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The Daily Dose – Tuesday 5 October 2021

Hillsong's Brian Houston pleads "not guilty" to concealing Church founder's child sex abuse crimes – but already admitted his guilt on ABC in 2016, 'Save Australia' protest erupts in New York, shadowy group of "philanthropists and corporations" offers $4.1m in bribes to vaccinated Australians, and more in today's edition... Federal Office of PM | 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF KEY ANTARCTIC AGREEMENT 4 Oct 2021 of PM | INTERVIEW WITH DAVID KOCH, SUNRISE 05 Oct 2021 of PM | INTERVIEW WITH NEIL BREEN, 4BC 05 Oct 2021 of PM | INTERVIEW WITH KARL STEFANOVIC, TODAY SHOW 05 Oct 2021 The same interview 3 times. No major slip-ups or hints dropped that I could see. • Office of PM | AUSTRALIA SECURES ACCESS TO ADDITIONAL COVID-19 TREATMENT 05 Oct 2021 • TGA | Advertising therapeutic goods with COVID-19 testing advice 5 October 2021 • World Health Organization | Interim statement on booster doses for COVID-19 vaccination 4 Oct 2021 States • NT | New Director of NT Legal Aid Commission Appointed 5 October 2021 • TAS | Additional LGAs declared high-risk in Victoria 04 Oct 2021 • WA | World-leading automation and robotics test facility coming to northern suburbs 5 Oct 2021 • WA | New clinic pops up in Hedland to support COVID-19 vaccination effort in the Pilbara 4 Oct 2021 • WA | Allied health funding for Aboriginal NDIS participants will help deliver the right services, in the right place, the right way 4 Oct 2021 | More Reasons To Smile As Vaccination Vans Hit The Road 4 Oct 2021 • QLD | Millions set to receive a text from the government in new vaccination push 4 Oct 2021 | Border Zone update The Richmond Valley and Lismore City local government area are part of the restricted border zone from 1am AEST 3 and 5 October 2021 (respectively). This means that restricted border zone rules will apply to Richmond Valley and Lismore City residents as well as Queenslanders travelling to those areas. News/Media/Misc (Mainstream)ABC News | Krispin Hajkowicz announced as next Queensland chief health officer to replace Jeannette Young 5 Oct 2021 News | One police pursuit in Adelaide's CBD ends with serious injuries, another in arrests after dog seen on lap 5 Oct 2021 Police say they tried to stop a Holden ute travelling on Currie Street in the city just after 10:15pm. [ed; what for?] However, it accelerated away and went south on West Terrace, before colliding with another car near the intersection of Sturt Street. Both the ute driver, a 47-year-old man from Northfield, and the other driver, a 34-year-old man from Clarence Gardens, suffered serious injuries and are being treated in the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Also overnight, a Blair Athol man was arrested after allegedly leading police on a car chase through the CBD. Police tried to pull the car over on the corner of North Terrace and Frome Street about 7:00pm after spotting a dog on the driver's lap. Police say the 40-year-old man initially refused to stop his car or then get out once he did, and they had to use capsicum spray to arrest him. He was with a 15-year-old girl, who will also face charges including failing to stop, hindering police and disorderly behaviour. [ed; I have a feeling the bodycam footage tells a very different story]ABC News | Hillsong founder Brian Houston to plead not guilty to concealing child sex abuse 5 Oct 2021 I don't know why they even need a court case for this – Houston literally ADMITTED TO concealing the crimes (which he had known about since 1999) in an appearance on ABC's Inside Story back in 2016. Hillsong Church Pastor Brian Houston caught lying again about his paedophile father Frank Houston This scandal forms a large part of a very important book published last year by KCA's Shane Dowling titled Australia's Paedophile Protection Racket. Shane just released a new article on Houston which is in our 'Independent' media section below. • ABC News | Pacific Island workers arrive in Alice Springs to fill hospitality, aged care job shortage 5 Oct 2021 Under the scheme, the new arrivals can work in Australia for a period of between one to three years. "It's been a mammoth effort with all involved getting these workers here," the NT Chamber of Commerce's business development manager, Ronan Mackay, said. "We're only scratching the surface at the moment. "There are plenty of jobs still available out there for the local job seekers. It's just about putting a small plug in that hole and trying to look to see how we can help the regions across the Northern Territory with their workforce needs." This is getting a bit ridiculous. • ABC News | Charles Darwin University unveils plans for local medical school to support the NT's health workforce 5 Oct 2021 News | NZ to start easing restrictions from tonight In news from across the ditch, New Zealand will ease some COVID-19 restrictions in Auckland from tonight, as the government abandons its COVID-zero strategy. The Delta variant was introduced to New Zealand by a traveller from Australia several months ago, and cases have remained steady since then.ABC News | How regional Aboriginal Medical Service branches plan to live with COVID as NSW reopens News | China's crackdown on 'excessive' wealth has echoes of 'Robin Hood' / President Xi wants China's rich 'to give back more to society', and that's got them worried 5 Oct 2021 ABC ❤️ CCP • ABC News | Sunshine Coast business owner survey reveals pandemic leaves them depressed, hopeless 5 Oct 2021 News | Tasmanian teen removed from controversial NT program run by Allan Brahminy 5 Oct 2021 Fully suss! Why is he still running a youth camp? I wouldn't leave my kids with a guy who publicly lied about being found on a riverbank as a baby and raised by Aborigines. • ABC News | Woman who ditched isolation after eight minutes fined an extra $6k for 'vanity' 5 Oct 2021 What a disgusting witch-hunt. Full props to this legend of a woman and I hope she has the good sense not to pay her fines! I'd be suing for defamation too. • ABC News | Margaret cried at the chemist before receiving her AstraZeneca vaccine. She says misinformation is to blame / Misinformation about COVID vaccines and women's health is impacting girls, new report finds 5 Oct 2021 This article is so offensive to common sense, intellect, and women in general, that I legitimately feel dumber having read it. Proceed with caution. • ABC News | 'Lockdown leave' has helped people survive COVID-19. Experts say it should remain — even after pandemic 5 Oct 2021 I guess we can now add the Black Dog Institute to our list of compromised local entities. The institute's acting director, Sam Harvey, said now was the time to make significant improvements. "Workplace mental health is an emerging public health crisis and requires immediate attention from both industry and policymakers," Professor Harvey said. Pretty sure workplace mental health has been a public health crisis since the dawn of recorded history, but what do I know, I am not a Professor 😉 • ABC News | Pandora Papers reveal big foreign money secretly behind some prime Australian real estate 5 Oct 2021 News | International borders will reopen soon. But not everyone will be able to travel overseas easily 5 Oct 2021 News | Federal government buys 300,000 doses of Merck COVID-19 treatment drug molnupiravir that has not yet been approved 5 Oct 2021 News | Rio Tinto continued to trade with Chinese billionaire Du Shuanghua after bribery scandal 4 Oct 2021 News | Scathing letter from senior doctors accuses NT Health of damaging workforce morale during hospital crisis 4 Oct 2021 News | Masks, capacity limits flagged for COVID-free WA once state borders come down 4 Oct 2021 News | Remote Aboriginal communities may reopen later than rest of WA, Health Minister warns 4 Oct 2021 The propaganda and coercion campaigns aren't working! Those pesky Indigenous do not trust us. Let's switch to threats... • ABC News | Drone delivery promises comfort and speed, but at a cost to workers and communities 5 Oct 2021 Buzz off, drones. We don't want no Autofac. • 7 News | Speculation mounts after Lars Vilks artist slammed over sketch of Prophet Muhammad dies in ‘extremely tragic’ way 5 Oct 2021 • 7 News | Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram down in worldwide outage 5 Oct 2021 • 9 News | Billionaire, family and baby killed in private plane crash 5 Oct 2021 Very suspicious. • 9 News | Young Victorians share debilitating effects of long COVID 5 Oct 2021 Related ~ Hypochondria Related ~ False Pregnancy Related ~ Melbourne BS-19 Survivor Exposed • 9 News | Hillsong founder pleads not guilty to concealing child sex abuse 5 Oct 2021 • News Corp | ‘Save Australia’ protest erupts in New York 5 Oct 2021 • News Corp | Gladys Berejiklian encouraged to switch to federal politics 5 Oct 2021 • News Corp | ‘War’: China’s chilling new warning about Taiwan 5 Oct 2021 • News Corp | Scott Morrison ‘won’t go into’ whether he told Dom Perrottet to ‘eff off’ 5 Oct 2021 Yet protesters are routinely arrested under the guise of "using offensive language in public". • News Corp | Dominic Perrottet elected NSW Liberal leader and Premier / Dominic Perrottet has hit out at critics who question whether his religious views will impact the way he governs NSW. 5 Oct 2021 • News Corp | Million Dollar Vax Campaign giving away $4.1m in lottery 5 Oct 2021 Australians now really do have a million reasons to get vaccinated against coronavirus – well, $4.1 million to be exact. From Monday the Million Dollar Vax Campaign will give any double-jabbed Aussie the chance to win a million dollars, as well as the opportunity to win one of 3100 $1000 gift cards [ed; collusion with major retailers – check!] which will be given away daily over the next month. Based on successful similar lotteries held in the United States, the prizes and campaign have been created by the Million Dollar Vax Alliance. The alliance describes themselves as a “group of philanthropists and corporations with the aim to increase Australian COVID-19 vaccination rates above 80 per cent nationally as quickly as possible in a safe manner”. News/Media/Misc (Independent) • Know Your Rights Group | Breakthrough info on the Bio Security Act and why ‘essential workers’ cannot be ‘mandated’ to have vaccines! 4 Oct 2021 • Kangaroo Court of Australia | NSW Police charge Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston with concealing his father’s sexual abuse of a child 5 Oct 2021 • Kangaroo Court of Australia | The real reasons NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro resigned: Fraud, theft, abuse of power and numerous alleged affairs 5 Oct 2021

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