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The Neverending Story

With the current lockdown in Victoria being extended, this time without the buffer of JobKeeper, the real impact caused by the financial strain and uncertainty is about to begin.

The toll on the people of Victoria is great, as there seems to be no end in sight of this style of pandemic management and the ripple effects on its citizens.

I cannot help but make correlation between this pandemic and the classic children's book, The Neverending Story, where the land of Fantastica (Australia) is threatened by The Nothing (virus). Here a battle for survival is played out in a fantasy world of amazing creatures, in a war of Good versus Evil.

We are bitterly disappointed by shoot-from-the-hip style legal challenges we have seen recently. Border closures, restriction of movement and banning of overseas travel are permitted under the Public Health, Emergency and Biosecurity Acts, yet these weak arguments are persisting.

While border closures are difficult to challenge successfully, the same cannot be said about invasive medical-type interventions including masking, testing, vaccinating, medicating, examining and isolating/detaining in confined spaces.

So the approach we have taken with our class actions is being prepared, including comprehensive understanding the nature of the laws, together with supporting scientific evidence and experts canvassing these clear issues around forced medical interventions that are NOT based on empirical data, and that use compromised testing, reporting and identification.

Those litigants who have spearheaded legal challenges using weak constitutional and Biosecurity arguments, without presenting the medical reasons, have caused damage by being unprepared and seemingly failing to comprehensively understand the nature of the laws; thereby setting bad legal precedents.

Knowing we would present the arguments forcefully and powerfully, just like in the Detention Towers case, the National Class Action sabotaged by the VLSB and their agents, has sadly been delayed; but it has not completely been derailed. It is sad that a more concerted effort to challenge things is not yet possible.

What the public gets in return is a sense that everything as it stands currently is lawful and just, and an implied threat that we must never dare to challenge things because we will lose.

What is more outrageous is the mainstream media and their one-sided reporting on the pandemic. Their narrative needs serious dismantling. Unlike the Fantastica narrative, we don't have the benefit of an invisible oracle: we must rely on facts, however inconvenient they might be. One might be forgiven for thinking these inconvenient facts that fly in the face of what mainstream media reports, fell victim to The Nothing.

To answer the question of "why" such false journalism might be at play here, one only needs to follow the trail of money. The medical industrial complex is the biggest industry in the world, and now being run by globalist organisations such as the World Health Organization, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; their operations are no longer stifled by borders and their advertising dollar powerful enough to force their narrative.

It was never sufficient to have their products and services shoved down our throats through a barrage of advertising, they are now a staple in the daily news under the guise of "reporting". This is not journalism, only veiled, covert marketing to the collective subconscious; a form of mass hypnosis.

The international mainstream media is owned by 6 people. Yes, 6 individuals and their 132 executives world-wide are controlling the narrative. Social media got in the way for a bit, until they invented "fact-checkers" and the social media giants like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook began censoring anything that challenged the globalists' narrative. They stood to lose too many advertising dollars if they didn't play ball.

We are facing battles on multiple fronts, a virus which evidence and whistleblower testimony indicates is more likely to have been a lab-made bio-weapon; its so-called cure that has been forced upon us militantly; and a political correct agenda designed to silence us in any confusion we may have around these issues.

Today's cancel culture is a psychological warfare on the masses, to divide and silence us, and through our silence they conquer us. How many of us choose not to speak on the finer points of gender equality, privilege, race, sexuality, global warming, veganism and gender identity for fear of being attacked, or having our views misrepresented? The same is happening with this pandemic, and this silencing is causing untold damage.

In regard to the latest outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases being used to lock us down, where are the voices airing the important questions such as:-

  • are these positive cases identified after testing people without symptoms?

  • what cycle threshold is being used in our current RT-PCR testing?

  • have the positive cases been properly medically examined?

  • what are the symptoms?

  • how sick are the people?

  • are they hospitalised?

  • how are they being treated?

  • what are their ages?

  • are there existing conditions suffered by those diagnosed?

  • are they diagnosed by any means other than the RT-PCR test?

In short, just how sick are these people who have tested positive, if indeed they are sick at all, and how accurate are the tests?

In a low prevalence environment like Australia, it is recommended against testing asymptomatic people, due to the high risk of false positives. And the cycle threshold (CT) of the RT-PCR test is of extreme concern, because it is recommended against testing at a CT of more than 35; again because of the high risk of false positives. Where is this data? The people of Australia deserve to know.

We have been witness to the fastest development of vaccines in the history of allopathic medicine. They arrived quicker than Falcor, the Luck Dragon, was able to transport Atreyu to the Sphinx Gate. And while these are still in the experimental stage, they are being pushed on us by glossy advertisements filled with celebrity endorsements and constant propaganda from all angles, while gargantuan efforts are in play to stifle the most sensible arguments around vaccine hesitancy.

In the Therapeutic Goods Administration's (TGA) weekly COVID-19 vaccine safety report for this year to May 23rd 2021 there have been 22,031 adverse events and 210 deaths. Now, we have seen some reports of deaths in the mainstream media, but overwhelmingly they are cases where no causal link is ultimately declared. Trying to find mainstream media reports on all 210 deaths, would be like finding the mystical talisman AURYN, lost in the sea of possibilities. Where is that luck dragon?

And I might add, due to the policies of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulator, AHPRA, which do not allow health practitioners to speak out against vaccines, one has to question just how many adverse events are going unreported? And seriously, how many that are claimed to have no causal link, are in fact linked?

Let's not forget the facts about the pharmaceutical companies behind these vaccines either. Let's have a look at who is behind making these vaccines for Australians:


Pfizer has been fined $4.7 billion for making false claims, paying bribes and kickbacks, medical equipment and drug safety, off label promotion and other corrupt practices.


The deadly adverse reactions from the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has resulted in its suspension by two dozen European countries. AstraZeneca have also been found guilty of offences relating to off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products, making false claims, kickbacks and bribery, consumer protection violations, healthcare offences, government-contracting violations and more; being fined over US$1.1billion dollars for these since 2000.

Johnson & Johnson

Lets not forget Johnson & Johnson, knowingly allowed their baby powder to be sold when it contained deadly asbestos.

In spite of all this, our government has granted them protection from future product liability claims relating to their COVID-19 vaccines. This means that people can only get compensation by going through the Courts, and we all know that most people cannot afford this. If you get injured, you're on your own.

Our government is exposing us to injury and death, while protecting the faceless medical industrial complex.

Also not reported is the fact that these vaccines are not effective at stopping transmission. They admit the efficacy of these vaccines will not sufficiently contain the spread of the virus to rescind the rules around the restriction of movement, border closures, masking and surveillance currently in place. This was the very reason we were told we needed these vaccines.

We have been had!

Heaven forbid anyone be wary of taking an experimental vaccine that:-

  • this year has killed 210 times more people in Australia, than the virus itself,

  • is made by organisations with criminal records;

  • has no compensation mechanism in place should you be injured;

  • will not stop transmissions, and therefore restrictions of movement and behaviour;

  • is designed for a virus that has a 99.85% survival rate.

Perhaps these are the valid reasons that are driving the vaccine hesitancy in this country, not inane ramblings of tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists that our media and government would have us believe.

Interesting how the mainstream media has not reported that Delhi has seen a 97% decline in COVID-19 cases after Ivermectin was implemented as a treatment and preventative. Or how 4 of the 5 most vaccinated countries now have the biggest increase in COVID-19 cases in the world.

And why was Hydroxychloroquine, which has been prescribed for over 60 years, and has a safety profile comparable to asprin, suddenly proclaimed a dangerous drug, and all quality studies showing its effectiveness ignored? Because the vaccine companies could not get their emergency approvals if there was already an effective treatment.

Instead of a proper and scientific analysis of all the facts, including the collateral damage these restrictions are causing, we get fed unscientific garbage and fear-mongering propaganda. Journalists' works are controlled by their editors, and these editors are puppets for their executives, who ultimately abide by the directives of their top-paying clients. Their rhymes and riddles keep their secrets, and our silence and detention allows their agenda to be played out.

Just as the evil G'mork was a servant of The Manipulators, the malevolent force behind The Nothing, it is easy to make the same correlation with the mainstream media.

As the lyrics to the theme song for The Neverending Story say, "Rhymes that keep their secrets, will unfold behind the clouds, and there upon a rainbow, is the answer to a never ending story". The secrets are their lies and deceit, the clouds are our muteness and inaction, the rainbow is the truth.

The underlying message in The Neverending Story is the main character, Bastian, and his lost grasp on reality. His delusions prevent him from realising his deepest desire is to love. Fantastica needs a hero to save it from destruction from The Nothing, and the most startling part of the tale is that it's Bastian's voice that saves it.

"Show no fear, for she may fade away. In your hand, the birth of a new day."

These lyrics resonate now more than ever. The question is this: How much has to be swallowed by The Nothing before we find the strength in our voices? This battle for our survival and independence is being played out right now, but not in a fantasy world of amazing creatures. The only reason it is allowed to persist is because we have not yet found the power of our voices.

In the words of the author Michael Ende: "Nothing is lost....everything is transformed!" Let us now transform our thoughts into words and meaningful action before it's too late.

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Very good analogy👀💝

Me gusta

This video [1] is worth a look. It is correct that Jane Halton (former WHO executive board member of Event 201 and National Covid-19 Coordination Commission fame) is married to Trevor Sutton, brother of Victorian CHO Brett Sutton, but this video incorrectly asserts that Victorian Governor Jewess Linda Dessau is Daniel Andrews sister-n-law. It's of value nonetheless. The only other member of the commission with any medical experience is a token.


Me gusta

Hi Serena, Have you been in touch with the lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich? You can contact him here: Maybe you could speak with him on one of the weekly live, multi-hour sessions. They have a broader reach and may be able to help. Their weekly videos on Youtube get 280k views. Keep fighting for the good!!

Me gusta

Me gusta

Wake up all you professional idiots that keep perpetuating the deception that SARS is a virus. It’s sudden acute respiratory syndrome! Not a virus! 5G also causes SARS. That is the deception you are all not seeing. There is no disease such as broken leg, no virus named dislocated shoulder and so on. WAKE UP! Stop perpetuating the deception fools.

Me gusta
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