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When 2020 challenged us, we said "Bring it on!"

Now the cobwebs are cleared from celebrating
the end of a tumultuous year, lets take a look
at the things we have been able to achieve – together.

Crowd Protesting

We’re a growing and united community

+145k visitors to our National Class Action site
+67k visitors to #CopsForCovidTruth with +7600k supporters
Hundreds of police and military forces also showing their support
+20k social media followers

We are building the largest class action in history

In the final week of August 2020 we launched our National Class Action to challenge the governments disproportionate response to the pandemic. With the influenza vaccine mandate central to our claim, we also capture all the issues including hotel detention, testing, masking and restrictive behaviors in relation to closing premises including essential services.  A detailed letter of demand was issued to all leaders outlining all the issues and demanding resolution. We have over 6700 submissions to our National Class Action.


When the Victorian government imprisoned residents and visitors to 9 public housing towers in Melbourne’s north, Advocate Me stood up for the residents. These are some of the most disenfranchised and vulnerable members of our community. Following our letter of demand, 8 of the 9 towers were reopened and we commenced building a class action for their false imprisonment. Our statement of claim echoes the issues raised by the Vic ombudsman report and the Victorian government has agreed to provide a response to our demands by Feb 15, 2021.

The newly appointed solicitor Ben Clemens, from Clemens Haskin Legal will be handling this class action with the directional hearing date set as 30-7-2021.


Influenza Vaccine Mandate Removed

Advocate Me applied pressure to our governments to remove the mandate for the influenza vaccine in residential aged care facilities. After the Victorian Government removed it in August 2020, many of our Victorian clients got their jobs back.


As part of our National Class Action, we are STILL fighting this mandate across the other States and Territories and to ensure it cannot happen again.

Police Cars

Police Officers blow the whistle

Our police forces have been propelled into unprecedented circumstances and demanded to enforce arbitrary rules without due diligence and in the unfolding chaos, they have been witness to the paradox of brutality in the name of health and well-being. One brave officer from NSW spoke up in an open letter demanding an investigation and Advocate Me threw it's support behind him.

One month later a second officer blew the whistle revealing clear bias and calling into question the legitimacy of fines issues. 

Twenty Twenty Won!

Rounding the corner into 2021 we go into battle on many fronts

COVID19 vaccine approvals

People for Safe Vaccines

A not-for-profit company created to promote and encourage safe development, supply and use of human vaccines, inform educate and raise public awareness in relation to vaccine safety and efficacy and to take legal action to promote positive vaccine safety outcomes.

Donation Boxes

Support Us to Support You


Spread the Word

You can also support us by spreading the word. Please download our flyer and circulate it however you would like. Via social media, emailing, letterbox drop, handout, or whatever works best for you.

The more people are aware that something is being done, the greater momentum we receive. 

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