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The False Grandmother

The well-known Brothers Grimm story of Little Red Riding Hood, which dates back to the 17th century, is an old European fairy tale about a young girl, her grandmother and their encounter with a Wolf. In Italy this folk tale is also known as La Finta Nonna, or The False Grandmother; except in this version it was an ogre they encounter, not a wolf.

These folktales set a little girl on a journey to her grandmother's, to borrow a sieve for making bread, which puts her on a collision course with a nefarious force that wishes to consume her, using disguise as an ambush. The disguise is the clothes of her grandmother, whom the wolf has devoured.

These folktales always had a deeper meaning and purpose, often to teach children the ways of the world, to protect them from danger and shape their characters. These tales are carried from generation to generation, unlike the grandmother, surviving the test of time and with good reason.

These fables speak in metaphors, often using myths to portray life lessons to children, and this particular parable has real relevance today because, like Little Red Riding Hood, we are being pursued by a hungry beast that wishes to consume our freedom and health, in the guise of a public healthcare emergency.

While the masses have believed and put their faith in our health bureaucrats and 'leaders', who are playing on our instincts to want to protect the elderly, by acting as the archetype of the harmless, caring grandmother, when in reality they are wolves using misleading science to deceive us, so that they may devour our freedoms.

We have said from the beginning of this 'pandemic' that there are critical questions that need to be answered on multiple fronts, questions about the science they are relying upon and the government response.

In this blog we are looking at the science, and we say that there are serious questions that need to be properly ventilated relating to:

  • the origins of the virus, including gain-of-function research, specifically conducted in Wuhan with Chinese and US scientists, and here in Australia with the CSIRO and several Australian Universities,

  • the concerns echoed by many scientists around the isolation of the virus,

  • the horrendously flawed and now discredited computer modelling, which was the trigger for global lockdowns,

  • the RT-PCR test, which should be read in conjunction with a clinical diagnosis,

  • how the government is ignoring the National Health Laboratory Network's advice against using the PCR test on healthy people without symptoms, because of a 97%+ risk of returning false positives,

The RT-PCR tests have been the cornerstone of the mainstream narrative. Positive test 'cases' are used to justify the ongoing state of emergency. However, the FDA and CDC has now echoed our claims that it cannot distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza, and by the end of 2021, the test will be phased out for COVID-19. We have been had!

When you look at rates of Influenza over the period of this 'pandemic', it disappeared to the same extend SARS-CoV-2 emerged. This is no coincidence.

Cunningly, QR Coding has been enlisted to order people to get tested, guaranteeing more false positives in those without symptoms, due to the shortcomings of the test, thereby perpetuating the illusion of an ongoing 'pandemic' to justify ongoing lockdowns.

There are also valid concerns from well-credentialed experts questioning the proper isolation of SARS-CoV-2, instead of relying upon computer-based genomic sequencing. If the early computer-based modelling is anything to go by, inaccuracy should be expected; and more importantly, if this is a pandemic, then it should be very easy to provide an isolate of the virus, should it not?

Based on these two fundamental elements alone, it is easy to see how the cornerstone of the mainstream narrative could be flawed, thereby rendering the approach completely misguided. Do you think a plane would be allowed to fly if it's navigational equipment was flawed, even by one degree? That one degree might see a plane, originally destined for Melbourne, landing in the middle of Port Phillip Bay.

Our government are so fixed on sticking to their agenda, even in the face of mountains of contrary evidence, one can only conclude this is not about our health, but about money and control.

Our forefathers who fought in the Vietnam War and Korea, were sacrificed to battle the frightful Communist agenda. Yes, Australians went to war knowing there would be casualties, because upholding democracy was the most important thing. Now, suddenly Communist-like restrictions are imposed, flying in the face of democracy. It is clear the war against Communism was never won, and in fact, is playing out now in the most astonishing manner.

For years Big Pharma have pushed vaccines down our throats so hard that we have accepted them as a normal part of our healthcare. As such, we find a large portion of the population blindly accepts their use as valid and necessary. But herein lies the problem. These are vaccines in name only. The only thing they have in common with the vaccines we have come to know previously, is how they are administered by injection.

This explainer video goes a long way to show how the vaccines are not what they are purported to be. These 'vaccines' are the False Grandmother in this folktale. The Wolf in grandma's clothes that has ambushed us. And the vaccine passports are the makings of a new medical apartheid designed to break down our community, stripping us of our humanity in the process.

This country was built on democratic principals that enshrined our freedoms, which are seriously on the brink of extinction. Our past sacrifices to preserve these liberties are being forfeited to "protect lives", based on critically flawed science. We have gone so far towards Communism that any voice of reason is now censored.

Scientism is the new Communism.

What is driving this policy for lockdowns is not concerns about health, otherwise more consideration would be given to the negative impacts of restrictions, which are compounding daily through:

  • delayed medical treatments,

  • depression,

  • suicide,

  • job losses,

  • business closures,

  • bankruptcies,

  • homelessness,

  • a huge increase in domestic violence, and more.

These problems are real, and they are destructive because they break down the community, clearly destroying the 'lucky' country we built.

These freedoms, that have been taken away from us in a short eighteen months, were freedoms that we fought hard for, and we must now prepare ourselves to fight to preserve them.

Scott Morrison told us there would be no coercive measures to compel people to take the vaccines, sneakily substituting 'freedom incentives' for 'coercion', an insult to our intelligence.

Mr Morrison tells us that "the informed consent process provides the decision to the individual. That's the sort of country we live in. People make their own decisions about their own health and their bodies. That's why we don't have mandatory vaccination, because people make their own decisions. We encourage people to make their own decisions."

Yet, in the next breath, when speaking about those who use this democratic process to exercise their informed consent not to be vaccinated, he states that we "have to have more restrictions on people who are unvaccinated because they're a danger to themselves and others." ScoMo is known for his marketing spin, and tendency to change his position according to the immediate pressures of the moment, but this really takes the cake.

These 'restrictions' will come in the form of his vaccine certificates, where business owners are delegated as the enforcers, thereby putting Australians at odds with each other, and further undermining the fabric of our society. This is the stuff of current day Communist China, North Korea, Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany and Cambodia's Pol Pot. However the key difference here is there are no visible leaders, only political puppets controlled by global corporate giants.

For those still in disbelief about where we are heading, consider what life in Australia would be like when you have lost your business because of lockdowns, and consequently lose your home, but are refused government assistance because you choose not to be vaccinated because, for example, a family member died from vaccine injury.

We are in conflict, but this is the time for the people of Australia to learn that on whatever side of the narrative you sit, we all want the same thing: safety and protection for ourselves and those we love. What differs is how informed we are, so we need to educate ourselves and get on the same the page, because the stakes are high, and the wolves are snapping at our heels, their flimsy granny disguises long gone.

The Wolf and ogre symbolises the ravenous glutton that wants to consume us, while the little girl represents innocence and freedom that we must protect. But the aspect of the The False Grandmother tale that stands out to me the most is that the girl was able to escape the clutches of the ogre because she was assisted. On the road to her grandmother's, she made offerings to the river and the gates, and those favours were reciprocated when it mattered the most.

This symbolises the strength in community, and this is the message underlying everything on this blog. When you see your fellow Australian in need, help them, because when the authorities come for you, and they will come, you will need your fellow Australians' help in return. Our best chance at defeating this nemesis is by circumventing vaccine certificates and supporting freedom.

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Is this article published on a website too, I’d like to share it but I doubt people will bother to down load an app to be able to read it and I can’t see a way to download and share the content without copy and pasting every paragraph separately I always share with a source link to original article


Happy Birthday Serene ; much LOVE


Unknown member
Aug 10, 2021
Replying to



Unknown member
Aug 06, 2021

"The Bangor Daily News reports that more than 40 nursing homes want to require staff to be vaccinated but longstanding shortages make them wary of implementing requirements."

Stand strong there, people.

Tracey (admin)
Tracey (admin)
Aug 07, 2021
Replying to

Yes what would they do without these amazing people, such a difficult and thankless job, it takes a strong, empathetic person and they are indeed in short supply.


Unknown member
Aug 05, 2021

Further to my post yesterday about the French medical union going on strike, news that firefighters are also saying NON! to mandatory vaccinations.

One of the comments caught my attention. It made a claim I thought could not be true. But apparently it is: The gendarmes, unlike many other groups are NOT under mandatory vaccination.

Macron doesn't feel secure enough to put the hard word on the flics!

Replying to

Indeed they are not, that is why the firemen went crazy last week

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