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When you subscribe to Advocate Me, your monthly contribution enables us to provide you with up-to-date resources that you can utilise to stand up for your rights. You also gain access to our online forum where you can meet other like-minded people and engage in important discussions on topics affecting you all. It can be very comforting and reassuring knowing you're not alone.

Our main objective is to put all our resources into intensive class actions, to challenge the big issues. We are very aware that many people are impacted daily through coercive tactics, and are forced to acquiesce to false directives or policies that go against the government guidelines or one's own rights. 

We have rights of refusal, and informed consent, and many of these enforcers are operating outside of the law. So we want to provide you with resources to allow you to address these issues independently, as they arise, while we continue with our various class actions. We will continue to upload new material as and when required. You can inform and empower yourself by downloading these templates and using them with confidence when you need them.

There are two plans to choose from:

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The more financial support we receive, the more resources we can access to remain flexible in a rapidly developing situation. By supporting us, you are supporting yourself. 

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