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Wizard of Aus

The Wizard of Oz is a timeless children’s tale, also famous for being the first movie made in colour. The story centres around an eleven-year-old orphan girl named Dorothy, who in many ways symbolises the quintessential Australian in her fun, friendly, optimistic, slightly ignorant but plucky nature, with a moral compass and a big heart. As Australia is a young nation built on honest hard work, optimism and innovation, Dorothy epitomises these values too.

And just as Dorothy was blown away to a bizarre fantasy world where logic, reason and rationale are in short supply, this covid-19 pandemic represents the same disruptive forces, landing us in a parallel universe to Oz. Dorothy famously declared to her little dog, Toto, “I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore”. Today “Australia” could easily replace “Kansas”.

Just as the wicked witch of the East had no way of knowing this tempest would be her demise, the powerful political, global, and corporate interests are unravelling quicker than the cyclonic winds that unceremoniously crashed Dorothy to Oz, where the looming global financial crash caused by lockdown is serving to wake people from their media-induced cognitive dissonance.

As a child watching the movie, I recall wondering why Glinda, the good witch, withheld from Dorothy her shortcut home, instead choosing to send her off on the Yellow Brick Road, at great risk of peril. Today, as an adult I ask the same question about why the “experts” and their failing gold standard is leading us down a perilous path too.

Our Federal Parliament is looking more like the Emerald City, with its false promises, and with our Prime Minister acting as the all-powerful Wizard, but hiding behind a curtain of lies forcing Australians to follow a faulty gold-standard, one-size-fits-all solution. One cannot help drawing a parallel between this Lockdown until fully vaccinated, and the task set for Dorothy by the wizard to bring him the witch’s broomstick before he grants her freedom: both are hazardous paths fraught with danger. In our case, today, the witch’s broom is your vaccine passport, except the goalposts for an approved passport keep moving. The definition of “fully vaccinated” by our Wizard of Aus keeps shifting.

Based on the testimony of many top doctors and scientists, calling the 'vaccines' bioweapons, the monkeys in the movie have been used in real life by the pharma companies as source material which create permanent damage to humanity, and the more you are jabbed, the faster and more damaged you become.

You’ll be too distracted, and possibly too ill, to understand the gigantic heist – of your health, your financial well-being, your freedom and your way of life.

And while we’re making comparisons, don’t the hypnotic sleep-inducing poppy fields that put Dorothy and friends in harm’s way have similarities with the media and their covert but blatant psychological operation on the people?

When Dorothy and her friends are captured by the witch’s winged monkeys, the agents of her cabal, Dorothy’s shadow Toto finds the key that frees them. The witch’s demise by water depicts how morally bankrupt people and systems can be liquidated when their intent gets revealed.

And when Dorothy discovers the truth that she has been lied to and put at risk by a self-serving entity, the green-tinted glasses worn by the Emerald City citizens are seen to colour an illusory world based on money, inhabited by mindless, dispossessed, enslaved sheep who can be used to attack, vilify and shun any objectors.

In an act of incredible anger and bravery, Dorothy reveals the truth, and in doing so, causes the wizard to relinquish his position to the scarecrow. Remember, it was the scarecrow who joined Dorothy to find a brain, yet here he learns that he no longer needs to outsource his thinking; for us today it follows that we can look after ourselves after all.

The Tin Man learns that the heart transcends the physical, and the Cowardly Lion learns that the strength of his courage relates to the strength of his own beliefs.

As for Dorothy, the magic of her ruby red slippers lies in her belief in herself, where she can achieve what seems impossible when her consciousness is raised, symbolised by the hot air balloon journey home. Could it be that these slippers represent our immune system, waiting for us to invest in what the creator has given us, rather than false promises that serve to enrich a greedy cabal?

Underlying this story are many morals, and these apply to Australia today. Unity - combined with heart, courage, and the ability to think for yourself – can, and does, win. Our life’s journey is not about the destination, but the journey itself and what it can teach us. By transforming out-dated beliefs that don’t support us, and with a clear mind, big heart, lots of courage and unity, we can expose the malevolent forces and defeat them.

The most central quote from the movie, "There's no place like home", echoes our desire to take back our precious land of Aus, and to quote the Cowardly Lion, “What makes a King out of a slave? Courage!” and we, all of us, have it in spades, but we have to stand up, click our heels together in our collective ruby slippers, and fight for it.

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