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The Science of Dogma

There is no question we currently live under the rule of “Science”. The daily directives from these unelected officials are the cornerstone emblematic of our lost liberties, under the guise of Public Health.

According to the Science Council, Scientific methodology includes the following:

  • Objective observation: Measurement and data (possibly, although not necessarily, using mathematics as a tool)

  • Evidence

  • Experiment and/or observation as benchmarks hypotheses

  • Induction: reasoning to establish general rules or conclusions drawn from facts or examples

  • Repetition

  • Critical analysis

  • Verification and testing: critical exposure to scrutiny, peer review and assessment

Given our freedoms have been taken from us, thanks to Science, it is understandable that we would want to know what happens when different scientists arrive at divergent conclusions, right?

Based on this scenario, one would expect an exercise in cooperation to critically analyse and scrutinise the assessments made, and be properly peer-reviewed, with the purpose of arriving at the truth. That’s how it works in the scientific world, right?

Instead, we have been prescribed a doctrine that is proclaimed to be unquestionably true and any person, scientist or peer-reviewed study that differs, is attacked, discredited, de-platformed, outcast and increasingly punished for arriving at a different conclusion.

This matches the dictionary definition of dogma, which has more to do with belief, faith, principle and officialdom than fact and evidence supporting it. More like a religion than science.

If this 'science' were to be characterised in some form, it could be likened to Jabba the Hutt; the alien crime lord from Star Wars, who enslaved Princess Leia. This large slug-like figure represents the greedy gangsters, bloated from their gluttony, pulling at the chains it has enslaved us with.

There are countless peer-reviewed studies on lockdowns, PCR tests, testing healthy people, modelling, long-term mask-wearing and off-patent treatments, which arrive at vastly different conclusions from the current orthodoxy, not to mention widely expressed concerns about the safety of the experimental vaccines. These observations and discoveries should be getting properly ventilated, to arrive at the truth. That is true science.

Why isn’t this happening? As a matter of course? Money! The directives currently being executed are making certain people very, very rich; and with money comes power, and power and control are a heady aphrodisiac, unless you have something called integrity, compassion and empathy. Those in power aren’t concerned with the science, they only use it to achieve their end game.

The government is not following the science, they are using propaganda to sell us their dogma. Vax lotto is just the latest exhibit of this. Those who are awake to their agenda know they are treating us like muzzled dogs on a leash, until we all succumb and obey. Those not yet awake feel something is wrong, but can’t yet articulate what that is.

We have no room on this earth for such vile, inhumane systems and it is our human responsibility to break those chains of dogma and return integrity, compassion, empathy and dignity to our world, before it is lost to us.

Never in our history have healthy people, without symptoms, been treated as a danger to society. They want us to believe that our very breath is a danger, and guilt us into submission. The fact that so many people have been misled, speaks more about their the extensive psychological warfare that has been, and continues to be waged against us globally, than it does about the nature of our society, because in the end, the will to survive is much stronger, and people are fast becoming aware they are in danger.

Currently there is a huge push towards vaccinating the entire population, and using vaccine passports to compel us to do something against our will. The groundswell of opposition is gaining momentum and people are coming together to make a stand.

The desperation from the government is unmistakable and this is our sign that our opposition is working. Now is the time to persist and hold the line. The fabric of our society depends on it., but as real scientists and critical thinkers always say: Challenge me! Change my mind!

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