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A New Species of Politician

Over the last 12 months, Craig Kelly has been outspoken on therapies that could be more effective than vaccination in combatting COVID19.

Why did Labor MP Tanya Plibersek’s poor attempt to rebut Liberal MP Craig Kelly’s argument for tested COVID19 therapies being more effective than vaccination result in Craig receiving backlash? This impromptu meeting in the Press Gallery corridor of Parliament House comes after recent TGA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for COVID19. See here. When Tanya asked Craig if the Prime Minister is supportive of Craig and “spreading this stuff”, what “stuff” was Tanya actually referring to anyway?

While Tanya Plibersek refers to “stuff”, calling Craig Kelly a “conspiracy theorist”, Craig Kelly is making claims based on scientific facts including citation of Australian clinical immunologist and pioneer in the field of mucosal immunology and vaccination. Meet Professor Robert Clancy, Emeritus Professor of Pathology at the University of Newcastle Medical School and member of the Australian Academy of Science COVID-19 Expert Database.

Last month, Professor Clancy produced a report arguing that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine may be more effective than vaccination against COVID19 and should be properly considered.

Craig has spoken up about the real facts about COVID19 for the last 12 months, as quite possibly one of the only politicians in Australia doing so. Unfortunately, following up to this impromptu meeting in the corridor, both Craig Kelly and Professor Clancy experienced threatening behaviour from our fellow Australian politicians and the media without actually considering the facts being referred to!

Last week, the University of Newcastle released a statement distancing itself from its very-own Emeritus Professor Robert Clancy stating, “The University does not consider Robert Clancy a subject matter expert on COVID-19”. In his interview with the ABC, Professor Clancy respects the university’s view that he is not speaking for them. However, Professor Clancy is one of Australia’s most esteemed pioneer for immunology and mucosal immunology having pioneered the field more than 25 years ago and completed many clinical studies on the subject matter in the past.

While there is a global expectation that vaccination will change COVID19, there are already drugs available to the consumer that “beneficially alter the natural history of infection”, writes Professor Clancy. Professor refers to multi-drug regimens that are reducing hospital admissions by more than 80% and he argues, if properly utilised, they would end the hospitalization crisis of US, UK, Canada and the EU.

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin given together with nutraceutical, zinc and intracellular antibiotics are reported effective treatments that have been available to the public for many years. Both medications reduce the inflammatory response, but more specifically, HCQ works by reducing acidity within cytoplasmic vesicles and Ivermectin blocks the cytoplasm from communicating with the nucleus.

Craig’s Facebook account is filled with links to hundreds of published studies backing up the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID19. Not one study has been referred to by MP Tanya Plibersek, Premier Daniel Andrews or Prime Minister Scott Morrison in backing up their claims. Which studies in immunology has our Chief Health Officer Dr Brett Sutton, State Premier Daniel Andrews, or Prime Minister Scott Morrison partaken in? These are all questions we should be asking.

What’s it to Labor Tanya anyway if Liberal Craig is, or is not supporting the opinions of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, anyway? The beauty of democracy is that we can speak our truth and have a right to be heard so that we can listen to and consider all states of opinion; we remain dynamic by maintaining the right to free speech.

The community is in global denial and politics are being promoted in the face of facts.

If you observe the meeting in the corridor carefully, you can see 1 politician referring to scientific studies and another saying sweet nothings with a smile only to the favour of the camera, missing any reference to the science.

Professor Clancy writes about an insistent promotion of “therapeutic nihilism”, whereby drugs that are already available, cost-effective and known to beneficially alter the course of disease are ignored by a socio-political preference supported by the pharmaceutical industry.

The Government needs to ensure that they are making public health decisions based on scientific evidence. Viral infection is not reduced just by counting PCR-positive test cases. Furthermore, COVID19 vaccine manufacturers that claim a 90% protection rate is surprising to Professor Clancy. This is because protection duration and the extent of protection were found to be unknown after an 8-week follow-up of an mRNA vaccine.

For Advocate Me, the distribution of a vaccine with little test results documented as opposed to the heavily documented Random Clinical Trials of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin sounds like a conspiracy.

Even despite its geographic island position, Australia will never remain immune from isolation and the economic impact of lockdowns should they continue.

This will not change after the introduction of vaccines.

The information that the State Government purports to be the basis of their health directions is not always based on scientific fact. Hospital admission data for high-risk subjects over the age of 50 with 1 or more co-morbidity is at an 18-20% hospitalization rate with a mortality rate of 1%.

While the Prime Minister believes that “facts are contentious”, public policy decisions must be science-based if we are going to save lives.

Who will keep our politicians accountable?

Advocate Me is ready to represent politician-whistleblowers.

You may wonder what exactly a politician-whistleblower is? It is not fake information, it is not censorship of posts and it is certainly not using failed Random Clinical Trials of Hydroxychloroquine just to dismiss the value of a multi-drug regimen that is reducing hospital admissions by more than 80% and would end the hospitalisation crisis of US, UK, Canada and the EU, according to Professor Clancy.

Advocate Me appreciates the lengths Craig Kelly has taken to put forward Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Tanya never had a real argument when she stated that her mother lives in Craig’s electorate. It is reported that Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a word with Craig to asked him to stop pushing his “controversial ideas” and tone down his social media on these therapies. Craig’s recent post featured a video of a man who benefited greatly from Methylprednisone, Ascorbic Acid, Thiamine and full anticoagulation with Heparin. Otherwise known as MATH+, this is an inexpensive protocol to effectively treat COVID19 disease and prevent death. It would be a shame should Craig Kelly really stop speaking up now that Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a word with him!

While we are not on Facebook and Instagram anymore, we do still see and hear about things happening on the ground. While Advocate Me will not be changing its stance in our firm support of freedom of movement, freedom of speech and autonomy tomorrow, we can guarantee you one thing. Advocate Me thinks highly of politician-whistleblowers and you should too.

Tanya, we must steer away from using the term “conspiracy theorist” to avoid thinking at all.

Craig, it is not too late if you change your mind, join us!

Arm yourself with information now:

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Mar 21, 2021

Great stuff guys!


Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Mar 16, 2021

The government and the FDA have banned hydroxychloroquine and will deregister doctors who prescribe it because they want people dead and besides vaccines make trillions more dollars. If the government was at all concerned about people's health they would have enthusiastically endorsed the use of hydroxychloroquine which has been in use for 70 years without any problems and which has already been proven to be 99.9% effective against COVID in the US.

It's easy to see which politicians are corrupt and in bed with the new world agenda more so now than ever. They should be removed from office by the people without delay.


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Feb 18, 2021

Can’t wait, I’ll bring the popcorn...


I just sent an email to Australia department of Health,

"Regarding the distribution of COMIRNATY, can you advise which procedures are in place for any adverse reactions, permanent injury or death as a result of administering this medical device. This includes liability and compensation. I cannot seem to find a data sheet listing possible side effects, can you please direct me to the appropriate site. Also, COMIRNATY is being marketed as a vaccine but is in fact a prophylactic gene therapy not unlike that which is used to treat some cancers. In the interest of informed consent, will this error be corrected in a timely manner?"

We shall see if I get a reply.

Mar 22, 2021
Replying to

Well last week in WA after the 2 publicised anaphylactic reactions, it seems WA Health gift you with a free consult with an immunologist! How big of them to do that after the fact! The damage is already done! Putting the horse after the cart I think!

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