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A New Religion

There was a time when humankind held the belief that our planet was flat and the horizon represented the end of the earth. Galileo was denounced as a heretic of the church for his scientific view that the earth was a globe, and instead of being the centre of the universe, the Earth circled the Sun in a predictable path with its spinning motion responsible for the seasons and gravity, which keeps us on terra firma.

Now the heliocentric model of the world is the dominant, accepted thinking and its numerous explanations for natural phenomena are understood and utilised by most today.

So why was Galileo so fiercely attacked? To understand this, we must first understand the dominant thinking of the time. Christianity placed God at the centre of all. The two ideas were diametrically opposed, and faith and dogma was no match for the logic and reason which science brought to the table.

Fast forward 400-odd years, and we seem to have found ourselves in a quandary. Science has been hijacked by the medical-industrial complex, which has raised itself to the status of God with any questioning ridiculed by its dogma. Its proponents fiercely attacking any dissenting voice, in the same way the church hierarchy in Galileo's time did, no matter how logical their arguments may be.

All the while, to protect its status, the medical establishment / pharmaceutical complex and their cronies in governments from all sides of politics, wield their trickery upon the population, kept fearful with enthusiastic connivance of mainstream media, together casting their spells upon us, creating the ongoing illusion of a pandemic.

The most reliable way to becoming a saviour is to create a problem, then create the solution to it. Lo and behold, you become the redeemer, admired and worshiped by many. Bill Gates realised this and cannily profited handsomely with the introduction of computer viruses, and their antidotes.

When the PCR test became the gold standard for diagnosing covid-19, it was a simple manner of testing at a higher cycle to guarantee a high number of false positives. They knew this, but failed to tell us. Turn the dial up to create more cases, and use those cases to create the illusion of a pandemic to create and maintain fear.

Next, create the vaccine as the "solution" and to make it appear to be working, simply turn down the dial in the PCR tests and voila, you have the illusion that the vaccines have worked. Miracle achieved! This is exactly what the World Health Organization has this week directed: Reduce the number of cycles. Result? Far fewer "cases" identified. See, the vaccine must work! This level of trickery outdoes the calibre of Harry Houdini, history's master illusionist.

In stark contrast to a flat earth where the horizon is the end, their deceit has no end in sight.

The world we live in today is medical-centric, where big pharma is synonymous with god, their CEOs are the archbishops, healthcare workers are the priests, Chief Health Officers the enforcers, and covid-19 is their book of revelation, used to keep the population in fear, under their control, with their vaccines the miracle creation of this newly-appointed god.

The question is, can the momentum of the many rapidly awakening, questioning and resisting souls generate enough gravity to return us to terra firma where common sense, logic and reason is the prevailing pattern of thought, or are we doomed to be sacrificed upon their altar?

Only God can know for certain.

#PeopleForSafeVaccines #AdvocateMe #InformedConsent #covid19

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