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Crash Test Dummies

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Mass COVID-19 vaccinations are now being administered to the public in Europe, the UK and the USA. These vaccines were granted emergency approval; nobody knows anything reliable about their safety and effectiveness, so it's an experiment, and the world now waits for the outcome.

The animal trials for past attempts at an mRNA vaccine seemed promising at first, but after those animals were later exposed to the wild virus, it killed them in droves. Is it any wonder they skipped animal trials this time around?

The Australian government has secured millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Their roll-out is conditional on approval from the Department of Health and Therapeutic Goods Administration. Their fast-tracked approval gives them six whole years before they need to submit a complete and comprehensive package of results data.

It's no secret there are serious questions around the government's over-reaction in response to COVID-19. Not unreasonable questions, when the vast majority of people who allegedly contract it, have mild to no symptoms and the causal fatality rate is extremely low. The statistics can be compared to the number of people killed on the road each year. But nobody ever banned driving across the board, did they?

Let's take this analogy a little further. Everyone knows how stringent vehicle safety regulations are, and that any report of a malfunction in a car manufacturer's model can initiate a world-wide recall. Any such occurrence means significant damage to their bottom line and their reputation in a lucrative market. So internal checks and measures must obviously go above and beyond.

Safety is at the core of car manufacturing. In fact, it is the driver of everything else in the entire process. And when things go wrong, liability doesn't end with compensation for damage caused, but can include prosecution and even personal liability for company Directors.

If we apply vehicle safety standards, with the same implications for failures, to vaccine manufacturing, how would they stack up?

First, unlike vaccine manufacturers, car makers would not be exempt from liability if their product was to cause harm. Safety would have to be proven and certified by an unrelated third party, with no conflicts of interest.

Car manufacturers are forced to perform significant crash testing, completely destroying their own product over and over, learning from its weaknesses, and being forced to make improvements repeatedly, until they meet these stringent minimum safety requirements. Their crash test dummies show them how a human would be affected by the accident.

There is no rushing this process. Time cannot be sped up, regardless of resources thrown at it. Yet with these COVID-19 vaccines the process IS being sped up, and alarmingly the manufacturers are exempt from liability and prosecution, should injury occur. These emergency approvals are allowing much of the safety testing to be by-passed.

On top of this, exemptions are allowed for very few medical reasons. If you don't qualify for these you MAY only get an exemption AFTER you sustain an injury. And they claim it is for our safety?

Clearly the government is abusing the process of due diligence here and abusing the trust we have in their good intentions for our welfare at the same time.

We must take the lessons of the past and apply them here for the safety of the population. Remember, it wasn't that long ago we discovered that Agent Orange, DDT, Glyphosate, plastics, formaldehyde, Vioxx and asbestos weren't safe after all. It also warrants a mention that "medical error" is the third leading cause of death, behind heart disease and cancer.

What must car manufacturers think of this preferential treatment? And how do you feel about being crash test dummies for the pharmaceutical industry?

Many people are concerned about the speed with which these vaccines are being brought to market. In the government’s rush to roll out and potentially mandate them, many have been driven to take action to bring about honesty, transparency and accountability with this vaccine program. It is from this background that we were inspired to establish People for Safe Vaccines Ltd, a not-for-profit company, to address these issues head-on.

If there is no arbiter, then it must be us, the people.

People for Safe Vaccines is inviting members to support this vital pursuit to restore common sense, choice and trust. We are currently in dialogue with the Department of Health and TGA, examining the facts, with a view to ensuring proper science and accountability are returned to this critical matter.

If you are concerned with having a rushed vaccine imposed upon you and you want to do something about it, join us by becoming a member. Membership fees are from as little as $100 per annum ($30 for concession card holders) and this is your way of contributing to our advocacy of your safety.

Visit for all the details.

Living in the western world of bureaucracy, with red tape designed to protect us from corruption and failures in due diligence, is it really such a stretch to question the speed with which our department of health is looking to approve a COVID-19 vaccine? Just because our government is willing to play Russian roulette with our health does not mean we must go along with it.

As arbiters of common sense, People for Safe Vaccines rejects the idea that anyone should be their crash test dummies.

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