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The Daily Dose – Monday 4 October 2021

NSW Deputy Premier 'Bruz' & Transport Minister latest to resign in suspicious circumstances, independent French Commission report finds 1 paedophile in every 38 Catholic priests and officials since 1950s, classic double standards at the NRL Grand Final, and more in today's edition... Federal All quiet today... most of the States, too. They must have known how exhausted I was from our massive weekend edition! 😉


• WA | New clinic pops up in Hedland to support COVID-19 vaccination effort in the Pilbara 4 October 2021

QLD | Border Zone Update 3 October 2021 From 1am AEST Sunday 3 October 2021 the Richmond Valley local government area will move to the restricted border zone. This means that restricted border zone rules will apply to Richmond Valley residents and Queenslanders travelling to that area. • QLD | Pop into a Pop-up Clinic this long weekend 2 October 2021 “Following on from the successful pop-up vaccination clinics at Suncorp Stadium last weekend, we’re also offering a walk-in pop-up vaccination clinic for anyone attending the Grand Final game this Sunday between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Penrith Panthers. “Vaccinations will be offered at two entry points. The northern site will open from 10.30am to 6pm, and the southern site will open between 4pm to 6pm,” she said. It's bad enough that they would have these at an unrelated public event, but especially one at which people are going to be intoxicated en masse, with impaired decision making skills (if they even remember making that decision, the next morning)... Pressure from friends and family would also play a part in what is supposed to be a private and individual choice. • NSW | Stay-at-home order introduced for Lismore 03 October 2021 NSW | Brad Hazzard - New public health advice for NSW reopening 03 October 2021 "We are closing-in on the 70 per cent double dose mark and when we achieve it there will be significant changes to our public health advice and the key difference will be how that advice is applied to people who are vaccinated and to those who are not.


Some of the key public health advice for the general community will be: –Everyone, vaccinated and not vaccinated, is urged to get tested if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 and immediately self-isolate until a negative result is received. Whether you are vaccinated or not vaccinated, if you test positive for COVID-19 you must self-isolate for 14 days. –Close contacts in the community will include household members of positive cases and close social contacts of positive cases, such as partners and friends, who you spent time in close proximity with, even if fully vaccinated. Anyone may also be assessed as a being a close contact following a risk assessment, including at workplaces, high-risk settings, such as healthcare and aged care, and other specific settings such as schools and child care centres, or where an outbreak has been identified. –If you are a close contact of a positive case and vaccinated, you must get tested and self-isolate for seven days. On day six after exposure, you must get tested again. If a negative result is received and you are well, you can end isolation after day seven. For the following seven days you must work from home where practicable, not attend hospitality settings, and not attend a high-risk settings even if it is your place of work. If you are a close contact of a positive case and not vaccinated you must get tested and immediately self-isolate for 14 days. On day 12, you should get tested again. If a negative result is received, you can end isolation after day 14. –The Service NSW QR code check-in system will remain in place in the general community. This system will be used to notify people who were in the same venue as a positive case. People will be asked to monitor for symptoms and get tested if they become unwell. Other settings, including schools, workplaces and high-risk settings, such as healthcare and aged care, will have specific risk assessment approaches. –People aged 16 years and over will only be allowed entry into some venues or settings if fully vaccinated, along with people with exemptions. In some venues, children under 16 will have to be accompanied by a fully vaccinated member of their household to enter. [ed; that does not make a lick of sense.] This includes hospitality venues, non-critical retail stores, personal services, sporting, recreation and entertainment facilities and events. Critical retail such as supermarkets and pharmacies will still be accessible to those not fully vaccinated. [ed; and that's it..?] There are several options to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption. Some of the key public health advice for the business community will be: –If a staff member tests positive, whether they are vaccinated or not vaccinated, they must self-isolate for 14 days and follow the advice from NSW Health. Businesses will refer to their COVID-19 Safety Plan and risk assessment approach for further instructions on notifying other staff. –Businesses must inform NSW Health if three or more employees test positive for COVID-19 in a seven-day period. –NSW Health guidelines will enable businesses to assess workplace risk if a COVID-19 case is identified and confirm actions to be taken. –Businesses can reduce the risk of closure or staff going into isolation by implementing rigorous COVID-19 Safety Plans. Other proactive steps businesses can take include ensuring staff are vaccinated and implementing regular onsite testing programs for workers. With respect to vaccination compliance and obligations:Businesses will be responsible for taking reasonable measures to stop unvaccinated people entering premises. For example, having prominent signs stating requirements, Service NSW QR codes, staff checking vaccination status upon entry and only accepting valid forms of evidence of vaccination. [ed; I will need to clarify exactly how they intend to introduce this absolute perversion of decency and Privacy]Authorised officers will monitor businesses re-opening, [ed; Gestapo-style] particularly those that have vaccination requirements, for example hospitality, retail, gyms, and personal services (e.g. hair, beauty).Penalties may apply for individuals and businesses who don’t comply. On the spot fines of $1,000 may apply to individuals for not complying, or for using fraudulent evidence of vaccination or check-in. On the spot fines of $5,000 may apply to businesses for not complying with the Public Health Order vaccination requirements. Further penalties may apply for significant breaches. [ed; so these are "FINEABLE offences" only – NOT Arrestable offences – very important to note!]

News/Media/Misc (Mainstream)

ABC News | The Pandora Papers financial leak shows us the secrets of the world's rich and powerful 4 Oct 2021 ABC News | 'Barra' the bush warrior will be remembered for his friendly fire — just ask Malcolm Turnbull / John Barilaro will be remembered for his friendly fire, and effective bush activism 4 Oct 2021 ABC News | Supplies of life-saving COVID-19 treatment sotrovimab land, as government closes on antiviral tablet 4 Oct 2021 If the Government wants it, we probably don't. ABC News | Potentially lifesaving COVID treatment sotrovimab may not be available outside cities 4 Oct 2021 Which is it, ABC? "Lifesaving" or "potentially livesaving"? My guess is neither. ABC News | Gladys Berejikilan, John Barilaro and Andrew Constance have all resigned, but for different reasons 4 Oct 2021 ABC News | Israel tightens COVID-19 ‘green pass’ rules, requires Pfizer booster shot, sparking protest 4 Oct 2021 ABC News | Doctors fear 'looming crisis' when 'inevitable outbreak' of COVID's Delta strain arrives in Queensland 4 Oct 2021 Disclaimer ~ Honestly, please don't read through every single ABC article I post here. They are careless with 'loading' their headlines, so once you have a good awareness of the different agendas being pushed through such channels, you will oftentimes only have to read a headline to know pretty well how the rest of the piece will read. This is not proper reporting, and of course we would never discourage doing one's own due diligence. But the ABC has been designated as the main propaganda mouthpiece for Government and big industry, and it inevitably reports more on the daily than these individual sectors and departments' official statements combined. Therefore, regrettably, ABC News articles will continue to feature prominently in our future Daily Dose updates – though keep in mind, many will be shared simply for the sheer trickery/audacity of the headline itself, or claims made within. ABC News | Barnaby Joyce criticises 'Spanish Inquisition' ICAC amid calls for federal corruption body 4 Oct 2021 ABC News | London police officer from same unit as Wayne Couzens charged with rape 4 Oct 2021 ABC News | Authorities say mask compliance 'very good' at NRL final despite fans spotted without them 4 Oct 2021 ABC News | Independent investigation finds about 3,000 paedophiles in French Catholic Church since 1950s 4 Oct 2021 "We have estimated the number [of paedophiles] as standing at 3,000, out of 115,000 priests and religious officials, going back to the 1950s," commission head Jean-Marc Sauve told the Journal du Dimanche paper. That means 1 in every 38 Catholic Priests and Officials in France since the 1950s, is or was a paedophile. That is mindblowing. We know how secretive the Catholic Church is, especially on this subject, and that they nevertheless continue to facilitate such abuses. So if this is only an estimation, based on evidence the Commission was able to dig up (which we can only assume had been heavily repressed or interfered with in many cases), could the true figure be much higher..? And is France's Catholic Church so different to that in any other country? Surely not – so what, for example, is the true situation in Australia? In my view we should confront the dark side of these ancient cults, and re-examine the connections between Church and State. ABC News | Facebook pages fall quiet as administrators fear legal action over defamatory comments 4 Oct 2021 And just like that, online freedom of speech is 'disabled' in Australia. Or so they say. Don't believe the hype... and never let yourself be silenced for telling the truth, no matter how coarsely you've done so 🙂

ABC News | Taiwan asks Australia for help to prepare for war with China 4 Oct 2021 ABC News | Meet Dom Perrottet — the conservative Catholic and father-of-six who will be NSW's next Premier 4 Oct 2021 Yeah, and today's the first time any outlet ever referred to him in the familiar as "Dom" Perrottet, too. We see you, ABC 😉 NSW's next Premier once called for a "conservative spring" and credits his religious beliefs as having a fundamental influence on his work in politics. God help us.

ABC News | Dominic Perrottet set to become NSW Premier and replace Gladys Berejiklian after deal struck Even though Liberal MPs are set to vote for a new leader on Tuesday, the ABC understands the current deputy has struck a deal that will see him take the state's top job. [ed; so it's not important that the public knows anything about this deal? Right, got it...] ABC News | Mark McGowan says COVID-positive diplomat 'low risk' to community, as 12 ship crew also diagnosed 3 Oct 2021 ABC News | Air New Zealand to require full COVID-19 vaccination for international travellers 3 Oct 2021 ABC News | COVID-19 patients 'begging' for vaccines before being put on life support, Melbourne nurses say 3 Oct 2021 I'm begging ABC to stop their lies and fear-mongering. MSM 'Journalists' won't be exempt at Nuremburg v2.0. ABC News | NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance quits state politics for tilt at federal seat 3 Oct 2021 • 9 News | Constance didn't want to 'dog a mate' in NSW Premier race 4 Oct 2021 • 7 News | Queensland health officials respond to ‘mindblowing’ NRL Grand Final image 4 Oct 2021 • Sky News | COVID, koalas, and Friendlyjordies: John Barilaro calls time on his political career 4 Oct 2021 • Sky News | John Barilaro has 'no intention' to run for federal politics after resigning as NSW Deputy Premier 4 Oct 2021 • Sky News | John Barilaro resigns as Deputy Premier of New South Wales days after Gladys Berejiklian stepped down 4 Oct 2021 Did we really need 3 articles on this in the same morning from the same outlet, all saying roughly the same thing? Sky News thought so. • Sky News | PM will be ‘like a shag on a rock’ in National Cabinet without Berejiklian 4 Oct 2021 Mr Krabs, we require your talents once more... • Sky News | High school teacher slams ‘disturbing, inappropriate’ curriculum 4 Oct 2021 • The Echo (Northern NSW) | ‘The first rule of fight club’ as Barilaro bows out 4 Oct 2021 When asked if he was required to give evidence to ICAC, Barilaro said, ‘The first rule of fight club is not to talk about fight club. A great movie. The truth is this, if you are being subpoenaed by ICAC, you can’t talk about it. [ed; you certainly could, IF you had a clear conscience, which Barilaro does not!] Leave the ICAC stuff alone, it is an independent body that needs to make judgement on issues.'

News/Media/Misc (Independent) • TOTT News | Gallery: Australian workers stage silent #ReclaimTheLine demonstrations 1 Oct 2021 • Kangaroo Court of Australia | Malcolm Turnbull called President Emmanuel Macron to talk about the $90 billion cancelled Submarine deal. Why? What’s in it for Turnbull? 3 Oct 2021 • Kangaroo Court of Australia | Corrupt NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian forced to resign as her previous perjury, lies and pork-barrelling bring her unstuck 2 Oct 2021 ~ Thanks for reading The Daily Dose, our editorial wrap-up of the most important breaking Federal, State, and miscellaneous news (mainstream and independent) concerning human rights in Australia. The sharing of an article herein does not necessarily imply agreement with its contents or originating source. Please exercise your own caution and common sense, particularly when viewing mainstream media content or any information from government-affiliated sources.

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