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Force of Nature

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Earlier this year, from an eerily calm space on the beach, I was privileged to witness the foreboding rumblings of a tropical cyclone, as it moved menacingly across the sea, forging its way to land.

There is something strangely thrilling about watching a storm make its way towards you where fierce strikes of lightning, paired with their thunderous companion, echo and reverberate across the sky and sea. From my calm sandy beach, my senses heightened with a deep sense of respect that the forces of Nature inspire.

And just like lightning, the contrast from my safe vantage point struck me hard, because we have been watching a different kind of storm moving ominously our way, and just like this cyclone, it's now upon us and cannot be ignored!

Advocate Me has been following the storm from day one; looking deep into all sides of the science of lockdowns, virus isolation, gain-of-function research, interpretation and classification of PCR test results, vaccination and the ultimate path to vaccine passports. Delving into the government narrative, it is easy to pick it apart; however their willingness to enter into a debate about it is non-existent. However, it is their rigidity that will be their ultimate undoing, as their narrative unravels spectacularly before us.

In Nature, it is the part of the system that is the most flexible that will control the system. This is known as the Law of Requisite Variety. A perfect example is the ability of the palm tree to withstand cyclonic winds. Its flexibility is its ultimate strength. Nature is adaptive in and of itself. If our system fails to adapt and be self-learning, then it will die by the hand of its own ego. This is what destroyed many Empires preceding us.

But, our governments remained fixed in their position and have gone to monumental efforts to discredit much-needed scientific debate, and ultimately censor it; and they continue instilling fear into people, with wildly exaggerated claims about the voracity of the virus, guilting people into participating in the biggest medical experiment of our time.

What has come from Advocate Me’s complete immersion into the facts is a good sense of what is to follow. Like meteorologists could predict to a degree of accuracy when this cyclone would form and ultimately hit land, Advocate Me has also watched this storm as it developed into a tempest: the real fallout from vaccine injuries and deaths.

Covid-19 cases between 19-01-2020 and 18-07-2021 (550 days)

Vaccine injuries between 22-02-2021 and 18-07-2021 (146 days)

915 Deaths with Covid-19 between 19-01-2020 and 18-07-2021 (550 days)

399 Deaths reported after Covid-19 Vaccine between 22-02-2021 and 18-07-2021 (146 days)

Taking the daily average number of deaths reported after vaccination and multiplying it by 550 (days), it clearly shows that the deaths reported after vaccine will exceed deaths with covid.

Following the weekly TGA report on updates only gives you a hint at the damage, because the likelihood of under-reporting is extremely high. Yet, already the vaccine injury rate has well exceeded the total number of covid-19 cases.

When People for Safe Vaccines uploaded their video showing these figures it quickly reached 20k views, and Youtube took it down, claiming we breached their guidelines by promoting medical misinformation, in spite of the fact it was simply providing published statistics from the TGA website. Our appeal was ignored with no explanation or recourse. You can watch their video below.

During this time of censorship, it is difficult to find a voice of reason from a well-credentialed expert, but Dr Mike Yeadon, former Chief Scientist and Vice President at Pfizer is one of many now taking a stand against the relentless destruction that lockdowns and mass vaccinations are wreaking.

Watching Mike Yeadon speak out against the Establishment and their response to the pandemic, he strikes me as a man of real integrity with nothing to gain and everything to lose by standing up. In his latest interview he is calm, yet candid, as he delivers a measured and scientific overview of the facts, and while his demeanor is composed, like an imposing cyclone, his message is ominous, calling it a "A Final Warning to Humanity". This is a must see video.

In this interview, Yeadon states that the gene-based vaccines are being inappropriately used and does not think they have sufficient safety profiles to be implemented as a sort of wide-spectrum public health prophylactic. This is coming from a self-proclaimed pro-vaxxer.

He also challenges lockdowns, masking and the use of the PCR test, and is a fervent opponent of vaccine passports, claiming them to be a tyrannical tool for control by the Establishment.

More interesting is his explanation of why more experts aren't openly challenging the current agenda, citing starvation from funding that forces researchers to step into, and stay with the narrative, to keep their livelihoods.

Where the money flows, attention goes.

Those who DO openly challenge the agenda are dismissed as quacks, anti-vaxxers and are starved out of the Establishment. Meanwhile the media and Big Tech continue to censor them.

We can only hazard a guess at the intent behind their agenda; only time will tell. Clearly there has been the largest transfer of wealth in history, as small business suffer lockdown after lockdown; only the Big End of Town might survive it. And with Big Pharma making billions by the bucket-load and the media gluttons fed with our tax-payer money advertising the vaccines, money clearly plays a large part, because the Money has control.

As more and more reports come forth from those with injuries and deaths from the vaccines, what is most shocking is the cognitive dissonance from those impacted. How hard does the truth have to hit you before you accept it? And how badly do you need to be impacted before you speak up and take action? Perhaps the TGA's recent announcement that covid-19 vaccines have been approved for children, is the cyclonic gust that breaks the silence? #handsoffourchildren

With Freedom Day protests around the globe this past weekend, millions marched against tyrannical restrictions and coercive tactics to vaccinate. Even here in Australia, many thousands found the courage to ignore CHO orders; they united and made a stand. And believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many who concur, but have remained silent for fear of retribution, but have now been motivated to join the movement.

There is tension in resistance and like an elastic band stretched to breaking point, the sting when it snaps is like a bolt of lightning releasing a force of energy that is transformative.

Unlike the oppressive, immovable stance from the Establishment, the pushback has been gathering momentum. Not by whimsical, tin-foil-hat-wearing, anti-vax, Q-Anon conspiracy-theorist-led revolutionaries that the media would have you believe, but ordinary everyday people from all walks of life, who are fed up with the nonsense. We are hurting, but this pain has brought us together.

A single palm tree cannot survive the force of a cyclone unless it bends to the will of the wind. For it to survive, it must adhere to the Law of Requisite Variety, or perish. The union of our resistance does not lie in this ignorant, unbending stance; instead we combine like the winds of a cyclone to sweep away that which opposes our sovereignty; and after the clean-up, replace that which has been destroyed with something that works in harmony.

This time we protect it with our combined force of Nature.

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63 commenti

I was searching for some dumb arse conspiracy theories based of F.U.D. (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt) and I think I hit the jackpot by stumbling across this site.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that it is against God's will to receive blood and, therefore, they refuse blood transfusions, often even if it is their own blood and in a similar vein this site pushes a similar narrative.

Trust me people, 5G technology does not cause or spread coronavirus so you can remove your aluminium foil hats (poorly conceived personal protection equipment) because it aint going to help you.

Neither is the government out to get you, so you can put all your government conspiracy theories to rest.

It should come as no…

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Fucking bastard go suck some donkey's dick and

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Membro sconosciuto
06 ago 2021

SPC first cab off the rank.

The direct link goes to another story, but this goes to the search result.

We've got someone to write letters to now, anyway.

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Philip Honey
Philip Honey
02 ago 2021

Is there any sources for the information provided?

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Philip Honey
Philip Honey
02 ago 2021


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Membro sconosciuto
01 ago 2021

"In just refusing to retreat from something, one gains the strength of two men" - Hagakure.

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