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All Trucked Up

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Something very worrying is happening in Australia right now. Let’s go for a drive!

Have you ever arrived at your destination and couldn't remember the journey? That is because you have mastered the art of driving, where everything happens unconsciously.

The human mind seeks efficiency, and that auto-pilot mode that comes from repetition and muscle memory - begun when we first learnt to drive, and refined with long hours of practice, overseen by a responsible, skilled adult - serves us to steer the course that will see us arrive at our destination quickest. We create habits this way, good and bad. But this mental auto-pilot mode also has its pitfalls.

The 'lucky country' has had it so good for so long, that we have mastered the art of unconscious living. This auto-pilot routine has caused us to lose our awareness, outsourcing our thinking to the 'experts', without question, and we now find ourselves in a dystopian nightmare, where unelected bureaucrats have taken over the steering, while we have been asleep at the wheel. We have officially lost our title of the 'lucky country'.

Not everyone is happy with the destination these bureaucrats have planned for us. This is a place where freedom and liberty do not reside. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Advocate Me has been warning of this hostile takeover, and yes, many more people are conscious now, but the forces behind this occupation are still driving.

The Australian government, including each State and Territory, is clearly operating as a dictatorship. Their strategy seriously lacks depth, diversity and scientific merit, as their autocratic, one-size-fits-all solution: lockdown the country until it is fully vaccinated, is not only one-dimensional, but dangerous. And they are already telling us that restrictions will continue beyond 80% fully vaccinated.

We have come to expect these politicians and bureaucrats to spin their propaganda, constantly avoiding proper debate that might arrive at a scary destination called The Truth. It's a skill they have mastered so well that most of them are on an auto-pilot of lies, and most of us tune out. During the past eighteen months we have had their daily fear-mongering pushed on us with such repetition that we all know it off by heart now.

In stark contrast to their circus clowns, who want us to believe they are driving the country in their trick cars, Australian truckies have this week come out in protest against the continued lockdowns and coercive tactics being employed to force them to be vaccinated. And unlike our 'leaders', they aren't mincing their words.

Below are a few videos from truckies with their message. The below come with a language warning, for those who are easily offended by profanity. Please don't let that distract from their genuine underlying message.

The message is this: Back off and return our country to us, or we go on strike. This message is a potent reminder to the entitled, white-collars sitting in their ivory towers, with their pandemic pay-rises and Big Pharma mates, that they are not in charge.

In spite of stay-at-home orders, last weekend tens of thousands of Australians marched to protest the government lockdowns. These are not "anti-vaxxers" or "conspiracy theorists”, they are people who recognise we are in the midst of a takeover, and want to take back control of the wheel, before we as a nation are driven into oblivion.

At the Queensland-New South Wales border, thousands protested against the Queensland premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and her signalling she will mandate vaccines before permitting people to cross the border. Since the border in Tweed Heads-Coolangatta runs down the centre of the street, crossing the road from one shop to another would require a shot before you shop.

We Australians have been asleep at the wheel too long, and this has allowed the governments and their corporate pals to steer us off-course, where government interference occurs in all aspects of our lives. Could the rise of the blue-collar worker, protesting through strike action, finally be the one thing that will bring them to the negotiating table?

Now is the time to take back the wheel, and in the process be an important part of reclaiming our title as the 'lucky country' once again.

For those truckies who want to connect over this issue, a facebook group has been created for you. Click here to access it.

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Go truckies! I support you 100% Stay there as long as it takes, I will happily bring you a feed or two. Please let us know how we can help support you.


OMG I'm sooooooooooooo happy to hear this wonderful news and delighted and proud of these truckies for making a stand! I fully support you! Go Aussie Go! Love your work! I support You!!


Great idea about the bikies getting involved as long as the behave themselve😁

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