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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

We have successfully filed the Detention Towers Class Action in the Supreme Court of Victoria. We are so proud of our efforts and your patience in getting us here. The 3000 residents at the Estate Towers now have a vehicle to be heard. Their issues impact us all. The VGSO has been served and we need to wait for them to file an appearance and the Court will then share the filed Writ and Statement of Claim on the Court’s website. This will hopefully be available soon.

Unfortunately amid this successful juncture and our imminent filing of the National Class Action and other pivotal actions, my firm has been threatened and attacked by Government Regulators. As I said, this attack threatens my clients’ interests directly. I am preparing a substantive response and will be preparing a video for my clients (who are the unsung heroes here) as to what do next to ensure that the Government Regulators do not think that they can get away with sabotaging our cases and destroying my firm.

Obviously, they see me as an influencer. They know I am smart, lean and mean and understand the laws intricately. They are stalking my every move. And as I said, stalking this Telegram. I have complied with all the trust account rules and they are not attacking me on the basis of any professional misconduct or any client complaints and I have over 5000 clients. They are attacking me on the basis that I am diminishing public confidence in the administration of justice based on ongoing cases before the Court involving serious issues of covering up child sexual abuse disclosures and family violence. They allege that me speaking out to protect my clients and these children is offensive to the administration of justice. This is nothing short of psychopathic. They understand I have the ability to organise people into numerous actions. They know we are close now and they have now completely exposed how threatened they are.

I have no fear!

This is a message to the Government Regulators and their masters:

You don’t own me.

You don’t own the law.

You don’t regulate my opinion, my mind and my thoughts.

You are irrelevant.

You are redundant.

You are corrupt.

You don’t control my reality.

You don’t control my narrative.

You don’t control the way I choose to help my community against your savagery.

I was born free and I remain free.

I don’t need your permission to operate or to exist.

Love to all and watch this space.

Serene Teffaha

Advocate for the People

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64 Kommentare

We are all with you Serene, my god we are, how dare they attack our freedoms and continue their corruption...just say the word and we will all be there with you! Massive hugs to you and your team!

Gefällt mir

Thank you Serena and team for your refreshing honesty, integrity and brave heart.

Gefällt mir

Your lead will encourage others in many Professions to start standing up...Admiration for your Strength, Dedication & Determination...A True Warrior

Gefällt mir

Can one of the staff ensure Serene reads this please :-) Hi Serene, - writing anonymously here but - I sent you the Joan of Arc at Xmas :-) Thankyou for everything you are doing. I salute your warrior spirit. I'm a bit disturbed to hear you've been relying on Telegram though. While phones are not very private or secure no matter what, we do need to use them thus there is only ONE encrypted messaging app that has any relative chance of being secure. It's called Signal. You are in the same class as Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald, and they use it. Signal is designed exclusively with security and privacy as an ethos. if a subpoena is…

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here is the agenda for the next EU parliament 😈 vote a GULAG without borders or fences- full freedom restored on one condition 💩😷🐐 total health slavery

Gefällt mir
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