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Pledge of Unity

There is no doubt the ongoing response to this pandemic is causing incalculable collateral damage, right across the board. The band-aids supplied in the form of welfare are shielding many of us temporarily from complete ruin; but we can sense if things don't change soon, the ripple effect will profoundly impact all of us for a long time to come. And with no relief in sight and our calls for change continuously ignored and our right for peaceful protest taken from us, we can no longer claim to live in a free society. So we must find another way to fight. A legal pathway to force them to listen. Collectively we must find that voice they can no longer ignore. This is our purpose. Unity!

This class action is more than your typical legal action. We are living in unprecedented times where our governments grasp of powers during a pandemic is corroding our civil liberties at an accelerating rate. It is truly alarming, yet while this overreach of power goes unchallenged, they will continue to use this emergency to their advantage. We can see this unfolding daily. This class action is that very challenge

"What we've seen overnight is a degradation of our rights so radically and in such a contrast to what our laws actually provide for." - Serene Teffaha

Their power lies in their ability to unify under a common cause and use this unity to mobilise their directives. So we too need to unify and if we do that in huge numbers, they can no longer silence us. If we combine our voices, they can no longer ignore the chorus of dissent. And if we win, we create the greatest opportunity for yourselves, family, friends, community, State and country.

We can be a guiding force, a strong collective, united even through our differences and effect profound and positive change. But we can't do it without you.

"What I am trying to do is simple. This is about claiming our rights!" - Serene Teffaha

Standard class members are effectively in the background and their stories are not exposed, but your submission adds enormous weight to the lead applicant representatives who will be named in the claim and championing the cause. So if you're nervous about possible Court time, being named and subject to risk of adverse costs, a standard class member is like adding your name to a petition and making a donation. You have already done the majority of the work by submitting your form.

The greater the number of people impacted we can show to the Court, the more impact it has. And even if you are a standard class member, your financial contribution towards the costs goes a long way to funding this important challenge for our rights.

This is more than a class action, this is a grass roots movement and one that is being spearheaded by the poorest in our communities. Yes, those who have lost everything, or have nothing to lose. These are truly the bravest people of all. So we ask you to join them. Strength in numbers. Power to the people. Let's reclaim our power now, before it's too late.

To join this Class Action, please go to:

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