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Serene Teffaha, from Advocate Me, has been operating a legal practice, as well as an advocacy service. As part of the legal practice, Serene provides specialised legal advice for clients who may need to escalate issues to the Courts, tribunals and/or commissions.


Serene has also been operating an advocacy service, where she empowers clients with the knowledge and understanding of their situation, to deescalate their matter and attempt to negotiate a resolution. In that capacity, Serene provides legal information to assist the clients, and for those who are unrepresented she provides pro-bono support as a friend of the Court.

Serene has also run various campaigns to create awareness and organise various actions in a lawful manner, to mobilse people with the purpose of creating change. Serene and her team done this through her campaigns such as Cops for Covid Truth, AHPRA Whistleblower complaint, a Peoples' Commissions for the Family Court of Australia, Detention Towers class action and the National Class Action.

Unfortunately Serene's campaigns have been very powerful and as a result of her strong representation of people who have suffered human rights breaches and crimes against humanity, the Victorian Legal Services Board ('VLSB') has cancelled Serene's legal practitioner license. They are now threatening not just to force themselves onto the clients of the legal practice, to forcibly attain their legal files without client approval, instruction, knowledge or consent, they are also threatening to take the information that belongs to the campaigns unrelated to the legal practice. 

We are fighting this battle in the Supreme Court of Victoria, as the VLSB is not only seeking to muzzle Serene as a legal practitioner, but also as an advocate for the people. Given this, we need to re-calibrate our bearings and expose the corruption. For this reason we have paused our contact information form, we have also paused any forms associated with any of our campaigns, as well as the online forum as we don't want to risk your information being hijacked by the VLSB or agent of the VLSB, however, we will maintain our blog as a way of communicating. 


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This form has been temporarily closed and the submit button removed, while we defend the actions taken by the Victorian Legal Services Board.

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