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The Daily Dose – Wednesday 29 September 2021

QLD police sue Commissioner re. Vaccine Mandates, 83 World Health Organization staff accused of sexual abuse offences in Congo swept under the rug by internal 'Panel', $500 jab bribes for Indigenous communities, and more in today's edition... Federal • Department of Health | Top 3 COVID-19 vaccination questions – COVID-19 vaccine for 60+, COVID-19 exposure, and Pfizer vs Moderna 28 September 2021 Deputy CMO Steph Davis: Certainly, some questions I am getting from people who are over 60 are, is the vaccine safe? ... I can reassure you that for most of those, the vaccine is completely safe. I can also reassure you that for the vast majority of people, getting the vaccine is much, much, much safer than potentially getting COVID. But again, you should ask the questions that you feel that you need to ask so that you can make your own decision. ... The third question ... what are the differences between the Moderna and the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines? ... Both of these vaccines are mRNA vaccines. What does that mean? mRNA, or messenger RNA, is a bit of genetic code. So in the vaccine, it is wrapped in an oily coat, gets injected in your arm and then gets taken up by the cells, and that genetic code tells the cell machinery to do something and specifically what it tells the cell machinery to do is to produce a spike protein. The spike protein is that little spiky thing that you can see in a picture of the COVID-19 virus that you see on the outside. That spike is how the COVID-19 virus latches onto your cells and gets inside them. Both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines, the mRNA vaccines as I said, they tell your cells to make that spike protein ... ... It is important to remember that they are replicating what the code of the virus does itself. So the COVID virus, if it gets inside your body, if you are infected, that actually contains a bit of genetic code that tells your cells to make lots and lots more copies of the COVID virus, including the spike protein ... Whereas the mRNA in the vaccine is telling your cells to make that very specific part, that spike protein. • Department of Health | Consultation: Draft Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Genomics Health Guiding Principles and Summary. opened 29 September 2021 • Department of Health | Consultation: Improving choice in residential aged care. opened 29 September 2021 • TGA | COVID-19 rapid antigen point-of-care and self-tests 28 September 2021 • TGA | TGA grants provisional determination to Roche Products Pty Ltd COVID-19 treatment tocilizumab (ACTEMRA) 28 September 2021 This monoclonal antibody treatment is now eligible to be considered by the TGA for the intravenous treatment of confirmed COVID-19 in hospitalised adults aged 18 years and older who are receiving systemic corticosteroids and require supplemental oxygen or mechanical ventilation. • TGA | COVID-19 Rapid antigen self-tests Performance requirements and risk mitigation strategies 28 September 2021

APH | PJCIS recommends critical infrastructure bill split to tackle urgent threats Issue date: Wednesday, 29 September 2021 • WHO | WHO and partners call for urgent action on meningitis 28 September 2021 States

• TAS | Providing resilience funding to farmers and agricultural producers 28 September 2021 $400k over 3 years? So in other words, they've hired two counsellors... I'm sure the farmers are ecstatic. • TAS | Tender released for $3.6 million Southern Special Operations Group facility 18 September 2021$3.6_million_southern_special_operations_group_facility SOG, or "Sons of God" as they call themselves. The Victorian and Tasmanian arms of SOG (at least) played major roles in the false flag attack at Port Arthur in 1996, alongside ASIO. I wonder if they will be cooking up a sequel at this expensive new facility... VIC | City of Latrobe to enter seven day lockdown tonight 28 September 2021 • VIC | New Laboratory To Support Local Medical Innovations 28 September 2021 • QLD | Vaccination blitz in Torres and Cape - The Honourable Yvette D'Ath - 28 September 2021 Related~ Indigenous man confirms communities being coerced into taking jab for $500 per dose. Not sure of exact location or date.

QLD | Month long celebration of our state’s seniors - The Honourable Craig Crawford- 28 September 2021 So the State's 'Senior's Week', in operation since 1960 has suddenly decided to dedicate an entire Month to Seniors instead. Of course, this is a cheap political ploy to get the oldies back onside. Though I don't think many of our Elders would have the strength to party for a whole month, after being confined to their homes, banned from physical activity and unable to see friends/family for the past 2 years. • QLD | Border Zone Update 29 September 2021 From 1am AEST Wednesday 29 September 2021, the Tweed Shire and Byron Shire local government areas (LGAs) are part of the non-restricted border zone. This means that only the non-restricted border zone rules apply to residents of those LGAs and Queenslanders travelling to these areas. Also, Tweed Shire and Byron Shire are no longer considered interstate places of concern. • NSW | Stay at home orders lifted for Tweed and Byron Shire local government areas 28 September 2021 • NSW | Stay-at-home orders introduced for Port Macquarie and Muswellbrook 28 September 2021

News/Media/Misc (Mainstream)

ABC News | A small number of fully vaccinated people with COVID-19 in NSW have died — here's why 29 September 2021 ABC News | NSW Now: Legal centre says thousands of innocent people hit with COVID-19 fines 29 September 2021 Sydney's Redfern Legal Centre says it's overwhelmed with requests for help from people who insist they have been wrongly issued with fines by police for allegedly breaching COVID health orders. The latest statistics from Revenue NSW reveal that in July and August more than 28,000 COVID fines were issued. That's about 13 times the number of fines issued during the whole of last year. The legal centre recently sent an open letter to the NSW government — signed by 100 prominent members of the legal, academic and political profession — calling for all wrongly issued fines to be revoked. The centre's senior lawyer Samantha Lee said there had been no response and called for the issue to be addressed, saying thousands of innocent people with no means of paying their fines were in distress. "Our centre has been struggling to keep up with demand to assist people who have been issued with COVID fines and what we are finding is that the majority of people have been issued with a fine unlawfully and what that means is that the police have got it wrong." ABC News | New research reveals full extent of veteran suicide crisis as royal commission begins work 29 September 2021 ABC News | WHO directors 'horrified' as 20 staff members implicated in sexual assaults in the Congo / Panel identifies over 80 alleged cases of sexual abuse during World Health Organization's Ebola response in Congo 29 September 2021 This is definitely not a first for the WHO or the UN, nor would either entity have been 'horrified' at this news. [[ EDIT - 2021.09.29 4:25PM The ABC has also blatantly lied in both headlines, firstly by stating that "20 staff members" were implicated (there were 83.. ABC is falsely pulling from the internal/corrupt WHO panel's claim that they could only be sure that 21 of the accused worked for WHO at that specific time... so yeah, I don't know where Aunty got '20' from), and secondly by stating that the panel "identifies over 80 alleged cases of sexual abuse" (as there were over 80 alleged abusers, not individual cases of abuse). ]] Related~ UN Official, Street Kids International founder, Order of Canada recipient and Trudeau family friend Peter Dalglish convicted of raping two boys aged 12, 14 on 'humanitarian mission' in Nepal (2016) (archived @ [[ EDIT - 2021.09.29 4:25PM the original release of this Daily Dose update reported in the headline that the W.H.O. officials had been arrested & charged. Upon review of the article it appears – to my own amazement, even considering the W.H.O.'s track record – that NONE of the 83 accused staff members were arrested OR charged, rather the matter was dealt with internally. from the ABC piece: " Western diplomatic sources said four people have been fired and two placed on administrative leave, based on a closed-door briefing involving WHO that was provided to diplomatic officials in Geneva on Tuesday.

The review team was able to obtain the identity of 83 alleged perpetrators, both Congolese nationals and foreigners.

In 21 cases, the review team was able to establish with certainty that the alleged perpetrators were WHO employees during the Ebola response. " So we haven't even got that info direct from the W.H.O. – it's allegedly from unnamed "Western diplomatic sources" – but assuming that it's true, are we to believe that this scandal made international news and was bad enough that W.H.O. appointed a special 'panel' to investigate (biased and closed-off as it was), yet only 4 of the 20 accused sexual criminals (and good luck finding out the extent or details of any particular case) were even reprimanded... to that end, merely losing their jobs?? What a disgrace.. ]] ABC News | Queensland police Commissioner Katarina Carroll faces legal challenge to staff COVID vaccination mandate 29 September 2021 Cops suing cops! This action is great to see and we commend those officers for standing up. Grab the popcorn, and let's hope for a win... Related~ Cops For Covid Truth ABC News | Despite mandatory deadline, 7 per cent of NSW healthcare workers remain unvaccinated 29 September 2021 ABC News | More than 10 per cent of Queensland health workers unvaccinated against COVID-19 as deadline looms 29 September 2021 • ABC News | Hunter man Clifford Matthews charged with multiple child sex crimes 28 September 2021 • ABC News | Western Sydney pair with COVID plead guilty to attending Newcastle party linked to Hunter lockdown 29 September 2021 Either these girls copped the worst lawyers in Sydney, or they got John Avery'd (ie. set up to lose by a lawyer who is working for the authorities). • 9 News | COVID-19 disaster payments to end when vaccine milestones are hit 29 Sep 2021 • 7 News | No criminal conduct in airport deal: AFP 29 September 2021 • 7 News | ‘Watching very carefully’: QLD health chief reveals what would ‘definitely’ trigger another lockdown 29 Sep 2021 'Unconscionable, Fearmongering Headline of the Day Award' goes to News Corp. • Sky News | Victoria teachers plan protests against coronavirus vaccine mandate on Friday 29 September 2021 • News Corp | Latrobe Covid cases linked to superspreader party on AFL grand final night 29 September 2021 Australia, please – stop getting tested. It'd be much harder for them to cook the books and fabricate the subjects! Related ~ TOTT News: QLD Premier’s father runs genetic data storage company 21 January 2021 • News Corp | CFMEU headquarters in Melbourne exposed to coronavirus 29 September 2021 Yeah, whatever... remember when the Victorian Government tried to blame a massive 'cluster' on some Northern Suburbs shop which then turned out to have been completely shut for over 6 months?? The bootlickers at CFMEU were likely paid off to make this claim. I don't believe anyone tested positive to anything – if they did, it's ironic as the CFMEU staff were the only ones wearing masks in those videos of hundreds of tradies surrounding them at the offices. And so far, the Department of Health has only been able to produce two "protesters" – paid agents – from the tens of thousands who attended the protests in total, these two supposedly went to attend the protests but were also so afraid of the virus that they immediately went and got tested). Anyway, that building is lucky it's still standing after the tradies were done smashing it. A slight flu outbreak would be the least of CFMEU's problems at the minute. • News Corp | COVID CRACKDOWN: $1000 fines for unvaxxed who ‘do the wrong thing’ / Gladys Berejiklian issues warning for unvaxxed rule-breakers 29 September 2021 A rule is not a Law. A mandate is not a Law. A directive... we could go on. Here is a smoking gun on the subject which did the rounds back when Victorians were first being 'fined' for breaching these illegitimate instruments in mid-2020. David Limbrick MP is asking then-Attorney General Jill Hennessy how many of the fines which had been contested had gone to court (ie. how many had been pushed past the initial 'internal review' stage by police – a step they would only take if they had a chance of winning the case in an actual court). Hennessy hands off to some other goon who confirms that not a single one of the (at that time) 1008 fines contested had made it to court!

News/Media/Misc (Independent) • Sydney Criminal Lawyers | Unvaccinated People Will Face Prison for Entering Venues, NSW Government Warns 28 September 2021 • Sydney Criminal Lawyers | Australian Government Establishes “Enduring Form” of Offshore Detention on Nauru 29 September 2021

Facebook | Businesses United Australia - Inspirational community-operated directory of Aussie businesses vowing not to discriminate against customers, "jab or no jab" [no affiliation but we support what this group is doing!] ~ Thanks for reading The Daily Dose, our editorial wrap-up of the most important breaking Federal, State, and miscellaneous news (mainstream and independent) concerning human rights in Australia. The sharing of an article herein does not necessarily imply agreement with its contents or originating source. Please exercise your own caution and common sense, particularly when viewing mainstream media content or any information from government-affiliated sources.

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Sep 29, 2021

QLD, NSW, TAS, WA, VIC, NT, ACT, SA are all copyrighted acronyms (corporations) belonging to the privately owned UNIDROIT Corporation, whom are Bankrupt by the way!

QLD Police "officers" unlike honourable Policemen and Police Women, would help their Corporate Masters to force jab their countrymen In a heartbeat!

If these deplorable reprobates are looking for sympathy, they'll find it between shit and Syphilis in the Dictionary!


Meningitis? I would say half those receiving inoculation Covid ? will have serious inflammation to their meninges. You sure it isn’t because they haven’t had pesticides in the area or filthy water supply? Gates never gives up.


Sep 29, 2021

"And so far, the Department of Health has only been able to produce two "protesters" – paid agents – from the tens of thousands who attended the protests in total, these two supposedly went to attend the protests but were also so afraid of the virus that they immediately went and got tested)." Well said AW. Clear indication of more of their crappy story-telling BS!

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