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My Body, My Choice

This is the story of unlawful arrest and medical rape, all in the pursuit of an enforced

PCR test.

Merike Sirelpuu, a yoga teacher living in Finland, was recently kidnapped from her

home, handcuffed and taken against her will to a hospital. There she was strapped

to a bed and forced to undergo a PCR test, despite having a specific medical

condition that made this procedure dangerous to her health.

It gets worse. Merike’s experience took place in front of her 11 year old daughter,

who filmed the event after Merike’s phone was confiscated by police; her recording

was subsequently deleted.

This particular story also happens to be our story, because this incident, if allowed

to go unheeded, could well be rolled out incrementally, one person at a time across

our planet until our sovereign human rights are completely eroded.

On March 1, 2021 in Iisalmi, Finland , police raided Merike’s home, where she had

been quarantining after one of her yoga students received a positive PCR test.

According to reports, Merike had cooperated through the quarantine procedures,

however had sought medical advice due to a blood disorder that made the PCR test

via the nasal passage dangerous for her.

According to the Iisalmi police the ‘Communicable Diseases Act’ states that a

healthy person can simply be arrested and forced to undergo medical tests

against their will and health due to ‘suspected exposure’.

It gets even worse. Merike’s identity and photo were also released by the police to

the media under the guise of her a) being a super spreader, and b) her reluctance to

provide information on her movements for tracing purposes.

Despite Merike being held against her will in the hospital for 5 days, her test results

have not been forthcoming.

As soon as this story broke, the World Freedom Alliance demanded her release, and

legal assistance was provided to her.

Since that time, numerous articles have been written about her plight and the gross

injustice that she has endured, with public condemnation against the police and

doctors who carried out these crimes of malfeasance.

Ironically, this sequence of events also created a storm of controversy, with masses

of people taking offence at Merike’s behaviour, and supporting the actions of the

enforcers of these crimes, in what can only be described as a ‘witch hunt’ against


While this is clearly a controversial topic, the heat has also been aimed at many of

the journalists reporting on these events.

Activist Henna Maria, who called for the persecution of Merike to stop immediately,

and for people to come back to their senses, stated ‘Although I was prepared for a

lot of heat coming my way from the statement, I have never received so many

personal attacks in my life. I have lost count of how many people have written

wishing harm or sickness onto me, saying that I too, just like Merike, should be

forcefully detained and locked up in a mental asylum’.

Dr Dolores Cahill (world leading Molecular Biologist/Immunologist and founding

member of The World Freedom Alliance and Freedom Airways) has also weighed in

heavily on this case, reminding us that there is a hierarchy of law, and our basic

freedoms or common law cannot be usurped by any ‘act’ signed by any Prime

Minister, President, Attorney General or other publicly - or privately! - funded arbiter.

She believes that the police should be held personally accountable for these

unlawful acts if they work against our inalienable rights, freedom, bodily integrity

and privacy.

‘We need brave people’ Dr Cahill stated in an interview of the World Freedom Alliance, ‘We can only push back on this globalist agenda and infringing of our rights all around the world one case at a time, one person at a time’.

Although Merike has now been released and is no longer quarantined, this matter

cannot be ignored. Her lawyer, Lauri Saarela is reported to be filing charges against

the police, and others, within the next few days.

The nasal PCR test is another critical element of this story. Does it pose a real

danger to those with medical conditions, particularly when the test is performed on

an unwilling patient, by force ? Such a scenario could well be exacerbated when

those tests are carried out by inexperienced medical personnel.

Given the fact that a test for CV19 can be performed by swabbing inside the mouth,

or by a blood test, both vastly safer and less invasive that the nasal invasion right

up to the blood-brain barrier, doesn’t this pose risks for all of us, not just those with

known medical conditions?

In any case, Dr Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR

process, specifically stated his test wasn’t intended to be a diagnostic tool,

saying ‘with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody’.

Seventy years ago, the International Medical Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany,

delivered its verdict in the trial of 23 doctors and bureaucrats accused of war

crimes, and crimes against humanity, for their roles in cruel and often lethal

concentration camp medical experiments.

As part of its judgment, the court articulated a 10-point set of rules for the conduct

of human experiments, which has come to be known as the ‘Nuremberg Code’.

Nuremberg Code

  1. Voluntary human consent is essential

  2. Experimental results should justify the experiment

  3. Anticipated results should justify the experiment

  4. Avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering

  5. No experiment if there is a chance of death/disability

  6. Minimise risk of subjects

  7. Proper preparations and facilities to protect subjects

  8. Experiments conducted only by qualified persons

  9. Subjects can withdraw at any time

  10. Terminate experiment if results are know or with best judgement

So what is the answer when the Communicable Diseases Act in Finland seems to contradict these inalienable rights?

Could this be a universal test case against the rollout of unlawful acts now being signed by politicians and lawmakers worldwide? Although governments can sign an act, these acts can only be considered lawful if they are

consistent with the hierarchy of laws.

According to Dr Cahill, the answer is to injunct. ‘One case is all it takes. If one

case goes to the courts, and such acts are found to be unlawful, then the

whole act must be thrown out’.

This may be the reason why fines issued around the world for failure to follow Covid

restrictions are being dropped, or simply not pursued. What would happen if a case

such as Merike’s was heard in the courts, and countersuits were filed against the

police for malfeasance?

Despite the numerous concerns regarding the efficacy of a PCR test, Merike was

quarantined in her home at the time of her arrest, and therefore isolating, despite

being completely asymptomatic and healthy at the time.

A recent study, published in the peer-reviewed Scientific Journal Nature

Communications, studied 9,899,828 residents of Wuhan, screening them between

May 14, 2020 and June 1, 2020. The results provided clear evidence as to the

possibility of any asymptomatic transmission of the virus.

The study was compiled by 19 scientists from the Huazhong University of Science &

Technology in Wuhan, and highly respected scientific institutions in the UK and


Out of the nearly 10 million people in the study, results revealed “300 asymptomatic

cases” were found. Utilising contact tracing, of those 300 not a single case of

COVID-19 was detected in any of them.

“A total of 1,174 close contacts of the asymptomatic positive cases were traced,

and they all tested negative for the COVID-19,” the study concluded.

Incidents such as Merike Sirelpuu's in Finland must be dealt with on a worldwide

scale, bringing attention through the courts to ensure that criminal acts are not

allowed to go unnoticed. The force and bullying tactics used against her were for

the purpose of intimidation and control, and we need to ensure that police officers

are held personally accountable for their actions.

Dr Cahill suggests that Ms Sirelpuu has a strong case to sue the police officers and

doctors personally for engaging in criminal behaviour, such as breaking into her

house, unlawfully detaining her, and inflicting medical procedures on her against her


In other parts of the world, we see similar rollouts of unlawful acts and the

incremental tightening of our freedoms and our medical autonomy. In Texas,

Governor Greg Abbott recently lulled people into a false sense of security after

removing all mask mandates and lockdown restrictions, only to move into phase 2

by deploying 1100 of the national guard to go door-to-door across the state,

vaccinating homebound senior citizens.

Here in Australia, the ADF have now been called in to assist with the vaccination of

our citizens in what is perceived by many as a strong-arm tactic, despite the

government’s insistence that vaccinations will NOT be mandatory.

Given we are in the early stages of the vaccine rollout, it remains to be seen what

specific strategy will be implemented in the utilisation of the ADF. What is obvious,

is that the government’s strategy (and tactics) are clearly aimed at vaccinating the

entire country.

Scott Morrison warned, ‘The aim remains to get the majority of the population

vaccinated by October 2021, commencing in just a few weeks' time’.

The question is: For what purpose ? Pfizer’s own Chairman has confirmed that their

COVID “vaccines” do not prevent Coronavirus transmission after inoculation.

Interestingly, a SAGE document from March 2020 exposes how the corrupt

mainstream media is indoctrinating the masses to gain public consent for

lockdown, using psychological warfare tactics to control people by invoking

irrational fears. Under an illusory spell, and threat of apparent imminent death, a

panicked individual cannot think clearly or make wise decisions.

This in itself shows the depth of people’s loss of logical thinking. Does anyone know

anyone who has died of CV19 alone? I think I’ve met two people in this past year

who claim that people actually known to them have died of CV19, with no other

underlying conditions. Even if this is provable, it’s hardly numbers that justify the

term ‘pandemic’. Where are the homeless deaths and the ambulances screaming

through the night? In a real pandemic, the death toll and first hand tragedies would

speak for themselves.

While our politicians continue to act out unlawful procedures against individuals, we

must take responsibility for the dystopian world we are accepting under the guise of

an ongoing worldwide pandemic.

Lockdowns and further restrictions are only the tip of the iceberg, and will be our

‘new normal’ until our very humanity is stripped away from us, if we allow this global

totalitarian dictatorship to envelop us.

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21 comentários

Tracey (admin)
Tracey (admin)
23 de mar. de 2021

For those who think this couldn't happen here in Australia......


Dear Sandy and Advocateme. Any news on the class action? Your process kicked off in Augsust from what I can see. Yet, no progress reports on this site, no news at all. I'm sure there are reasons, would you be so kind as to indicate the silence on this important matter- the matter that brings us some solace, something to cling to? I'm just wondering why a court date hasn't been announced.

Respondendo a

thankyou so much for replying with this helpful feedback. And thank you to your entire team for the wonderful work you are so committed to


Tracey (admin)
Tracey (admin)
17 de mar. de 2021

Johnny from marketing is in a frenzy - seems like they need 150K per day to take the jab to get the whole country done by November. Remember jab conditional approval only based on SOE....

Respondendo a

The state of emergency gives a person more powers to do things that doesn’t equate to lockdowns, that he entered into lockdowns is another issue. So going into a state of emergency at the beginning when no one knew what was going to happen and how fast the virus was going to spread etc was correct, however m, given it didn’t happen, that’s another story altogether! Going into lockdown also probably was correct BUT how he handled quarantine we KNOW (now) was abhorrently wrong and I also believe from the outset the lockdown was wrong too, except, I believe the lockdown should’ve been much harder faster! (Harder bc if yiu don’t limit movement lockdowns don’t work.) But for a WAY…


peterR b
peterR b
17 de mar. de 2021

Anyone see today's Daily Telecrap headline? We have entered GOVERNMENT BY MEDIA.

peterR b
peterR b
17 de mar. de 2021
Respondendo a

Yep. Pharque.


17 de mar. de 2021

OMG That poor woman and her child! This is disgraceful, but it’s the path we will go down if we do not Stand Up Australia!

Respondendo a

With the people that were listed in the above, actually attacking the stance of that lady being herself attacked, and that coming from all directions, you can see how hitler and others like him, managed to build up to what they ended up carrying out. When the propaganda and fear pushed, sells a "con" that is told over and over until enough people "asleep" believe it, hitler even had their own people, on his side.

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