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People for Safe Vaccines was founded due to concerns about the speed the covid-19 vaccines were introduced, the new technology being used directly on the public with no previous clinical trials, and the lack of safety studies, in a process that took months instead of the usual years for refinement of previous vaccines. Many concerns were raised about them from well-credentialed scientists such as Dr Richard Fleming, who identified a link between the vaccines, severe clotting and inflammatory reactions; Robert Malone, developer of the mRNA technology; Mike Yeadon, former Chief Scientist and Vice President at Pfizer, and Geert Vanden Bossche, who explored the immune escape variants caused by early vaccination.

These concerns were justified, because in the first four months of the vaccine roll-out, more injuries and deaths had occurred than from ALL vaccines combined for the past thirty years.

By working out the average daily covid cases including deaths, and vaccine injuries and deaths reported, we can do a comparative analysis. The figures are taken from official government statistics, which show a rate of injury, including death, to be 3.71 times greater than the disease these vaccines are supposed to protect us from.

Even more disturbing is the lack of reporting in the mainstream media. While the State and Territory Premiers and their Chief Health Officers give their daily assessment on covid-19, and announce the latest figures in the roller-coaster of “cases” and “spikes”, virtually nothing is said about the real risks associated with the vaccines.

Today I learnt that a friend who received their first Pfizer vaccine is hospitalised with blood clots in the legs and the lungs. It is becoming more common for someone to know a person with a vaccine injury that occurred since the rollouts began, than a person who really was ill with covid-19 over the past twenty months. This is the case with me. Ask any random person how many people they know, or know of, who have died of covid-19 with no other illnesses present: answer – virtually none. This is no-one’s definition of a pandemic.

Serene Teffaha, CEO of People for Safe Vaccines, has received several calls from people who have been injured, and have had loved ones die shortly after receiving a covid-19 vaccine.

Many of these individuals are too scared to speak out, because they are fearful of being discriminated against and labelled as anti-vaxxers, despite all of these people having been pro-vaccination.

Today Serene interviewed Mel, whose sister died from blood clots, which developed after she was vaccinated with AstraZeneca. Because the mainstream media will not share these stories, it is our duty to do so.

Our deepest condolences to Mel and her family for the loss of their loved one.

People for Safe Vaccines stand with you and we demand:

  • truthful communication about this life or death subject that affects us all,

  • education generated by qualified people with no financial or status agendas to cloud the facts, and

  • proper dissemination of correct, truly scientific information to the community.

We encourage you to visit and join to support their work.

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