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Weathering the storm

Advocate Me is passionate about human rights and this time we are living through is seeing those rights breached in so many ways, it's almost impossible to keep up. Just like a typical day in Melbourne, we need to be prepared to have four seasons in one day.

Class Actions, while being extremely resource intensive, are one way of dealing with issues that impact many people. At the time of writing, we have many class actions on the go, which are at varying stages.

As we have been diligently, methodically working on building each of these actions to bring them before the Courts, we have also recognised there are many people seeking immediate help in a few key areas.

To assist you to empower yourself to deal with several key issues around masking and vaccination and testing, where businesses and employers are acting disproportionately, we have created a series of letter templates. These can be downloaded free from our forum. All you need to do is become a forum member to access them.

While the available templates have taken considerable time and effort to prepare, we have chosen to make them free for forum members. Our most recent addition is the non-consent letter for COVID-19 vaccination, and this has been generously donated by Simon Forrest. It is a 2 page letter, followed by 70 supporting pages with quality information and references, that is a tremendous resource.

Donations allow us to continue to pool resources in this way, so we would like to thank those who have contributed, because it has assisted so many people already.

We cannot change the weather, but we can be equipped to thrive in any condition, especially if we work together and support each other. Please feel free to share this far and wide, as we weather the storm together and strive to take back our sovereignty during this challenging time.

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Mar 09, 2021

Can I copy this and send it out to all my friends? Can I copy and paste it onto telegram chats? It might get more people to sign up to the forum?

Replying to

Yes, please share it far and wide


Fantastic, thanks so much for your, and everyones hard work! It’s much appreciated. 😀

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