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Dr Li-Meng Yan- the bravest whistleblower yet

We must protect her.

She has blown the whistle on the corruption and the collusion of the WHO with the Chinese Government and the CDC and the FDA and vaccine centred organisations regarding the manufacturing of this virus in a laboratory in China.

Enough is enough. She has also shown unequivocally that hydroxychloroquine is a solution.

She has fled China and is seeking refuge with Homeland Security and FBI in US.

I know there are good agents in the US- please protect her.

Time for the murderous criminal cabal operating this world to come down.

We have the evidence and I will be seeking to make contact with Dr Yan for our class action.

We will be launching very soon.

Many other doctors around the world are also blowing the whistle in the origins of the virus.

It is time for us to kick out The Chinese-US corporate cabal and reclaim our land and expose the corruption of our bureaucrats and politicians.

Please let us do this together NOW.

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