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Quite Contrary

As Australia awaits the Therapeutic Goods Administration authorisations of the COVID-19 vaccines, we find ourselves in the fortunate situation of being able to watch the vaccine rollout across Europe, the UK and the US. So far, the negative fallout has been almost as spectacular as the vaccine manufacturers' initial claims for efficacy, which we now know are deeply flawed and misleading.

Fortunate as it may be to have such foresight, it is frightening to see what is coming, because in spite of the serious injuries and deaths, we are told these worrying results mean:-

  • they won't affect the vaccine rollout

  • the elderly are still 'likely' to receive the Pfizer vaccine

  • the CSL plant in Melbourne is already manufacturing vaccines

  • Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier has revealed she wants to make the vaccine compulsory by giving businesses permission to include proof of vaccination in their conditions of entry

All despite the fact that the TGA hasn't officially authorised them.

When 30 out of 198 vaccinated in one aged-care facility in Norway died, Brendan Murphy was quick to say "this group of people who had these adverse effects...were very, very old and frail" and then claim that "it's not clear whether the vaccine - how directly related to the death it was." But when a person dies with pre-existing co-morbidities and happens to test positive to covid-19, they present the death as directly related to covid and this is being used to galvanise efforts to fast-track these experimental pharmaceuticals.

It is easy to say it is inconclusive that vaccine injury was the cause of these deaths, because these elderly were already frail and close to death. But if the same people were to test positive to covid-19, we are supposed to accept that result is conclusive, even though it is now common knowledge, and widely accepted, that the RT PCR tests used to diagnose covid-19 cases are not reliable?

When I think about the irony of this, childhood memories of the famous Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary come to mind.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells, and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row.

One of several sinister interpretations of this poem, is that the rhyme is about Mary Tudor, known as "Bloody Mary", whose reign of terror saw the persecution and murder of many Protestants. The silver bells are interpreted as thumb screws, cockle shells as genital torture devices and pretty maids in a row represented people lined up to be executed, leaving more bodies to bury than her garden (cemetery) can grow (bury).

Considering today's quandary, one could be forgiven for taking the exaggerated view associating "Mary" with a chaotic, conflict-ridden medical-political complex that resembles religious dogma rather than science, and applying the screws to us, to impose their will and do it with scant regard for the collateral damage their vaccines cause.

But most of us don't have the benefit of living in a fairy-tale world, do we?

For example, what do we now think about the fact they want to prioritise the vaccine so the elderly get it first?

And how well does it sit with you that we are now being told the vaccines will not change our need to wear a mask and have other ongoing restrictions that the vaccine was originally meant to relieve us of?

What is the point, I hear you ask?

Is it fear-mongering to have a daily tally of people vaccinated, and show the number of injuries and deaths, when that is exactly what we have been forced to endure with daily covid-19 numbers this past year?

Are we wrong to compare the list of side-effects to the list of covid-19 symptoms, to reveal the dangers? Should we be comparing the vaccine adverse reactions rate, to the covid-19 fatality rate, or talk about how it appears the recovery rate from covid-19 may in fact be greater than those vaccine injured? Does this make you an anti-vaxxer, or are these inconvenient truths the medical-political complex can no longer avoid?

Is this why our government has spent $24million on advertising the "benefits", when it turns out the vaccines don't stop you getting covid-19 and can't stop transmission?

What sort of spin is this?

Like the deeper, hidden meaning behind most nursery rhymes that seem so lovely on the surface, now is the time to start looking deeper into who truly stands to benefit the most from these vaccines.

Or are we to ignore all the warning signs and hold on to the belief that Mary quite contrary is in fact a beautiful lady, simply admiring her garden with pride?

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The trick is it'll be a soft mandate. The legislature would know this type of medical procedure can't be "mandatory" by legislation so it will pull all sorts of financial levers instead. This will be a "soft" mandatory approach that will take away all choice from the most financially vulnerable.


This is an experimental gene therapy, not a vaccine. It can't be mandated. Anyone who does should be subject to prosecution the same way that those Nazi doctors where prosecuted at Nuremburg. I say, throw the book at them - with force!


Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson
Feb 01, 2021

Emergency Use Auhorization Products, such as the RT-PCR Test and Covid Vaccine, Cannot Be Mandated in the United States and the same will apply under our laws here in Australia. The RT-PCR test and COVID vaccines, cannot be mandated, as they are ''investigational and experimental in nature.''

Emergency Use Auhorization Products, such as the RT-PCR Test and Covid Vaccine, Cannot Be Mandated in the United States and the same will apply under our laws here in Australia. The RT-PCR test and COVID vaccines, cannot be mandated, as they are investigational and experimental in nature. ndents to let them know tha…


Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson
Jan 28, 2021

Is $24million on advertising the "benefits" a misappropriation of Commonwealth consolidated revenue in breach of Sect 81 & 83 of the Commonwealth Constitution, in particular when these Covid-19 vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL? Professor Cahill, a world-renowned expert is under attack from her own university for expressing her assessment of the dangers in the Covid vaccine. In other words, another case of “shut your mouth!” Apparently the vaccine cannot stand examination. In other words, the vaccine is a pig in a poke.

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