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The Daily Dose – Thursday 30 September 2021

YouTube blocks all "anti-vaccine" content, QLD Premier referred to Human Rights Commissioner by Opposition, UK cop who murdered Sarah Everard had detained her unlawfully for 'breaching COVID restrictions', and more in today's edition...

Federal Office of PM | INDIAN MEDIA ONLINE BRIEFING 30 Sep 2021 • Department of Health | Hotspot for the purposes of Commonwealth support declared for Latrobe City 30 September 2021 • Department of Health | Lieutenant General John Frewen's interview on Sky News on 30 September 2021 This one is just plainly bizarre..

Sky News' second (extremely loaded) question; LAURA JAYES: Okay. Well that certainly helps but, you know, supply isn't the issue anymore. Demand is certainly growing and we've seen good higher rates there. Now, Australians have really embraced it. Does it show that we would've done this earlier but we just didn't have enough vaccines? But then, for their final question.. LAURA JAYES: And supply, no longer an issue? Okay...... yeah. I think they've given up. Lol LAURA JAYES: We're also seeing pockets of hesitancy, which you would expect. Can you identify why and where the biggest problem areas are?

JOHN FREWEN: Yeah. So we're watching really carefully ... where those pockets are and there are very specific communities that we're working with now. I mean, the Indigenous sector is a concern for us and that's our highest priority right now, to help bring them along. There are cultural and linguistic groups. There are some socio economic groups. [ed; a cowardly vague nothingness to assert that they're poor and dumb and need Colonel Klink's 'help']

Now, each of these groups have very specific requirements and very specific sort of views that we need to work on, and we're working on getting the right communications and the right influences and community leaders [ed; told you!!] to help us bring those groups along.

LAURA JAYES: Okay, let's talk about freedom, because in New South Wales, it feels really close, I've got to say. But freedom for the unvaccinated doesn't come until we reach 90 per cent double dose. Gladys Berejiklian has said that will be around the 1st of December. Is that going to happen? We haven't seen the slowdown yet, but what are we talking across the country? Is it realistic to get to 90 per cent?

JOHN FREWEN: Yes. [ed; Take note he just answered a straight 'Yes' to all three of those questions. Only the first concerns us, and he proceeds to do a mad question dodge, but watch what the MSM presenter says next] So look, the national plan has 70 per cent and 80 per cent as the sort of the triggers for the progressions there. Some of the states and territories are talking about more. But where we are right now, it is possible for us to get to 70 per cent fully vaccinated by the end of October. We think nationally we could get to 80 per cent by the middle of November. And it's also conceivable we could get to 90 per cent around the end of November, start of December. But the fact is, is people coming forward. And international experience shows us that once you get past 70 per cent, things do start to slow down. So that's why I'm saying there's still a lot of hard work to do. We can't let people get complacent. We've got to keep our foot on the pedal and we really need people coming forward and urging others to come forward to help protect all of us and help get us to those numbers which we can get to. We've got the distribution points. We've got the convenience of access.

LAURA JAYES: [Interrupts] Sorry. So what you're saying is for the unvaccinated, they might be hanging out to get to 90 per cent and think, oh, well, they can get away with not getting a vaccine. But that might not happen until well beyond December if that tipping point is reached. [ed; that's not really what he was saying at all.. maybe she got him mixed up with her earpiece/teleprompter]

JOHN FREWEN: Yeah, look, there are people who are unvaccinated now who are still getting around to it. We hope increasing convenience will bring them along. There are some who are still making up their minds and we also hope to help turn them around, both through education and advertising and the like. But- and hopefully friend and peers will encourage them. But there are also people in areas where there are not outbreaks, and this has been another significant factor in some of the complacency. And the thing with Delta is, it's going to get to everywhere eventually. And potentially- and when it does, it goes fast. So I really implore people to maintain a sense of urgency around vaccination. I mean, I would not be complacent about vaccination at all. And now that it is getting simpler and simpler to get vaccinated, it's the time to do it, Laura. [ed; another dodge however this one is interesting because he's refrained from confirming the heinous assertion of Sky's "question"] • Department of Health | Consultation: Public consultation on interim decisions to amend the Poisons Standard (oral contraceptives) - ACMS, June 2021 • Department of Health | Consultation: Public consultation on interim decisions to amend the Poisons Standard - ACMS, June 2021 • TGA | Database of TGA listed medicine compliance review results 30 September 2021 • TGA | Data protection scheme for assessed listed medicines 29 September 2021 • TGA | Notice of interim decisions on proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard - ACMS #34 (oral contraceptive substances) - June 2021 30 September 2021 • TGA | Independent Expert Panel on MDMA and psilocybin 30 September 2021

Not sure if this is entirely a good thing... what do you reckon?

• APH | PJCIS to scrutinise the relisting of Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades as a terrorist organisation 30 September 2021 • APH | Exporters and business groups to front two days of hearings into CPTPP expansion 30 September 2021 States • NT | Vaccine Rollout Picks Up Pace As New Coolalinga Clinic Opens 30 September 2021 QLD | Vaccination clinic opens for truck drivers in Goondiwindi 30 September 2021

QLD | Premier's 2021 State of the State address 29 September 2021 QLD | Palaszczuk Government takes next steps for Southern Downs water security 30 September 2021 QLD | Social Enterprise World Forum 2022 coming to Brisbane 30 September 2021 Platinum sponsors for the 2021 event included Google and Government of Canada. NSW | Changes to stay-at-home orders for regional NSW local government areas 30 September 2021 News/Media/Misc (Mainstream) ABC News | Sarah Everard's killer falsely arrested and handcuffed her for breaching COVID restrictions, London court hears 30 September 2021 Could this potentially be used as a precedent case to bolster protection for the public/protesters here in Australia, against unlawful arrest specifically in relation to breaching COVID restrictions? Watching this one closely... ABC News | Queensland police and health staff granted 12-day stay on penalties for refusing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination 30 September 2021 ABC News | Vaccine mandate 'discriminatory' and 'breaches awards', Queensland police officers' lawyer says 30 September 2021 ABC News | YouTube blocks all anti-vaccine content 30 September 2021 The war on truth continues with a sharp uppercut by YouTube. Thankfully many are already getting around YouTube alternatives such as BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee. ABC News | The COVIDSafe app has cost $9m to date, but it hasn't uncovered any close contacts during the current outbreaks 30 September 2021 ABC News | Victoria's 'vaccinated economy' trial faces opposition from some Central Victorian business owners 30 September 2021 ABC News | Planning a holiday? You'll need several COVID apps to do it / State-specific check in apps will be needed for COVID vaccine passports 30 September 2021 ABC News | Entire Western Bulldogs squad received first dose of a coronavirus vaccine 30 September 2021 ABC News | 'A large outbreak would be devastating': Unvaccinated Indigenous communities urged to get the jab 30 September 2021 ABC News | Inside Argos, the police task force that has rescued thousands of children from their abusers 30 September 2021 ABC News | COVID-19 restrictions have stepped up in south-east Queensland and Townsville region. Here's what you need to know 30 September 2021 ABC News | NRL grand final crowd capped at 75 per cent, match will stay in Brisbane despite increase in COVID-19 cases 30 September 2021 Meanwhile, several major non-sporting events and concerts across the state have been cancelled this weekend. ABC News | Victorian outbreak spills into every pocket of Melbourne after weekend of rule-breaking 30 September 2021 Victorian authorities say illegal gatherings and house parties over the AFL grand final day long weekend are behind the dramatic jump in COVID-19 infections in the state. ... "Hundreds, if not thousands" of the new infections were because of rule breaches, Mr Andrews said. "I'm not trying to blame anyone, I'm simply trying to explain ... how could it have gone up by so much, so fast," he said. ABC News | Doctor warns anti-vax rumours, 'all sorts of really weird, irrational logic', rife in remote communities 30 September 2021 ABC News | Queensland in 'very critical moment' in COVID-19 pandemic, virologist warns 30 September 2021 ABC News | How effective are the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines? ABC News | Hong Kong anti-doxxing law passes sparking concerns it could be used to stifle dissent, critics say 30 September 2021 ABC News | Tasmania needs 90 per cent COVID vaccination rate before fully opening borders, Premier warns 29 September 2021 ABC News | Findon man facing terrorism charges, including instructions to make explosives 29 September 2021

ABC News | Queensland man John James Wilson convicted over 'threatening, intimidating' video against Victorian MP 29 September 2021 ABC News | Vaccination targets an 'unconscionable' way to end COVID support, welfare groups argue / COVID 'disaster payments' could be withdrawn within weeks. Will the economy cope? 29 September 2021 • ABC News | Service NSW check-in app now alerts residents to COVID-19 exposure sites 29 September 2021 • 9 News | Police, health care workers granted reprieve in court action against vax mandate Sep 30 2021 • News Corp | Vaccines now the ‘only way out’ for Victoria as Covid-19 cases surge 30 September 2021 News/Media/Misc (Independent) • The Echo (Northern NSW) | Man charged with 40 historical child abuse offences – Lismore 30 September 2021 • The Echo (Northern NSW) | Govt polarises community over mandatory vax 28 September 2021 • Sydney Criminal Lawyers | COVID Prisoners Defence Class Action: An Interview With Justice Action’s Brett Collins I have a big problem with several of the claims/requests made here. • Sydney Criminal Lawyers | Queensland Premier Referred to Human Right Commissioner 29 September 2021 • TOTT News | Blackout Aftermath: Melbourne campaigners infiltrated, hunted and censored 29 September 2021 Facebook | Inspirational community-operated directory of Aussie businesses vowing not to discriminate against customers, "jab or no jab", quickly gains massive traction on Facebook ~

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Unknown member
Oct 02, 2021

Youtube is not for anything more than funny cats and old music videos.

For anything else go to Bitchute and Odysee as recommended above.


Herman Klink says, education! Got that Education to bring people around. Lies and lack of information = education these days.

Wait until we notice that al fo the head honchos in this nation do not die and we clearly see that they got the saline and the money to match!

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