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You're the Voice

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

You're the Voice, recorded by Aussie legend John Farnham in 1986, has become an anthem for people who want to make themselves heard. The song encapsulates what it means to be Australian for many of us. Its sentiments were never more appropriate than in this moment in time.

This year, 2020 the global pandemic seems to have somewhat eroded the Australian spirit that Farnham's classic encapsulates. The severe restrictions on the very freedoms our forefathers fought for, and the darkness of constant fear and instability have dimmed it and lowered our moods at the same time.

Many of us have been caught up in the confusion that seemingly random and often hastily imposed restrictions bring with it. Some of us have lost loved ones we couldn't get to see before they passed, and then were told we couldn't attend their funerals. Others have lost their jobs, businesses and homes. Many are stifled by the isolation of lockdowns, terrorised by the threat of hefty fines, forced to be tested and in fear of the prospect of a mandated, rushed vaccine.

The brute police force we have been subject and witness to, has been a topic of great concern, with many questioning the oppressive and forceful manner with which the community has been handled.

In October one very brave officer of the New South Wales Police force, Snr Constable Alexander Cooney raised some serious questions about the disproportionate severity of the covid-19 response. The challenging the Commissioner of Police was then challenged to investigate Snr Constable Cooney's well researched and referenced examination of facts.

Knowing these opinions were not going to be popular and would surely make him a target, he must be commended for the courage of his convictions to go public in such a manner.

Just as Farnham would sing in Chain Reaction, all it takes is "one man to start the kiss to seal your fate."

What has transpired since is the downloading of Alex's letter more than 50,000 times, with no way of knowing just how many times that letter has been shared on social media. Over 6400 people signed his form to show their support, hundreds of them being police and military. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Today, in response to his letter, and the lack of response from the police commissioner, another New South Wales officer has accepted the challenge and issued his own open letter to the commissioner, in the strongest possible show of unity.

Senior Constable Kevin Dawson of the NSW Riot Squad has been on the front-line during this pandemic, and he echoes the concerns raised by his comrade and has also argued the need for a probe into what he states is the appearance that "the medical establishment has taken over the decision-making through unelected Chief Health Officers" and the Police should be encouraged to question the facts around their motivations.

Kevin also questions the validity of the infringement notices issued, on the basis that New South Wales is NOT operating under a declared State of Emergency, casting serious doubt on the legality, stating: "This is contemptible and I have serious concerns over the legality of the infringement notices we are being asked to enforce and issue."

The overarching issue in both letters is the loss of community respect, trust and faith caused by "excessive force deployed with increasing regularity, causing more harm when it is apparently meant for good".

To coin another Farnham lyric, it is clear that Alex has been one critical link in a chain reaction, and the public letters penned by these brave individuals makes the bold statement that even in the face of adversity

"...We have the chance to turn the pages over

We can write what we want to write

(because) you're the voice...

Make a noise and make it clear

We're not gonna sit in silence

We're not gonna live with fear

How long can we look at each other

Down the barrel of a gun?"

You’re the Voice - song written by Andy Qunta, Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder and Chris Thompson, recorded by John Farnham – “Whispering Jack” 1986

Chain Reaction – song written by David A. Stewart and Siobhan Fahey, recorded by John Farnham – “Chain Reaction” 1990

To find out more about the Cops for Covid Truth movement and to show your support, visit

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