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The Daily Dose – Tuesday 14 September 2021

Avoiding compromised 'expert' networks, schools in WA & NT next in line for experimental drug clinics, Singapore hits 80% double-vaccinated yet "infection rates" surge, and more in today's edition... Federal Office of PM | Press Conference Kirribilli NSW 12 September 2021 PRIME MINISTER – "And that's what the national plan is. And that's what everybody getting vaccinated achieves, getting back to that is where we need to be. And that will mean that the Australian taxpayer will be able to, having done a tremendous job carrying Australians through, will be able to apply their resources to the many other tasks that we have as a government." So in other words, "hurry up and participate in this experiment so that we can crush the dissenters and start stealing everyone's money again." PRIME MINISTER – "Well, the government isn't supporting mandatory vaccinations, except for public health reasons and very specific circumstances, as recommended by the medical expert panel." Let's talk about these "experts" for a moment. They are used all the time by mainstream media outlets to prop up fake stats and bogus arguments in relation to COVID-19 and human rights, appealing to the reader's sense that a 'qualified' professional working for a so-called "independent" institute couldn't possibly be misleading the public. For example, here is a quote from a recent TGA announcement titled TGA Provisional Approval of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to include 12-17 years age group (4 September 2021)

"The decision to provisionally approve the vaccine for use in this age group was informed by expert advice from the Advisory Committee on Vaccines (ACV), an independent committee with expertise in scientific, medical and clinical fields including consumer representation." These medical gangsters would have you believe that simply because a group or entity is not directly under the umbrella of another big pharma corporation, it is thus immovably "independent" and no conflicts of interest can arise. What we see is that some medical professionals who have worked for big pharma and/or institutes with big pharma affiliations/funding in the past, are moved into these sorts of roles to masquerade as an unbiased voice while taking cash from the same people they always did. Former Victorian Deputy CHO Allen Cheng appears to be a prime example as is Brett Sutton. From (archived @ The Committee is established under Regulation 39F of the Therapeutic Goods Regulations 1990 and the members are appointed by the Minister for Health. Hmm, sounding pretty "independent" so far!!! 😂 Membership -Chair- Professor Allen Cheng is an infectious diseases physician. His current appointments are as Director, Infection Prevention and Healthcare Epidemiology at Alfred Health, Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine at Monash University, and as an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Menzies School of Health Research. Professor Cheng has diverse clinical experience in metropolitan and regional hospitals in Australia and internationally, and research interests in clinical infectious diseases, tropical medicine and influenza epidemiology. His PhD thesis was on the bacterial disease melioidosis. Professor Cheng is the Vice-President of the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is currently a co-chair of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). Professor Cheng provides expertise in the field of infectious diseases in adults and children. Cheng is also a 'Chief Investigator' at the Australian Partnership for Preparedness Research on Infectious Disease Emergencies (APPRISE) which lists as its 'Collaborating Institutions' the following; The University of MelbourneThe University of Sydney University of New South Wales Menzies School of Health Research Monash University Deakin University Pathwest Laboratory Medicine WA Burnet Institute Australian Red Cross Blood Service University of Queensland University of Adelaide Hunter New England Population Health Central Queensland University. And among 'related research centres'; The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, a joint venture of The University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne HospitalUniversity of Sydney Institute for Infectious Diseases – Sydney ID The Westmead Institute for Medical Research The Kirby Institute for infection and immunity in society National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance Geelong Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases Sydney Health Ethics Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine There's our Big 3 'Shadowy Institutes of Doom'! Remember..? Unfortunately their 'Key Stakeholders' are intentionally withheld – this page only states that "APPRISE consults and works with a broad range of relevant key stakeholders, both nationally and internationally." – but I think we can guess W.H.O. some of the players might be 😉 Anyway, back to the PM's speech... PRIME MINISTER - "But, you know, my simple advice is this. I should be vaccinated. You should be vaccinated. Everyone needs to be vaccinated. Everybody outside, everywhere else, whether you're a teacher, when you're a truck driver, whether you're a politician, a journalist, a camera operator, whether you happen to be driving the ferry, driving the bus, driving the tram, everyone should be getting vaccinated. That's the best thing for Australia. Now, we're not imposing it. We're not mandating it. It's your choice. It's your health. But I do know this. That when we get to the end of October, and certainly more likely before that, everyone will have had that opportunity. Everyone will have had that opportunity and we'll be approaching them. And perhaps in some states, maybe past the 80 per cent mark, we'll see. But your health is up to you, the opportunity to be vaccinated, which protects you, your family, your community that will be there for you. And so once that has been done, the country has to move on. The country has to make decisions. And we've got to ensure that Australians can get back to living their lives again, which is what the national plan is all about." Again deferring responsibility from Federal Government to the nefarious 'National Plan' by his powerless National Cabinet. • Department of Health | Funding boost for research into COVID-19 treatments 13 September 2021 • Department of Health | Medicare Benefits Schedule continuous review to improve patient care 13 September 2021 • TGA | The claim 'TGA approved' must not be used in advertising 13 September 2021 Yeah nah we'll approve it, just uhh... don't go telling everyone, okay? • TGA | AusPAR: Risdiplam Australian Public Assessment Report 13 September 2021 Human Rights Commission | Commission welcomes Appointment of Human Rights Commissioner 5 September 2021

Federal Register of Legislation | recent bills introduced (* = since last update) National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Amendment Bill 2021 Biosecurity Amendment (Enhanced Risk Management) Bill 2021

Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Integrity of Elections) Bill 2021

Aged Care and Other Legislation Amendment (Royal Commission Response No. 2) Bill 2021

Foreign Intelligence Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

National Health Amendment (COVID-19) Bill 2021

International Human Rights and Corruption (Magnitsky Sanctions) Bill 2021

Human Rights (Targeted Sanctions) Bill 2021 States • NT | Vaccine Rolling Out In Darwin Schools This Week 13 September 2021 • WA | COVID-19 Update 13 September 2021 • SA | COVID-19 Update 342 13 September 2021 QLD | Stage 3 "Restrictions" "apply" until 4pm 24 September NSW | Press Conference 13 September 2021 News/Media/Misc

ABC News | Senior school students in Queensland frustrated and distracted by COVID-19 home quarantine ABC News | Singapore shows Australia that 80% vaccination won't stop infection rates surging / Singapore reaches 80 pc double-vaccination rate but life is not returning to normal ABC News | Compulsory COVID testing not required for truckies in Qld-NSW border bubble The fine print... "Under the X Pass requirements, freight drivers must have had at least one jab to be eligible to cross into Queensland as essential workers." ABC News | Crown floats mandatory vaccination policy for staff and customers ABC News | Calls grow for Victorian Parliament to move online as COVID-19 lockdown drags on Related; ABC News | Students roll up for the jab at one of WA's first school vaccine clinics / Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School among first in WA to offer onsite COVID vaccinations for students ABC News | Vaccine passports could be mandatory for WA events and air travel by year's end ABC News | In Nicaragua some doctors are leaving the country in fear after disagreeing with government COVID-19 reports ABC News | Manjimup shire staff to get cash payment if they get two doses of COVID-19 vaccine • 9 News | Travel vaccine mandate could segregate society, experts warn / Federal Government rolling out a digital border pass for international arrivals • Sky News | ACT hit with four-week lockdown extension / Chief Minister Andrew Barr extends ACT's COVID-19 lockdown by four weeks after 22 new cases • Sky News | Scott Morrison to be hosted at the White House by US President Joe Biden for Quad Leaders Summit • Sky News | Coalition MPs support UK's decision to scrap vaccine passports suggesting it 'offers no protection' • News Corp | Victorian man in his 20s dies with Covid at home as 445 new cases reported Every MSM outlet in the country reported this story today and not a single one tells us whether or not the man in his 20s had been vaccinated. Plus the "authorities didn’t know he had coronavirus until a post-mortem was conducted". Very interesting. • TOTT News | NSW Police Commissioner admits increased enforcement is not based on health orders Facebook | Inspirational community-operated directory of Aussie businesses vowing not to discriminate against customers, "jab or no jab", quickly gains massive traction on Facebook ~ Thanks for reading The Daily Dose, our editorial wrap-up of the most important breaking Federal, State, and miscellaneous news (mainstream and independent) concerning human rights in Australia. The sharing of an article herein does not necessarily imply agreement with its contents or originating source.

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As I have stated on these pages before, I used to work for the TGA for 15 years! and I know EXACTLY how that corporation, the front for big pharma, including some major complementary meds corporations, has been operating, including how those advisors and their independent committees are selected and run! 😈

For a number of years, I was very actively involved in running two such committees.


All members are carefully selected by TGA and ministerial staff to meet approved requirements, vetted and pushed out if found not meeting or complying with the agenda!

All members are selected from academic morons with fully funded agendas, with major conflicts…

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Thank You Bogsik, Confirmation of the Depths of Depravity Rotting from the Head Down!

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