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The Daily Dose – Friday 10 September 2021

Federal Office of PM | Press Conference, Canberra ACT 09 September 2021

Scott Morrison - "For the country to have its strong recovery from COVID-19, particularly Delta. It's not just lockdowns. It's the fear of future lockdowns. We need to be able to move forward and know that they can keep moving forward and that gives people confidence to invest, to employ, to move on."

Department of Health | Therapeutic Goods Administration Adj. Professor John Skerritt's interview on ABC Drive on 7 September 2021 (emphasis added)

RICHARD GLOVER: So your figure is nine and the one that Craig Kelly in a way is emphasising is 448 [ed; referring to total COVID-19 vaccine deaths]. It's quite different. JOHN SKERRITT: Well, 495 is the current figure, but what they are is out of an abundance of caution, either individual doctors or hospitals are saying, look, so-and-so died five days after having AstraZeneca or Pfizer, can you look into it? And we look into all those cases, and as I said, only nine, do we believe, and we use an independent panel of experts [ed; lol] to help us. Only nine do we believe that there's a cause and effect relationship. In the other cases, they were things like strokes, and sadly, people die in hospital or even at home, of strokes every day of the year, or all other sorts of causes of death. And when you have 3000 people dying every week of the year, and especially with vaccines being given among older people, it's not surprising that coincidentally there are hundreds of people who sadly die within days of being vaccinated. ... RICHARD GLOVER: [...] For instance, again, you look at the Craig Kelly data, it says, oh well, you know, 2300 people had, you know, vomiting, gastrointestinal problems like vomiting after they had the vaccine. But you're saying, yeah, that's true but many of those, maybe all of them, were not linked, we're not causal. JOHN SKERRITT: Well, of those 2300, maybe 2000 had dodgy Indian takeaway. I don't know. RICHARD GLOVER: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. ... RICHARD GLOVER: So spreading misinformation that can put people off getting vaccinated can have the most serious consequence as you can imagine? The death of people. JOHN SKERRITT: Of course, and not only for yourself, but for your family, because often younger, fitter people can contract COVID. They may only be mildly ill, but of course they can then spread it to a family member or neighbour who is older and it's still largely the older people who are succumbing in the numbers and the reports we're seeing in Sydney in recent weeks. And so it's not just about protecting yourself, it's about protecting those around you. RICHARD GLOVER: John Skerritt, thank you very much for coming on and explaining all that because I know a lot of people- you get it on your phone, it's hard not to, even though you know it's from a disreputable source, you can't resist the urge to click on it and then it is alarming at first sight. But you've explained to us what it really is, and it doesn't tell you- it's not actually what it looks like.

Department of Health | Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) weekly COVID-19 meeting on 8 September 2021 update

"Update" on indigenous rollout and vaccine reactions.

Department of Health | Vaccine Operations Centre – Weekly Operational Update – 6 September 2021

Department of Health | Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Mental Health, Dr Ruth Vine's opinion piece on Making mental health your most important conversation

More sweet nothings for "RUOK? Day".

Department of Health | Commonwealth Hotspot Changes for Victoria and Extensions for NSW

"The Australian Government Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly, has today amended the COVID-19 Hotspot for Victoria and extended the Hotspot for NSW for the purposes of Commonwealth support"

TGA | TGA international engagement strategy 2016-2020: Highlights and achievements report • TGA | Notice of final decisions to amend (or not amend) the current Poisons Standard Federal Register of Legislation | recent bills introduced (* = since last update) National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Amendment Bill 2021 Biosecurity Amendment (Enhanced Risk Management) Bill 2021

Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Integrity of Elections) Bill 2021

Aged Care and Other Legislation Amendment (Royal Commission Response No. 2) Bill 2021

Foreign Intelligence Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

National Health Amendment (COVID-19) Bill 2021

International Human Rights and Corruption (Magnitsky Sanctions) Bill 2021

Human Rights (Targeted Sanctions) Bill 2021 States

• NT | COVID-19 - Infringements Issued 9 September 2021 • WA | COVID-19 Update 9 September 2021 • SA | COVID-19 Update 340 - 9 September 2021 COVID-19 vaccine updateThe Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation recommend mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning pregnancy. Those who are pregnant and their unborn baby have a significantly higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 than non-pregnant people: 5 times higher risk of requiring a hospital admission. 2-3 times higher risk of needing treatment in a hospital intensive care unit. 5 times higher chance of being born preterm or admission to a special care nursery. For more information, visit

[ed; predictably, there is nothing to support those statistics anywhere – neither on the SA Health website, the Federal Health website, within the joint statement from RANZCOG & ATAGI mentioned, or on either of their own websites separately.] VIC | Coronavirus Chief Health Officer Update Directions update:From 11.59 pm tonight (Thursday 9 September), coronavirus restrictions will lift in regional Victoria, except for Greater Shepparton. In addition, Victorians who have been residing in a NSW Local Government Border Area for at least the 14 days from Wednesday 25 August to Wednesday 8 September will be able to apply for a new permit exemption category to come home. VIC | New Restrictions [ed; There are HEAPS of new "restrictions/directions" that just went into "effect" yesterday so check these out if you're in VIC. If you're concerned that these will cause you some strife, please review the information and resources on our site (Know Your Rights Group is also a great resource). Recently updated; COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination DirectionsCare Facilities Directions Diagnosed Persons and Close Contacts Directions Hospital Visitor Directions Restricted Activity Directions (Restricted Areas) Restricted Activity Directions (Regional Victoria) Area Directions Stay at Home Directions (Restricted Areas) Stay Safe Directions (Regional Victoria) Victorian Border Crossing Permit Directions Workplace Directions Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions QLD | New vaccination hub for Toowoomba QLD | Statement from Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles on NSW border restrictions • QLD | General Updates (mask wearing "mandate" is set to end 4pm today, apparently) (additional requirements from 7 September for those leaving quarantine) NSW | COVID-19 Update 9 September 2021 (no transcripts) News/Media/Misc

ABC News | Uncle Bevan's community has among the lowest COVID vaccination rates in the nation — but supply isn't the biggest problem / Elders and teens from Queensland's Indigenous communities push back against vaccine hesitancy to boost immunisation rates ABC News | COVID-19 vaccination certificates at risk of forgery after discovery of another security flaw ABC News | The Delta COVID outbreak has been less deadly than those last year due to vaccinations ABC News | Queensland records one new community case of COVID-19 in Brisbane student, NSW border rules relaxed ABC News | COVID-19 admissions forecast to triple at Wollongong Hospital Modelling released this week revealed NSW hospitals are set to be overwhelmed with admissions from late October, with an estimated peak of 3,434 COVID patients and 947 cases in intensive care. [ed; Ah, that old chestnut – "Modelling" – no link to said modelling, but I'm guessing it was one of our 'Big 3' shadowy institutes of doom.. (Doherty/Burnet/Kirby)] ABC News | Schoolkids line up for COVID-19 vaccine as NT rollout expands / Katherine's COVID-19 vaccination centre opens to anyone aged 12 or older as NT rollout ramps up ABC News | Six-week COVID-19 vaccine blitz aims to inoculate 90 per cent of Aboriginal Territorians 9 News | Train services hit as Victoria records 334 new cases of COVID-19 • 9 News | NSW records 1542 new coronavirus cases and nine further deaths, Hits 76% First Dose ​• 7News | COVID pandemic’s toll on health of Australians exposed by new report [ed; don't expect much enlightenment here] • Sky News | QLD Health grant exemption for four-month-old Rocka to quarantine on family's rural property Sky News | Berejiklian declares it's time to "live with COVID" News Corp | Novavax Covid vaccine better than Pfizer coming to Australia News Corp | School evacuated as Qld girl tests positive News Corp | Australia’s international travel ban could be lifted in November with UK being the first route to open

Kangaroo Court of Australia | Seven’s directors Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes, James Warburton and Bruce McWilliam caught lying to the media about stitching up journalist Shane Dowling for jail

[ed; full support to Shane Dowling @ KCA, and I recommend you grab a copy of his excellent book from last year "Australia's Paedophile Protection Racket"]

Tott News | Contact tracing “in the new world order” to be planned: Chant

[ed; um.... yeah, wow.....] Facebook | Inspirational community-operated directory of Aussie businesses vowing not to discriminate against customers, "jab or no jab", quickly gains massive traction on Facebook

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Thanks ..


Who would want to live amongst these cretins and deliberately uninformed twerps. Omg. I do already. I live in Australia. Get me out of here!


The "MARK" of the beast

"Mark" Strongs concordance 5482 (to sharpen to a point)

"Beast" Strongs concordance 2342 Rev. 14:11 – dangerous venomous animal: a Serpent

Poisoned fangs -

The Satanic Roots to Modern Medicine – The Mark of the Beast?

by Brian Shilhavy

Editor, Health Impact News

All the symbols and emblems for modern medicine have one thing in common: a serpent.

Some, like the Caduceus, have two serpents around a staff, while others, like the rod of Asclepius, have only one serpent.

There are various interpretations as to the difference in meaning between the two, as well as the history of their origins, but the oldest reference to the serpent and its role in human suffering or healing,…

Fredi Sawyer
Fredi Sawyer
Sep 11, 2021
Replying to

The Beast in the Scriptures refers to Government/Power/Authority, as recorded in Daniel and the Book of Revelations



Sep 11, 2021

This Plan-demic is all about a financial "reset"

Observe the meaning of "re-set" as revealed by the 1828 Webster's Dictionary:'SET, noun In Scots law, the receiving and harboring of an outlaw or a criminal. And then also observe the meaning of "Scots" ---which has only a passing relationship with Scotland: Black's 2nd 1910 tells us that a Scot is a TAX. Therefore getting off Scot Free means that you aren't being taxed. And a bit more digging reveals that a "Scot" is specifically the kind of tax mentioned in the Exclusion Clause of Lincoln's National Banking Law. They can only be referring to the corporations being released from the debts that they have owed all of us since th…


and that facebook page has been taken down ..

James Hilan
James Hilan
Sep 11, 2021
Replying to

It's working for me.. maybe try searching for the group's current name on facebook which is "Bussinesses United Auatralia" (not sure if the misspelling is intentional but that's the one!)

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