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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

In January we heard news of a new 'novel' virus coming out of China that was sweeping through the population of Wuhan. When the Attorney General Declared a State of Emergency, we knew it was serious. The Biosecurity Act was implemented, giving the government certain powers to impose restrictions on us and the country held its breath as reports of significant numbers of infections and deaths came in. Fear took hold and the World Health Organisation took the reins and dictated policy and most of the world followed its lead.

Most countries responded in a warlike manner to fight the threat, at the expense of our freedoms. Dealing with the unknown, most people were onboard. A couple of countries chose a different path, a path that educated its people and left them to decide, rather than dictate and remove their freedoms. Those countries are Sweden and Taiwan. After several months of statistical data about COVID-19, we can now see how the two distinct ways of handling it worked.

From it we can see across the board, a high infection rate but very low deaths; regardless of whether there was forced lockdowns or not, meaning these two distinctly different ways have resulted in much the same outcome.

One approach has caused tremendous collateral damage to the economy and distress to its people, while the other approach continues to operate a relativley normal existence, keeping their civil liberties and economies intact.

We learnt that there are four strains of coronavirus which already circulate the population freely, most often linked to the common cold and SAR-CoV-2 is only "novel" because it's a new type of coronavirus. And the reason the RT PCR tests are so unreliable is because a positive result could mean it detected a piece of dead virus from a common cold. It is for this reason the inventor of the RT PCR test said it should never be used to diagnose infectious disease. Yet here it is, the gold standard for diagnosis. From this we can derive that simply increasing tests, will cause another "wave".

SAR-CoV-2 is only "novel" because it's a new type of coronavirus.

We watched in hope as positive reports about hydroxychloroquine, a drug with the safety profile of asprin, used for around 60 years, was being successfully used as a treatment and preventative for the disease, only to then be told it was dangerous and prohibition orders on its prescribing we rolled out. We also saw those studies used to justify this were later retracted for being fraudulent, yet nothing was done to retract the prohibition of its prescription.

Instead a rushed vaccine has been pushed as our only saviour.

We learnt how the codifying of covid deaths allowed “death with covid” to become part of the frightening daily death toll, when most didn’t die “from covid” and how the high portion of false positive tests were never taken off the daily figures. We also learnt there were financial incentives given for putting covid-19 on death certificates. And those contact traced were suspected positive, when they were not even tested, let alone tracked down yet. These strange codifying procedures, coupled with financial incentives allows a dire picture be painted to create the means to justify locking us down. That picture couldn't be further from reality.

We watched our leaders put their fervent efforts into locking down the healthy, when that effort should have been concentrated on the elderly and immuno-compromised. The result was that most of our covid deaths came from aged care facilities.

The initial modelling used to justify the lockdowns, has since been peer reviewed and said to be one of the worst examples of programming seen, to which "no serious scientist gives any validity" and yet our governments are still wedded to it.

The Victorian Government persists with locking down its citizens, shutting down business and now shutting down any dissent by making arrests of those who are outspoken against their directives. Its harsh and brutal approach seems to have no end in sight, as they plan to implement changes that would allow non medical people to be “authorised officers”, who can arrest and detain people indefinitely under suspicion they may not follow the rules. The rest of the States and Territories vary their restrictions almost daily.

Even in the face of new scientific expert information which shows that :-

  • the initial modelling was seriously flawed

  • the tests highly ineffective

  • the fatality rate is that of a seasonal flu

  • more that 80% of people infected are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms

  • asymptomatic transmission is between zero & 0.2%

  • there is at least two known medicines successfully treating and preventing infections (combinations involving Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine)

  • lockdowns do more harm than good;

Even in spite of this and much more, they are insistent on staying the course. Even when the statistics on deaths in Sweden and Taiwan are consistently low, they continue to persist with shutting us down until they rush through a vaccine.

The survival rate for covid-19 has been recently upgraded to 99.8% of infections. The ordinary flu is 99.9%

The inquiry into their handling of the hotel quarantine has shown them to be either completely incompetent, or complete liars’ intent on covering up their mismanagement, or something else. And it has now become clear to many that this is more about control and power and less about science and health. We are clearly starting to see evidence that their cure is far worse than the disease.

And the Commonwealth, who has the power to stop this, allows it to persist. Complicit in their silence. What is a nation to do when the power of a few will no longer listen? Let the other authority decide, the High Court of Australia.

Join our class action and help bring back our freedom and their accountability.

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Louis Szondy
Louis Szondy
13 ต.ค. 2563

This is perhaps the best written piece I've read in many months that describes the situation so accurately. We must all share this post far and wide, THANK YOU ALL!

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