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Golden Ticket, or Poisoned Chalice?

Our political leaders have adopted the mantra that mass vaccination is the only way to reopen the country. From this mantra our leaders and their agents have successfully compelled large groups of the population to get vaccinated. As of today, official data claims that 59.1% have had their first dose and 35.5% both doses.

Australia has largely embraced vaccinations over the years, and most consider them safe and effective. So, it was surprising that many were hesitant to roll up their sleeves for covid-19 vaccines when it became available. A widely circulated survey from 2020, completed by hundreds of thousands of Australians, indicated the reason for hesitancy was the fact that they were new and largely untested.

Those who took a closer look at these “vaccines” found even more reason to be apprehensive, because they didn’t seem to fall under the traditional definition of what a vaccine is. Historically, vaccines contain a small amount of the virus in question, so the immune system can mount its own defence to the disease. But this new group of vaccines does not work in this way.

The technology being used is as novel as covid-19 itself and is previously untested on humans. Prior to this, tests on animals resulted in complications that ended in death when those vaccinated animals were exposed to the live virus.

For those reasons alone, most can understand the hesitancy, however another reason a growing number of Australians remain hesitant is the secrecy - despite their claims of transparency - surrounding National Cabinet meetings, and the contracts between the Commonwealth government and the vaccine manufacturers.

If the decisions being made were in the best interests of the public, decisions which strip us of our freedom and cause untold social and economic damage to society, why are we not privy to them? This lack of transparency around what are life and death decisions for the health and wellbeing of the population should be a major concern to us all.

For those who don’t already know, Pfizer has a dubious history and in 2009 the company was fined $2.3 billion in a legal settlement over misleading marketing practices. Since the year 2000, according to Violation Tracker, Pfizer has accumulated $4,660,896,333 in fines for:-

  • Off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products

  • False Claims Act and related infringements / offenses / charges

  • Drug or medical equipment safety violation

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Acts violations

  • Environmental violation

Johnson & Johnson are not far behind Pfizer, being fined $4,248,447,763 for offences such as:-

  • Off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products

  • False Claims Act and related offenses

  • Drug or medical equipment safety violation

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations

  • Price-fixing or anti-competitive practices

AstraZeneca are not much better either, being fined only $1,148,775,284, guilty of offences relating to:-

  • Off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products

  • False Claims Act and related offenses

  • Kickbacks and bribery

  • Consumer protection violation

  • Employment discrimination

Regardless of the questionable business practices of these pharmaceutical giants, our government, in its infinite wisdom, decided it was necessary to:-

  • undertake secret deals with corporations that have criminal records, for medical products without the normal rigorous due process of approvals, including adequate and independent safety studies,

  • use tax-payer funds to pay for them, including promoting their safety and effectiveness, when that is clearly false and misleading,

  • have AHPRA, the medical watchdog, dictate to doctors, nurses and pharmacists announcing that they will face harsh penalties, including being stripped of their ability to practice, if they “undermine the national vaccination program”,

  • bury the “vaccine” related deaths and injuries being reported, calling them “coincidental”,

  • grant these pharmaceutical companies legal indemnity from any harm caused by their experimental vaccines

Our government has granted these criminal organisations legal indemnity from any harm caused by their experimental vaccines, so in the event that a person decides to sue for damage and loss, the government assumes the position of the company being sued in costly Court proceedings. So when a damaged person is awarded damages our taxes, not the relevant pharmaceutical company’s vast profits, will be depleted. Hardly the act of a government with its constituents’ interests considered in any way.

Now the government has introduced a “No Fault COVID-19 Indemnity Scheme”, which could be interpreted as hush money, attempting to circumvent Court proceedings, and silence the victims. Given how most reported deaths - 495 up to 29/8, of which 486 are considered "coincidental"- it is understandable why some may conclude that this scheme is a sham.

Our government has consistently marketed these pharmaceutical products to its citizens as safe and effective, but given their manufacturers’ criminal histories of safety violations, false claims and bribery, we have every right to be concerned.

They cannot hide the truth any longer, because everyone knows these experimental vaccines do not stop you from getting the virus, and spreading it, and those fully vaccinated are still subject to the public health orders restricting their freedoms, the same restrictions on the freedoms of the unvaccinated. So what benefits are the vaccinated enjoying?

Side-effects are NOT as rare as one-in-a-million. TGA statistics show the reality: side-effects reported are 2.9 per 1000. It is now more common for us to know more people injured by their 'cure' than the virus itself, highlighting their false and misleading safety claims.

And Pfizer is making a killing. Pun intended. According to Nasdaq, they made $18.98 billion in the second quarter of 2021. The vaccine is clearly contributing to their massive wealth, but you should also know stocks in their anti-blood clotting drug Eliquis rose 13%; and Vyndaquel, their cardiomyopathy drug, rose 77%. According to the TGA, cardiomyopathy and blood clotting are known side-effects of their experimental vaccine.

If you follow the money trail further, you will find that former Treasurer Peter Costello, now chairman of Nine Entertainment (which included newspapers Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun), is also chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Future Fund, an Australian government investment fund.

This fund has more than $2 billion-worth of shares in manufacturers of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, including Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Novartis and CSL. And during our covid-19 state of emergency, the funds’ investments into vaccine and pharma manufacturing increased from $1.7 billion to $2.5 billion. Would it be out of line to ask whether there might be some insider trading going on here? Some conflicts of interest?

Speaking of coincidences, this fund was established in 2015, the same year the Biosecurity Act was created.

With the NSW Police Commissioner receiving handsome pay rises in the past year, equating to $87,000, in spite the NSW government’s 12 month pay freeze, this commissioner is now paid $665k per year, which is more than the Prime Minister, and the President of the United States of America. With such an expensive police force, it’s no wonder Australian Defence Force have been brought in to assist NSW in managing their lockdown.

Considering all this, watching the NSW Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard, speak about rounding up 24,000 children at Qudos Bank Arena for mass vaccination, felt like watching a Stephen King horror movie.

Twenty-four thousand children were targeted in a mass vaccination campaign, under police guard, with no parents allowed inside. To lure them there, Hazzard’s use of coercive language was on show, likening their access to the vaccine as having a “golden ticket”, which sounded like the sort of thing a pedophile would say to entice a child into their grasp.

Given the age group, which has had no deaths from covid-19, I surely thought no parent in their right mind would submit their child to an experimental medical procedure, with known side-effects, especially when they would derive zero benefit. Rather the opposite, it turns out!

Since when has it been a public health initiative to potentially sacrifice the health of the young, in the deliberately misleading and disingenuous hope it might protect the elderly? Kids got injured in the process, not that we heard anything about it from the mainstream media. Considering former treasurer Peter Costello’s ties to the Liberal Party, the Future Fund and mostly particularly his mainstream media connection to Nine Entertainment, it doesn’t take an “expert” to see why we are still being kept in the dark.

All things considered; can one be blamed for concluding that the “golden ticket” is the reward promised only to the Guardians of the Future Fund: our politicians, bureaucrats and police, who are faring well with their secure jobs and pay rises, meanwhile leaving the vaccinated with the “poisoned chalice” of potential damage from the untested “vaccinations” and the added insult of having to pay for them, whilst the perpetrators and enforcers of this criminal cartel get off scot free?

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