent an SMS to Serene of Advocate Me. Our apologies for the delay in responding; however, some of the messages were only recently located and opened.

This message is generalised to cover a variety of issues. We ask for you to read the entire message to locate the best solution to your query.

Please see the following information for the issue/s you are facing or your reason for contacting us:

Employment Issues: If you’re facing being stood down or terminated, and you require somebody to advocate and mediate on your behalf; please lodge your complaint with Human Rights Advocates including if you want someone to represent you at the Fair Work Commission. We have also set out a step by step guide, with 2 options for employees, at our dedicated page at Australians Say No

Fines: If you have a fine matter related to the pandemic/mandates; please contact Human Rights Advocates to lodge your complaint at  Human Rights Advocates

Criminal Charges: If you need assistance with representation for a criminal charge you can contact Flitner & Company Lawyers or send an email to

School/Universities/Students: In conjunction with Human Rights Advocates (‘HRA’), we are developing a program specific to students affected by mandates applied by schools and universities. In the interim, please lodge your complaint with HRA here as well as downloading the Declination letter here

Business Owner/Sole Trader Issues: If your business or organisation has been impacted by the mandates please visit our dedicated page at Australians Say No here

PCR Testing, Masking, etc. Please use our templates here for these matters. More information can also be found at

Retail/Business/Organisation Discrimination: For all matters relating to actions by businesses or organisations; please lodge your complaint with Human Rights Advocates here.

Nurses/Front Line Worker Whistleblower: If you are a front-line worker that has information in relation to vaccine adverse events and or other Covid or vaccine evidence that can be used in our actions; please send a confidential email to and we will provide you with the next steps. (Note: Please do not use this email for any other purpose or correspondence, as we will be unable to respond).

Donations:  If you would like to make a donation to Advocate Me, you can do so directly to:

BSB: 302162 Account: 1868073. Please use donation as your reference.

Class Action: If you are wanting to participate in our various class actions or nominate yourself as a Lead Applicant; please follow the link to sign up here.

Offer of Help – Lawyer/Barrister/Solicitor/Advocate/Other – If you possess a specific legal skill that you believe will benefit our actions and you are interested in assisting us; please forward an email to (NOTE: This email is not to be used for any other purpose or correspondence, as we will be unable to respond).

Vaccine Adverse Events: If you or a family member has had an adverse reaction to any of the Covid-19 vaccinations, please detail your incident here


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