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Serene discusses our class action on The Informer

Here time-honoured journalist George Donikian interviews Serene about the class action. We love a good challenge and George certainly did his best to put our arguments to the test, in good old-fashioned journalistic style.

"In the past month there has been an acceleration in terms of the compromise that people are feeling about their rights."

Today more than ever, it seems there is a real divide among us. A division caused by fear and this fear is being driven by daily televised covid cases and deaths. Misery loves company and many are compelled to watch, drawn into the media and governmental perpetuated fear campaign that has followed this pandemic.

But there is another story to tell and we welcome being challenged by this narrative because it allows us to test our case in a public forum. Here Serene cuts through the fear and brings a much welcomed return to common sense.

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