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Fortress Western Australia

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Western Australia has had strict border restrictions in place for a considerable amount of time, in the hope they will prevent an outbreak of COVID-19 in the State.

The government restrictions and coercive vaccine mandates have played a major role in making WA the second most vaccinated region, behind the ACT.

Because of their state's strict border restrictions and high vaccination rates, this group can be considered a virtual control group.

Despite being the fortress State for so long, on February 28, 2022, Western Australia recorded 5994 active cases, with the biggest increase of 1179 in a single day.

These observations indicate that lockdowns and mass vaccination fail to prevent or even control the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

Furthermore, the recent increase in cases during strict lockdowns coincides with increased uptake of the vaccine boosters, suggesting that the booster shots may be the biggest contributing factor.

Does this correlation between high vaccination rate, uptake of boosters and surge in cases hint that the vaccines are somehow adversely affecting the immune system, increasing vulnerability to the very thing they are supposed to protect us from?

Considering Western Australia's statistically significant spike in transmission, hospitalisations and their first COVID-19 death since May 2020, it is a compelling argument that the social measures and mass vaccination are a distinct failure.

Clearly the tough and irrational rules enforced by premier Mark McGowan have failed the people of Western Australia, and if such rules truly are for the greater good, halting the roll-out of these alleged vaccines until more thorough and transparent investigations are conducted, and withdrawing all mandates, would be the sensible place to start correcting these mistakes.

People for Safe Vaccines has today released its first supplementary report to their Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness in Australia. The report provides updated figures and examines the recent provisional reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on All-cause mortality and COVID-19 mortality.

In relation to COVID-19 deaths and associated causes, the ABS report states “While pre-existing chronic conditions do not cause COVID-19, they increase the risk of COVID-19 complications and therefore increase the risk of death.

  • A COVID-19 related death is one where there is a disease or injury pathway to death that is not directly caused by the virus, such as a late-stage cancer that has led to death

  • 0.9% of the 273,901 death registrations certified during the pandemic are of people who died with or from COVID-19

  • Of that 0.9% of total deaths, there are 2,639 deaths where an individual is certified as having died from or with COVID-19 to 31 January 2022

  • 83 people died with COVID-19 rather than directly from the virus itself

  • There are 220 reported as having died and “Reported alone on certificate”, meaning 8.6% died from the virus and 91.4% died with it

  • 220 deaths from the virus equates to only 0.08% of all deaths certified during the pandemic

Unlike our politicians and medical officers, the figures don't lie and seeing them only confirms what many already suspect. We can only hope that the truth will soon set us free from the senseless bonds that have been placed upon us.

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29 commentaires

We must all change out of there fake corrupt corporation systems, fines, judges, courts, insurances, banking fraud. see more Tuvansio


The only solution is to bring Australians all together 🇦🇺


Tracey is on the money with Sam Bailey. Because Sam is an anti-virus doc. Along with Drs. Tom Cowan and Andy Kaufman and Stefan Lanka. Check them out, also via appearances on Fuellmichs Corona Investigative Committee.

Lanka obtained a German high court ruling around 2007 that there was no scientific proof that the measles virus even exists.

Looks like Pasteur was a fraud as per his notebooks released by his grandson in 1914 and so is his Germ Theory, and pasteurisation does not work the way we have been led to believe it does.

Kaufman says Wuhan was likely working on synthetic genes alright, but not a virus, as there is no such thing.

Tracey (admin)
Tracey (admin)
15 mars 2022
En réponse à

Our whole allopathic medicine approach is based on falsity and fear and a symptomatic approach whereas the truth about our bodies miraculous healing ability and the vast array of medicinal plants available to us is hidden and even demonised BY DESIGN.

We do not need to rely on doctors when the solutions grow in our gardens.

Take back your power and go OUTSIDE.

DIRT is NOT a dirty word, germs are a fallacy.

Our soils are life giving and life saving.


Natalie Rose Gauci
Natalie Rose Gauci
02 mars 2022

covid is and was a biochemical warfare. No different to what is happening in other countries with physical damage that we can see. Covid is far worse because it is all hidden up. Floods... war on weather... everything is publicized in the way covid was publicized... their end game is to get everyone to rely on them financially, emotionally and physically so they have full control. God wins!


I feel so angry with that WA premier that I can hardly write about him and his detestable but seemingly unchallenged dictatorship… I don’t understand the west Australian people quite frankly — even ‘nice‘ Canadians finally had enough and turned against their ‘woke’ pretty boy tyrant !!!

En réponse à

Yes I agree and you’re right but perhaps the momentum and global support for the truckers may demonstrate that they are not just crazies — trudeau must be intimidated that these guys are seen by hundreds of thousands in many other countries as heroes - he can’t change that perception …

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