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Join Covid-19 Class Action

If you have been impacted by mandatory directions in relation to COVID-19 vaccination, influenza vaccination, masking and other PPE, hotel detention, RT-PCR testing, forcible closure of business, services and/or places of worship, or restriction of visitation and/or access to loved ones, then you may be eligible to be a class action group member.

Class Actions cost money, but we only request that you pledge a contribution now and we will contact you when costs become incurred by the legal practitioners and other related  expenses.


If you have not been impacted or do not wish to be a class action group member, but would like to support the action as a donor, please indicate how much you would like to donate on the below form. 

The Class Action will require lead applicants. These are the class action members who are happy to put their names and stories to the front and spearhead the action in court. For the purposes of mitigating any consequence to a lead applicant, an ideal lead would be someone who does not own property, or have significant savings. Because a lead applicant is heading the group action, they will not be required to make a financial contribution. 

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