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The Daily Dose – Monday 27 September 2021

NT Chief Minister: "If you support anti-vaxxers, if you advocate for their right to choose ... then you are an anti-vaxxer", ScoMo still excited about new "World Order", W.H.O. announces next steps toward global annihilation, and more in today's edition... Editor's Note: The original release of this Update included mention of NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet's statement that of the 141 patients in hospital from 'COVID' related symptoms, 1 had taken a single dose of COVID 'vaccine' and the other 140 had been fully vaccinated (therefore 99.5% of hospitalised 'cases' were 'fully vaccinated'). Some readers pointed out that this statement was not made yesterday but in late July. I acknowledge this error and thank those readers for bringing it to our attention. Notwithstanding this fact I believe that the video still stands as potent evidence of its own accord. Federal Office of PM | REMARKS, QUAD LEADERS MEETING - WASHINGTON DC, USA 24 Sep 2021 The PM can't stop talking about this new "World Order"... "We are liberal democracies and believe in a world order that favours freedom" Office of PM | VIRTUAL REMARKS TO THE UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY 24 Sep 2021

"Australia supports the calls for a stronger, more independent World Health Organization, with enhanced surveillance and pandemic response powers. This should be the duty of every single member of the World Health Organization to share that ambition for a World Health Organization that can seek to protect us all in these circumstances. ... COVID-19 has underscored the vital importance of international cooperation and coordination. The patterns of cooperation that have sustained our prosperity and security for decades — they’re under increasing strain. And so are the institutions that have helped maintain that rules-based international order for over seven decades now. ...

Because we want to maintain an open, rules-based international system that supports peace, prosperity, human dignity and the aspirations of all sovereign nations. A global order where sovereign nations can flourish, free from coercion, because of collaborative and purposeful action. That enables them to correspond and engage in a fellowship, that is supported by a rules-based order.


We must reinforce a sustainable rules-based order … while ensuring it is also adaptable to the great power realities of our time. [ed; care to elaborate?] The United Nations must continue to reinforce the international rules-based order, and preserve the institutions that uphold that order and ensure they’re effective, as the mechanisms, the dialogue and adjudication that buttress and hold together this all-important order.


We believe in a world order that favours freedom — an order that was established through the fine institution of the United Nations that we gather around through these contributions and that supports the dignity and free expression of all people.

Related (@07:32)~ Office of PM | QUAD LEADERS' SUMMIT COMMUNIQUE 24 Sep 2021 "In partnership with industry, we are advancing the deployment of secure, open, and transparent 5G and beyond-5G networks, and working with a range of partners to foster innovation and promote trustworthy vendors and approaches such as Open-RAN. Acknowledging the role of governments in fostering an enabling environment for 5G diversification, we will work together to facilitate public-private cooperation and demonstrate in 2022 the scalability and cybersecurity of open, standards-based technology. With respect to the development of technical standards, we will establish sector-specific contact groups to promote an open, inclusive, private-sector-led, multi-stakeholder, and consensus-based approach. We will also coordinate and cooperate in multilateral standardization organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union [ed; a corrupt 'controlled watchdog' for big tech]." Office of PM | INTERVIEW WITH MARK RILEY, WEEKEND SUNRISE 26 Sep 2021 RILEY: Those people who are not vaccinated once we open up, you're on your own? PRIME MINISTER: Well, once we get to 80 per cent and the fact is that everybody has had the chance to get vaccinated by that point. [ed; so begins the dodgiest dodge of a question you've ever heard] Well, you know, we each have a personal responsibility for looking after our own health. And so it's important that we do move forward. We can't stay in second gear. We've got to get to top gear in living with the virus. And that's where we need to be. We've done remarkably well with our economy through the pandemic and saving people's lives. But we must go into the next chapter. ... Of course, there are sensible, common sense things we'll still need to do to live with the virus ... there'll be the QR code log ins and all that sort of stuff, wearing masks ... But, you know, comes a time when you just got to move on and get on with it." • Department of Health | ATAGI update following weekly COVID-19 meeting – 22 September 2021 • TGA | Export of Human Substances 25 September 2021

"To export human body fluids, organs or other tissues, you: do not need a TGA export permit when the volume of each individual container is 50mL or less" Ummmm... okay... Here is a link to the TGA Application for an Annual Permit. A curiously scant document. You'd be harder pressed signing up for a Facebook account... • TGA | Disinfectants: FAQ for new sponsors 24 September 2021 I uncovered an interesting bit of info here – -How do I include a claim against COVID-19 on the label? Disinfectants that claim to be effective against COVID-19 will be asked to provide testing data that shows the product is effective against COVID-19, and must: -have data that complies with the requirements of the TGA Instructions for Disinfectant Testing; -use an acceptable surrogate virus to support the COVID-19 claim; and -have evidence of adherence to Good Laboratory Practice. Clicking the hyperlink of 'acceptable surrogate virus' takes you to another TGA article titled "Surrogate viruses for use in disinfectant efficacy tests to justify claims against COVID-19" dated 7 May 2020. For sponsors and manufacturers wishing to make label claims of efficacy against COVID-19 for products that are either hard surface disinfectants or disinfectants that are medical devices, the following surrogate viruses can be used: Human coronavirus 229E Murine hepatitis virus In the event that either Human coronavirus 229E or Murine hepatitis virus cannot be used, consideration will be given to use of other human or animal coronaviruses. [ed; there are nearly 50 of these!] Viruses that have been suggested include Bovine coronavirus and Feline coronavirus. If coronaviruses other than the specified surrogates are to be used, contact Leisa Whitby(link sends e-mail) or call 02 6289 2309. • W.H.O. | New storybook to help children stay hopeful during COVID-19 24 September 2021 A major propaganda effort is launched for what remains of children's minds... this book series doesn't even have an author, it's "by a collaboration of 60 organizations working in the humanitarian sector, including the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the MHPSS Collaborative for Children & Families in Adversity.". In other words, an MK-Ultra program for the future generation. The one image that they've shared from the "book" is very creepy. Keep these brainwashers away from your kids. It's like George Bush and "The Pet Goat" all over again...

• W.H.O. | ACT-Accelerator partnership welcomes leadership and commitments at US COVID Summit to ending COVID-19 pandemic through equitable access to tests, treatments, and vaccines 24 September 2021

The ACT-Accelerator partnership was formed at the onset of the pandemic in response to a call from G20 leaders, and was launched by WHO, the European Commission, France and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Critical funding for the effort comes from an unprecedented mobilization of donors, including countries, the private sector, philanthropists and multilateral partners.

• W.H.O. | What Needs to Change to Enhance Covid-19 Vaccine Access 24 September 2021

-Several programmes have been put in place to increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and address vaccination hesitancy. These must be tailored to local contexts and the engagement of local communities and civil society is critical to ensuring their effectiveness.

-Some regions and/or countries are experiencing civil unrest, conflicts and natural disasters that are impeding or slowing the implementation of vaccination programmes. Global solidarity and cooperation [ed; ie. a New World Order] are needed to ensure they are supported in such critical situations. • W.H.O. | Global commitments on COVID-19 offer way forward but success depends on action being taken now 24 September 2021 The following five actions, in particular, must be at the heart of the world’s common drive to keep people safe, serve the vulnerable and promote health: ... -A global commitment to preparedness and response in the form of an international agreement, compact or treaty that guarantees highest level political commitment for strengthening global collaboration on preventing and addressing pandemics and epidemics. This must be co-owned by all countries, rich and poor, big and small, not by a subset. It must ensure sharing of the materials needed to do this work, from financial resources and data, to vaccines, tests, treatments, other technologies and PPE. Nations of the world have the chance to breathe life into such a commitment at a Special Session of the World Health Assembly starting on 29 November. -A concerted campaign to defeat misinformation and disinformation on all fronts of the COVID-19 response, from the safety of vaccines to public health measures that save lives. The relentless torrent of malicious and inaccurate information is a major driver of the continued potency of the pandemic. States

• TAS | High-risk home quarantine trial launches 23 September 2021 • TAS | Spirit of Tasmania Low-risk Tas e-Travel travellers 25 September 2021 • WA & SA | As these updates are just typical scare-mongering "case/death numbers with nothing to back them up" I will refrain from posting these in future unless they contain information about a specific, new breach of your rights. VIC | Chief Health Officer Update Update: Cross-border travel for Victorian residents currently in NSW and the ACT The Chief Health Officer has declared that, from 30 September, Victorians in an Extreme Risk Zone will be eligible to return home in Victoria if they are fully vaccinated with two doses, show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before their departure, and quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Additional testing requirements apply to the start and end of the 14-day quarantine period. Existing Extreme Risk Zone rules will remain in effect for Victorians who are not yet fully vaccinated. The Acting Chief Health Officer has also declared that Albury in NSW will move from an Extreme Risk Zone to a Red Zone under Victoria's travel permit system from 11:59 pm, Thursday 23 September. Update: Albury Victorians in Albury who were not eligible to return to Victoria (as it was an Extreme Risk Zone) are now able to apply for a Red Zone permit to re-enter Victoria. All LGAs on the NSW-Victorian border will be classified as red zones. If you live in the cross-border community - and you haven't left the cross-border area or you haven't been in an Extreme Risk Zone at any time in the previous 14 days - you can cross the border and enter without a permit for any reason. QLD | Single biggest police recruit intake in a decade 26 September 2021 QLD | New campaign encourages Queenslanders to get vaccinated 26 September 2021 NSW | Brad Hazzard - Roadmap to recovery reveals path forward for all NSW 27 September 2021 Given updated health advice, adjustments have been made to the 70 per cent roadmap. Regional travel will now not be allowed until 80 per cent (fully vaccinated only), and a booking cap has been introduced for hospitality venues of 20 people per booking. ... Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the milestone marked a shift in gear for the State's economic recovery. Here is something else the Treasurer said, in late July... that 99.5% of those allegedly in hospital with COVID-19 had been fully vaccinated! With the lone outsider having still taken one dose. [ed; my original release of this Daily Dose update erroneously stated that the Minister had made these comments yesterday. edited 6:30PM AEST 2021.09.27]

News/Media/Misc (Mainstream)

ABC News | Shane Warne urges people to get double vaccinated to ensure Ashes goes ahead ABC News | Gold Coast tourism operators facing billion-dollar loss as holidaymakers stay away ABC News | Inquiry into the 'greatest financial calamity' in NSW local government history begins / Central Coast Council financial crisis public inquiry begins ABC News | Victorian COVID-19 exposure sites list includes the Alfred Hospital's emergency department A CBD hospital emergency department listed as an 'exposure site' for COVID-19 in the midst of what is allegedly the "deadliest peak" of the pandemic? Colour me shocked! You'd think this location would have been an 'exposure site' every day for the past 2 years, with how the Victorian Department of Health has been carrying on. ABC News | Fear of protests, social media backlash as Victoria prepares to trial a 'vaccinated economy' / Victorian government's 'vaccinated economy' trial welcomed but industry worried about backlash ABC News | Australia plans to reopen international borders by Christmas, but detail is light on

"Quarantine is the one thing that stops many people from thinking about travelling particularly on leisure but actually for business as well," he [IATA Asia Pacific vice-president Phillip Goh] said. "Parts of Europe and USA are already taking off quite nicely because there's no quarantine required." ... Then there is the issue of vaccine certification verification. The federal government is paying Accenture an estimated $75 million to develop a Digital Passport Declaration (DBD). IATA is also working on a vaccine passport application that would provide whole-of-trip verification. Some vaccines may not be recognised by different countries. For example, at the moment the United States does not recognise AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria). Passengers must instead have had Pfizer or Moderna. [ed; and our government has said it will only allow incoming flights from those who have had one of the three we 'recognise'.. so tough luck if you are already double vaxxed with a Chinese or Russian product, for example, as you'll then have to risk injecting yourself with at least 2 more doses of a different formulation, before you're allowed into the country!] In addition to those considerations, aviation analyst Neil Hansford said passengers would need to be wary of layovers in countries with questionable COVID-19 vaccination standards. Mr Hansford is currently consulting on the launch of a North Pacific airline and expects new travel destinations in that region to open up for Australians. "No Australian is going to want to go to a country where the people aren't already double vaxxed ..." ABC News | 'Do you want to be run by a government committing war crimes?': A-League ownership under fire / Foreign ownership investigation of A-League soccer teams reveals human rights concerns, match-fixing links ABC News | New data shows remote NT vaccination levels will fall short of November target at current rate Good to see the resistance remains strong in NT's regional communities. ABC News | Second Melbourne anti-lockdown protester tests positive to COVID-19 Another actor. Too easy! A small number of Victoria Police officers have been identified as close contacts of the first case and have, so far, all returned negative tests. ABC News | NSW residents can look at November to 'plan a trip', says Gladys Berejiklian On Friday night, a video posted on social media showed hundreds of maskless partygoers mingling and drinking at Bondi Beach, near where the Delta outbreak began on June 16. NSW Police said it had dispersed the crowds but did not issue any fines. Do you think partygoers in a less affluent part of the city, perhaps Western Sydney, would have received the same treatment..? ABC News | Norway lifts COVID-19 restrictions after 561 days ABC News | 'The pandemic of the unvaccinated': Queensland records zero cases as new vaccine campaign launched ABC News | Doctors scale rocky terrain, invoke gods to vaccinate Himalayan villagers against COVID-19 ...who were likely never going to come in contact with it otherwise. Of course the precipitous, two-man journey absolutely required a Reuters photographer to be present as well. And you can't get much lower than invoking a deity to trick villagers into taking an experimental jab. Of course the main reason ABC ran this story was to strengthen the narrative of regional Indigenous communities being more vulnerable and thus needing to be 'saved' by COVID vaccines. ABC News | When can I get a booster shot? Will children be safe when schools reopen? Here are some of your common COVID questions answered Straight up rehashing of recent lies, propaganda. ABC News | Hundreds of thousands flock to Brisbane's riverbanks to celebrate Riverfire festival Where are the panicked calls from ABC and other MSM about this becoming a Super-Spreader Event?! Oh, that's right.. it's a State show. Like the Gold Coast Show in August which saw tens of thousands packed in together, maskless, without even the hallowed QR Code check-ins to enter, and no ticketing system... there was not a single "case" of COVID reported from this event. ABC News | Business as usual needs more than just 'high levels' of vaccination, according to SA Health chief / South Australian businesses urged to 'pivot' regardless of COVID-19 vaccination levels ABC News | At Melbourne’s anti-lockdown protests, everyone has a different version of the truth Disgusting propaganda thinly disguised as an 'analysis' piece. ABC News | Prince Andrew accepts he has been served with Virginia Giuffre's sexual assault lawsuit ABC News | Police arrest 94 anti-lockdown protesters in St Kilda and Melbourne CBD

ABC News | Indigenous leaders call for halt on Boral's sand mine excavation near massacre site ABC News | Is there likely to be a religious exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine? We would particularly caution our Indigenous and Islamic brothers and sisters against trusting "community leaders" who have recently come out in 'support' of lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Some are just naive but many are being paid off to deceive you. Follow their connections. ABC News | Woman arrested by heavily armed police at Sandy Creek farm remanded in custody ABC News | Former ICAC chief 'horrified' by changes to SA's anti-corruption watchdog / Mixed reactions to SA Parliament's Changes to Independent Commissioner Against Corruption ABC News | Chief Minister Michael Gunner labels senator Malarndirri McCarthy an 'anti-vaxxer' in NT Labor mandatory vaccination stoush "Failure to support mandatory vaccination is a failure of leadership and puts our most vulnerable at-risk – and no-one is more vulnerable than our remote Territorians," a statement from [NT Chief Minister] Mr Gunner's office said. "If you support anti-vaxxers, if you give them comfort, if you give them a green light, if you advocate for their right to choose over the safety of our vulnerable Territorians, then you are an anti-vaxxer. Wow.... did he really say that?? ABC News | Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk referred to Queensland Speaker over comments on Doherty Institute modelling ABC News | SA Opposition raises 'ethical questions' over data collected through Steven Marshall's Facebook page ABC News | Harry Potter star Tom Felton collapses during round of golf at the Ryder Cup Predictably, although this story went around the world not a single article mentions whether or not the star, who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, had been vaccinated. I did a bit of digging and found this recent clip of Felton congratulating Santa Clara County in the US for their 'team vaccination' at some stadium. So we can safely assume he has been vaccinated, and that this potentially caused his sudden, unexplained collapse on the golf course. ABC News | Tasmanian Premier defends COVID vaccine mandate despite opposition from Launceston doctor ABC News | NSW could reopen soon. Who will be responsible for checking COVID-19 vaccine certificates? • 9 News | NSW's Freedom Day 'last nail in coffin' of national plan • 7 News | Health Minister Greg Hunt says Australian mRNA vaccine manufacturing is ‘our goal’ 27 September 2021 • Sky News | Gladys Berejiklian to announce 80 per cent roadmap, unveiling what life will look like for unvaccinated in NSW 27 September 2021 "Only fully vaccinated people will be given the freedoms." A slight problem there – our freedom is not yours to give. • Sky News | COVID-19 exposure site rules could be relaxed for fully vaccinated Victorians 27 September 2021 • News Corp | Shocking scale of China’s cover-up exposed: What Really Happened In Wuhan 27 September 2021 At work, in Wuhan’s busiest hospital, it was gruelling and tragic. Ai was told there was a father who was so unwell he couldn’t get out of the car by himself. Compassionately, she walked outside the hospital to help him. By the time she reached his car, he had passed away. [ed; wait, so a colleague noticed this and instead of helping, came inside to casually tell the Hospital's Head of Emergency about it, who then decided to 'compassionately' go out and get him herself...? Oh yeah, but then he passed away before she got there. I don't know about you, but we're not off to a great start in terms of believability] She will never forget watching a doctor hand an elderly father the death certificate of his son, who was just 32 years old. The father stared at the doctor, not comprehending the devastating news. The death was unrelenting. Hospitals were overwhelmed. The mounds of bodies were so high you couldn’t climb them. [ed; oh, come on...] A husband asked Ai if she could organise for his mother-in-law to be transferred to “in-patient care”. As concerned as he was about his mother-in-law’s state, he took the time to thank Ai for her care. By the time his mother-in-law arrived, she had passed away. “I know it was only a few seconds but that ‘thank you’ weighs heavily on me,” Ai later told Chinese magazine Renwu (People) – although her interview would be wiped from the internet within minutes. “In the time it took to say this one sentence, could a life have been saved?” Is this even the same virus..? Sounds more like the sort of overly-embellished melodrama that CCP state media is well known for.

• News Corp | Australia Covid news live: NSW considering major milestone to release unvaxxed from lockdown 27 September 2021 Prof. Rubenstein explained that the Australian constitution “was motivated by a desire to travel freely across the country. Colonies were finding it difficult to have barriers around trade. Section 92 was placed there to discourage any restriction of travel within Australia. Professor Rubenstein said the court would examine “whether these restrictions are needed for the purpose that they‘re seeking to achieve in terms of health protection.” If they’re found wanting, the state could be much more “vulnerable” to legal action. News/Media/Misc (Independent)

• TOTT News | Australians march against medical coercion | MMAMV Coverage 26 September 2021 • TOTT News | MUST SEE: Cultures UNITE for freedom at Gold Coast rally 25 September 2021 • The Aussie Cossack | The World must see The Police Brutality in Melbourne! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! 25 September 2021 (Warning - Graphic and distressing footage.) • The Aussie Cossack | Australia's George Floyd moment? Police Brutality EXPOSED! 25 September 2021 (Warning - Graphic and distressing footage.) • Kangaroo Court of Australia | France had Scott Morrison’s mate David Gazard on their payroll for the $90 billion Submarine scam. Has Morrison pulled off one of the biggest stings ever? 26 September 2021 ~ Thanks for reading The Daily Dose, our editorial wrap-up of the most important breaking Federal, State, and miscellaneous news (mainstream and independent) concerning human rights in Australia. The sharing of an article herein does not necessarily imply agreement with its contents or originating source. Please exercise your own caution and common sense, particularly when viewing mainstream media content or any information from government-affiliated sources.

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