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The Daily Dose – Tuesday 28 September 2021

'Vaccine mandates' incoming for QLD/NSW truck drivers, W.H.O. celebrates 2 years of terror, possible suicide at QLD Quarantine Facility leaves questions unanswered, and more in today's edition... Federal • Department of Health | Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Mental Health, Dr Ruth Vine's opinion piece on the mental health benefits of vaccination 26 September 2021 Unsure about the 'mental health benefits' to planting one's head firmly in the sand... however I did get a good laugh out of this article. • Department of Health | COVID-19 vaccination information kiosks open now in Qld and WA 27 September 2021 • Department of Health | Hotspot extended for Mitchell Shire, lifted for Geelong and Surf Coast, Victoria 27 September 2021 • Department of Health | Review of the National Medicines Policy (Consultation) closes 8 Oct 2021. • Department of Health | MRFF Australian Medical Research and Innovation Strategy and Priorities consultation closes 11 Oct 2021. • TGA | COVID-19 rapid antigen point-of-care and self-tests 27 September 2021 • TGA | Registration of Interest - Supply of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) for Self-Testing (Home Testing) for COVID-19 - 27 September 2021 • TGA | AusPAR: Fostemsavir trometamol (HIV/AIDS) - Australian Public Assessment Report - 27 September 2021

• TGA | Consultation: Proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard – ACCS, ACMS and joint ACCS/ACMS meetings, November 2021 closes 7 October 2021. 1 Proposed amendments referred for scheduling advice to ACMS #351.1 Astodrimer sodium 1.2 Flurbiprofen 2 Proposed amendments referred for scheduling advice to ACCS #32 2.1 Chromates and chromium trioxide 3 Proposed amendments referred for scheduling advice to the Joint ACMS-ACCS #29 3.1 Cis-jasmone 3.2 Cannabis and tetrahydrocannabinols 3.3 Meloxicam 3.4 Choline salicylate • TGA | Consultation on Draft Guidance: Assistive Technologies and the Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods) Determination 2021 16 September 2021 closes 8 October 2021. • Australian Human Rights Commission | Commission statement on appointment of Chief Executive 24 September 2021 Ms Smith’s previous experience includes the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the United Nations’ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Development Programme, and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations. Since 2017, Ms Smith has held the position of Executive Director of the Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University. In other words, a seasoned terrorist. • World Health Organization | WHO Academy Groundbreaking Ceremony Expanding Access to Critical Learning 27 September 2021 Health Organization | All Principals video to mark two year anniversary of the launch of the SDG3 Global Action Plan 27 September 2021 "The Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All" marks its 2nd anniversary this week, having conveniently launched just before reports of a new coronavirus began circulating in 2019.



Related~ States • WA | Western Bulldogs ‘Roll up for WA’ in clash against COVID-19 27 September 2021 Remember this one, from literally a week ago..? "Aussie Olympic champion Madison Wilson has been hospitalised with Covid-19 despite having been double vaccinated against the virus."

VIC | Regions To Show The Way In Vaccinated Economy Trials 26 September 2021 | Victoria Boosts GPs And Pharmacies For Vaccine Push 27 September 2021 | Gold Coast vaccination rollout ramps up with two new hubs at Coomera and Tugun 27 September 2021 QLD | Vaccinations will soon be mandatory for truck drivers entering Queensland 27 September 2021 | Stay-at-home orders extended for Cowra 27 September 2021 News/Media/Misc (Mainstream)ABC News | NSW Now: Business owners fear venues will cop wrath of unvaccinated / Sydney news: Business owners concerned about enforcing vaccination rules; train delays expected due to strike 28 September 2021 ABC News | WA AMA staff survey finds morale low among doctors, toxic hospital workplaces 28 September 2021 ABC News | Facebook puts Instagram Kids on hold amid criticism of planned app 28 September 2021 ABC News | British army on standby to help with petrol shortages amid panic buying at servos 28 September 2021 ABC News | NSW Premier says she defied Doherty modelling to deny unvaccinated freedoms before December 28 September 2021 ABC News | Judge in mandatory jab challenge cases says he's been 'bombarded' by anti-vaxxers 28 September 2021 ABC News | Police fine handful of Melbourne truck drivers in slow-moving Tullamarine Freeway protest 28 September 2021 • 7 News | QLD Police investigate death of man inside Brisbane hotel quarantine facility 28 September 2021 This article's wording and link to Lifeline at the bottom implies that the unnamed man took his own life. Or was he killed by his captors? I have avoided 'hotel quarantine' primarily with this fear in mind. Once you are in the custody of the State, and are refusing a COVID test, for example – thereby adding an extra period to your incarceration whilst also identifying yourself as part of that facility's small percentage of subversives – you are at their mercy and I certainly don't think it's too far-fetched to suggest that people in this category are placed on some kind of surveillance run or watchlist after they leave. It would be an ideal way of knocking off anyone that the Government's friends want dead, too (including the bikies – see 'NSW Police Facilitate Bikie Meth Trade, According to Watchdog Chief' at Sydney Criminal Lawyers). We have already seen some evidence of a brutal, militarised atmosphere at these 'quarantine facilities'. Will keep you abreast of any updates to this story. • Sky News | Senate inquiry into the Australian government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic 28 September 2021 More smoke & mirrors. • News Corp | Covid home testing available from November 1, but premiers will have final say 28 September 2021 • News Corp | Chain won't reopen until unvaxxed can go / Rashays Restaurants won’t reopen until unvaccinated can dine 28 September 2021 • News Corp | Australia Covid news live: Lockdown warning for Qld as mandatory vax, mask rules introduced 28 September 2021 • News Corp | Fair Work Commission maintains it was fair to dismiss aged care worker who refused flu jab 28 September 2021 • The Echo | Forty per cent of Byron Shire residents yet to get first COVID 19 dose but mayor refuses to join vaccine campaign September 27 2021 This is the third time Mr. Lyon has publicly stood up for those on the "other side of the fence" and their right to personal choice. It might just be fence-sitting as some have pointed out, but either way, it's something... ~ Thanks for reading The Daily Dose, our editorial wrap-up of the most important breaking Federal, State, and miscellaneous news (mainstream and independent) concerning human rights in Australia. The sharing of an article herein does not necessarily imply agreement with its contents or originating source. Please exercise your own caution and common sense, particularly when viewing mainstream media content or any information from government-affiliated sources.

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