"Whistle-blower a person who informs on another or makes public disclosure of corruption or wrongdoing."-

Whistle-blowers play a critical role in bringing about transparency and accountability when there is wrongdoing. We have laws that protect whistle-blowers and we at Advocate Me know how they work to safeguard you during and after the process. 

We have started a whistle-blower account which aims to raise funds to be used to protect these brave individuals who take great risk by telling the truth. We must defend that at all costs.

We are being approached by a number of whistle-blowers from the police, medical and health professions and people who have been subject to horrendous treatment by our legal system. These people have information they would like to expose, in relation to activity knowingly perpetrated on the people of Australia, with malicious intent.

We have been approached by doctors, nurses and other health practitioners who came to us seeking protections from AHPRA, their regulator, because they were being muzzled. AHPRA was using threats to prevent them from speaking the truth about vaccine safety and efficacy.

Now, two brave members of the police have come forward issuing public letters to the NSW Police Commissioner. They are blowing the whistle on discriminatory directives, and seeking an investigation into the covid-19 pandemic, which is being used as the reason for having un-elected health officers restrict our freedoms, and push testing and vaccinations on us.

We are also dealing with the residents of the Detention Towers and we are now close to filing. We are doing this on a no-win, no-fee basis. We feel that this case will be precedential in setting the boundaries against government intervention which breaches human rights.


We are also dealing with corruption in the Family Court of Australia, where vulnerable women, men and children are being targeted. This targeting includes confiscation of children from a protective parent and/or guardian and placing them with a perpetrator. We do not think this is acceptable and we are currently representing a number of vulnerable women, men and children. 

We know there are many people who are witness to nefarious activity and may be too frightened to speak up. Remaining silent achieves nothing, but allows the activity to continue unchecked. This is the time to stand up and take action. 

If you have a story you want to break, please contact us here.  

Whistle-blowers often find themselves in a vulnerable situation, without any financial resources and support. If you would like to make a contribution to our whistle-blower fund, where all proceeds go toward protecting and defending our whistle-blowers, including engaging experts that will assist, please click the donate button below.

We have also created a series of letter templates to empower you to deal with several key issues around masking and vaccination and testing, where businesses and employers are acting disproportionately. These can be downloaded free from our forum.

Funds raised support us to manage all these vital campaigns, and vulnerable people, and continue to provide free templates and a free community forum, as we transition away from traditional social media platforms that are rife with censorship and trolls.

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Serene Teffaha

Advocate Me

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