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Major Development - Open Letter to Prime Minister & Premiers

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

We have listened to you over the past few months.

As you know many issues have transpired which have expanded the ambit of our class action with all our existing clients and we will be formally launching our class action this evening inviting all Australian residents to join.

We have detailed the concerns of all of our clients, to date, in writing to the Governments: States, Territories and Federal. We hope that this will show you how serious we are in advancing our actions as quickly as possible and that our actions are sound and evidence based. Our forms and website will be launched this evening.

We have expanded the scope of the action and we will be inviting all Australian citizens to join this action. It has become evident that it is about the degradation of all of our human rights including forcibly removing children, unlawful detention, unlawful testing and police brutality. We have received thousands of calls and emails demanding we take action and we trust that you will take pride in being a critical part of these challenges.

We also note of significance that even though we communicated there was a back-flip regarding the removal of the influenza vaccine mandate in Victoria, the Chief Health Officer of Victoria has maintained the removal of this mandate. Therefore, this letter also serves to primarily seek to have all other States and Territories parallel this removal and ensure all aged care facilities are immediately notified to cease and desist from enforcing policies that continue to require these obligations.

Watch this space.

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