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Forthcoming National Class Action

We have received hundreds of calls and interest for our upcoming class action. Please be patient with us as we are coordinating all our helpers to make it happen efficiently and updating our website.

We have also had many distressed callers that we have committed our days and nights to help. But we have to focus now on carrying forward our influenza vaccine action as well as our AHPRA action and for this reason we will now be focusing exclusively on those actions as well as the larger class action that we will be launching shortly.

We have closed our AHPRA and Influenza Vaccine forms for now. But you may want to consider applying once our class action commences. It will be open for everyone and will deal with all the directives, both states and territories, that we believe are unreasonable and unlawful given the circumstances. This includes directives in relation to business closures, cross border movements, hotel quarantine and detention, testing, all vaccinations, contact tracing, masking and fines.

We might not be able to return all your calls or speak to you given the level of interest but we have put together the video below that breaks down the Biosecurity Act 2015 (Commonwealth) and used as example the Public Health and Mental Wellbeing Act of Victoria on the State level, to answer some questions as to when you can be required to be vaccinated, medicated, isolated, detained, bodily searched, tested etc. We say that the appropriate balance between managing risks and ensuring the right of self determination must be struck to prevent the legislation being breached. We hope this helps in the interim.

We are doing everything we can to launch the Class Action as soon as we can. We are sorry if we can't help you immediately in the interim timeframe.

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