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Grass Roots

After a confusing couple of months for many, I have this to say: confusion always precedes greater understanding. And if knowledge is power, then greater understanding is a good thing, because from knowledge, wisdom can sprout like new blades of grass.

What has transpired since the Victorian Legal Services Board (VLSB) threatened to cancel Serene Teffaha's practicing license, has been deeply revealing on many fronts.

  • It has shown just how ruthless the Victorian Government regulator is in continuing the mistreatment of those vulnerable Victorians who were detained in the nine towers, by trying to silence the only voice willing to stand up for them.

  • It has exposed what appears to be collusion between the Victorian Government and the legal system, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the media.

  • It has demonstrated how much of a toothless tiger the Victorian Ombudsman is.

  • It has exhibited the steadfast nature of the Advocate Me members in their overwhelming support of Serene.

  • It has allowed us to publicise the corruption for all to see, and more importantly;

  • It has proven her detractors wrong, as claims of misappropriated trust funds cannot be substantiated.

Is it fair to say that the VLSB and their agents Hall & Wilcox, and Lander & Rogers, have implicated themselves as defamers who have perverted the course of justice, debasing the legal profession they claim to be upholding?

And can it now be alleged that the judges associated with her cancellation, be the ones undermining the public's confidence in the administration of justice?

The State has become an unruly bully that consistently operates outside its own rules, seemingly stopping at nothing to protect its own interests, which are increasingly proving to be the interests of global corporations, not the people it is supposed to represent.

When an alleged free, democratic society:

  • plants unelected Chief Health Officers affiliated with the powerful Pharmaceutical industry,

  • gives these puppets more power than our elected officials, to push an agenda to mass vaccinate the entire population with dubious "vaccines" for a disease that has a survival rate close to 99%,

  • despite known, safe and effective treatments that they have tried to suppress and in some cases made illegal to administer,

  • grant legal immunity to these pharmaceutical companies, so they cannot be made accountable for injuries and deaths from these "vaccines",

  • and the media, whose most lucrative clients are Big Pharma, push this agenda while failing to accurately report on the scope of the real vaccine adverse events,

it can no longer be argued there isn't a conspiracy that is about power, control and money.

What is patently clear is that creating change in this corrupted State doesn't come from the top down, it starts from the bottom up. Serene's defence of her clients and herself has solidified this grass-roots movement and we couldn't be more ready to face the next stage of this battle.

How the Supreme Court deals with the Detention Towers class action will be insightful, as will VCAT's decision to stay the decision of the VLSB, allowing Serene to continue to practice law.

This David and Goliath battle is well under way, but when you have nothing to hide, truth is our greatest weapon and we shall see it prevail.

A single blade of grass may be easily overlooked, but fields of them cannot be ignored. Our unity, like our wisdom and truth, integrate to oppose the unjust and endure.

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Please join ''. It's a discrete messaging system. And add Dr Tenpenny (Dr Sherri Tenpenny) to your contacts list in there. She has a world of information.


Jun 09, 2021
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I watched an interview with Randy Vaughan's best friend and her son Bastien in which they both said that she had been unwell for sometime with an undiagnosed condition, mainly because she was avoiding going to the doctors, which she had been self treating with natural medicine. In the interview her best friend also talked about the money being raised that wasn't being passed on to Bastien and that people from Randy's organisation were trying to gain access to Bastien's home and possessions in particular a laptop. Around that time I was receiving emails from her organisation about legal action they were taking to find out why Randy died and to get access to her property.


Wake up all you professional idiots that keep perpetuating the deception that SARS is a virus. It’s sudden acute respiratory syndrome! Not a virus! 5G also causes SARS. That is the deception you are all not seeing. There is no disease such as broken leg, no virus named dislocated shoulder and so on. WAKE UP! Stop perpetuating the deception fools. Punctured lung is not a disease!


When will the Supreme Court decision occur, that will indicate the potential for the National Class Action?


May 31, 2021

Many giants to overcome. If history is anything to go by, giants often turn on each other.

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