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The Daily Dose – Wednesday 22 September 2021

*BREAKING* Police open fire on protesters again 4:50pm, VicPol commit further crimes against the people on Day 3 of Melbourne protests, and more in today's edition... Federal Office of PM | REMARKS, BILATERAL MEETING WITH PRESIDENT BIDEN - NEW YORK, USA 22 Sep 2021

Office of PM | PRESS CONFERENCE - NEW YORK, USA 22 Sep 2021 • Department of Health | Rapid antigen testing continues in NSW for aged care 22 September 2021 • Department of Health | Continued pause to New Zealand green zone flights 21 September 2021 • Department of Health | Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Alison McMillan's press conference on 21 September 2021 • Department of Health | Top 3 COVID-19 vaccine questions – Quarantining, unvaccinated people precautions and additional Covid-19 information 21 September 2021 The second question that we have today is about, what do people who are fully vaccinated, like myself, have to do in terms of being around unvaccinated people? DR LUCAS DE TOCA: As we’ve discussed previously, the vaccines are exceedingly effective at protecting yourself from severe disease, hospitalisation and death, over 90% effective. [ed; De Toca is a liar and an embarrassment to medicine. He's plucked that figure out of thin air..] ... The vaccines are not completely protective from you getting COVID-19 or passing it on to others altogether. They very drastically reduce those risks, they reduce the risk of getting COVID at all, and then they reduce the risk of you transmitting it to others, but it doesn't mean that it is completely protected for that. They are almost 100% effective [ed; lol] at protecting yourself and they have an impact on protecting others, but there is still a risk, even if it's smaller, that you can get the virus and pass it on to others even if vaccinated. So, instead of our third question, we thought today we would take a chance to have a quick chat about the study that has been published in the last 24 hours about the use of the Pfizer BioNTech, or called Comirnaty, vaccine in children five to 11 years of age, which is a really interesting new piece of evidence that is adding to the body of knowledge that we have about these vaccines. In layman's terms~ we're not even going to pretend this is an impartial Q&A anymore, and can't be bothered writing a third fake question today... here is some straight up Pfizer propaganda.

• TGA | Nicotine vaping products: Compliance and enforcement 21 September 2021

• TGA | Therapeutic Goods (Poisons Standard) (COVID-19 Treatment - Gilead) (Remdesivir) Labelling Exemption 2021 21 September 2021 Related~ WHO recommends against the use of remdesivir in COVID-19 patients 20 Nov 2020 • TGA | Notification of amendments to the Poisons Standard in relation to New Chemical Entities (NCEs), September 2021

Federal Register of Legislation | recent bills introduced (* = since last update)

National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Amendment Bill 2021 Biosecurity Amendment (Enhanced Risk Management) Bill 2021 Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Integrity of Elections) Bill 2021 Aged Care and Other Legislation Amendment (Royal Commission Response No. 2) Bill 2021 Foreign Intelligence Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 National Health Amendment (COVID-19) Bill 2021 International Human Rights and Corruption (Magnitsky Sanctions) Bill 2021 Human Rights (Targeted Sanctions) Bill 2021 State

• WA | COVID-19 Update 21 September 2021 • SA | COVID-19 Update 21 September 2021 VIC | Construction Industry To Shut Down For Two Weeks 20 September 2021 QLD | Updated border restrictions for northern NSW 21 September 2021 • QLD | Queensland COVID-19 Update 21 September 2020 NSW | COVID-19 Update 21 September 2021 News/Media/Misc (Mainstream)

Daily Mail (UK) | 'His blood is on Dan Andrews' hands': Fury as tradie takes his own life at a construction site on the morning of Victoria's shutdown protest 21 September 2021 My apologies for not reporting on this yesterday. I thought that the 23-year-old tradie who was tragically killed on the job in Melbourne last week was the sole catalyst for the protests' increasing strength. I was not aware that this older gentleman had sadly taken his own life at a Melbourne jobsite yesterday morning, as well. Our condolences to both families. ABC News | Small number of protesters arrested in Melbourne CBD 22 September 2021 ABC News | Senior Queensland police officer 'disappointed' by allegations officer snuck daughter over NSW border 22 September 2021 Do you think we will ever hear another word about this one? I surely don't... ABC News | COVID live updates: Qld border effectively closed to Tweed, Byron areas after positive coronavirus case 22 September 2021 ABC News | Victorian mother considering damages lawsuit one year on from family's COVID battle 22 September 2021 Ohhh Long COVID! Ms Shrimpton is one of many long COVID sufferers now considering legal action against the workplaces that exposed them. In most cases, plaintiffs will need to prove they have been injured permanently and their condition is now stable before they can consider bringing a damages action, but this can be challenging when there is currently no fixed diagnosis for long COVID, and symptoms differ between cases. Indeed! Azmeena Hussain, a principal lawyer at Maurice Blackburn, said it was not immediately clear what legal avenues would be open to long COVID sufferers, or how long sufferers will have to launch claims. "There are some links to the idea of a latency period for contracting this condition," she said. "We've established a register, so workers can log their details if they have been exposed to COVID in the workplace so that once the law or once the medicine becomes clearer in terms of what the future holds for people who have suffered from COVID, we'll look into what avenues of recourse are available to them in the same way as asbestosis claims." Again – where was all of this way back in 2019 when we were "battling" ye olde influenza? It was not considered polite to come into work whilst sick, true... and obviously not appropriate for aged care/hospital/surgical workers... though I don't believe this was regulated further than self-identification of sick leave required, across the entire healthcare industry. I don't recall anyone even being forced to get an annual flu shot in order to keep their job (please correct me in comments if this was previously the case for any position in Australia). To catch the flu or a 'stomach bug' from a colleague was considered an occasional annoyance, and part of life – it would also have been very uncouth to admonish or 'call out' that colleague for making you sick, as we understood that at the end of the day, everybody has to make a living!! ABC News | Employers are looking to video resumes and artificial intelligence ahead of job ads surge 22 September 2021 More technocratic nonsense. • 9 News | Police slam 'cowards' involved in Melbourne protest after making 62 arrests 22 September 2021 Sorry... who are the cowards?? -VicPol employ brutal firearm scare tactics, tradies not having a bar of it -VicPol knock elderly woman onto concrete and pepper spray her Let's grab another one from the archives for good measure, shall we... -VicPol send mentally ill man flying with police vehicle, stomp head into pavement leaving him in induced coma (2020) -'Internal' investigation clears VicPol officers of any wrongdoing • 9 News | Palaszczuk demands apology from Hunt as Queensland records one COVID-19 case 22 September 2022 As with 99% of all 'State/Federal goon trades words with another State/Federal goon' stories in MSM, this is just a distraction tool. But gosh, aren't they wringing these out!!! It's just so easy! Every time a State or the Fed does something that another one doesn't like, the 'offended' El-ite in question produces a 'scathing' media statement, and bam!! We have a frontpage MSM headline. • 9 News | China's Xi delivers unexpected speech at UN 22 September 2021 Choosing calm language as tensions with the United States grow, Chinese leader Xi Jinping reiterated his nation's longtime policy of multilateralism today, telling world leaders at the United Nations that disputes among countries “need to be handled through dialogue and cooperation." It's worth noting that as both 9 Network chairman Peter Costello and our 'pal' ScoMo have both appeared as special guests at the neo-Baptist pedophile haven Hillsong Church in Sydney. Costello was John Howard's treasurer, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party from 1994-2007, and is also Chairman of the World Bank's "Independent Advisory Board"(!). Thus we can be reasonably assured that any political inferences or 'opinions' given via Nine's news domains is an echo of the Morrison government's position (or at least, that which they would have the conditioned public believe). TLDR; don't worry so much about China 😉 worry about our own backyard, because the state of our rights is quickly eroding to a comparable degree here in Oz, and some of our current leaders are, from available evidence, quite amicably involved with their counterparts in the CCP. I would particularly encourage the genuine and largely commendable QLD activist Drew Pavlou to heed this message, as he now looks to be a potential hope for freedom in the Senate. • 9 News | Prince Andrew served with sexual assault lawsuit after papers sent to US lawyer 22 September 2021 • News Corp | Gladys delivers fresh blow to unvaxxed 22 September 2021 What's with all the fighting/war puns? "Arm yourself against COVID", etc... they are subtly weaving war and violence into the subconscious via media, increasing Army presence in public, and police/military flyovers as has been reported around Australia. “At 80 per cent additional freedoms will be for those who are fully vaccinated,” the Premier said. She said it would be a “period of time” after that before unvaccinated people can enjoy those same freedoms [ed; Premier's words, or News Corp's?] and that decision will be based on the health advice. “There will be another date after that by which the unvaccinated people will be able to patriciate [ed; a fine Freudian slip] in events or activities,” she said. ... Ms Berejiklian warned that even when things beginning to reopen for unvaccinated residents, there could still be events or situations where vaccinations will be required. “There could be major events where the organisers say they only want vaccinated attending or airlines where they say they only want vaccinate people flying with them,” she said. • Sky News | Demonstrators warned to stay away from Melbourne / Police warn protesters not to gather in Melbourne for day three of protests 22 September 2021 Victorian Police Commissioner Shane Patton stressed demonstrators planning to gather in the city for a third day of protests will be met with new tactics and more police resources on the ground. • Sky News | ‘Not above the law’: PM slams Melbourne protesters, backs construction shut down 22 September 2021 Also in this article (but suspiciously missing from the headline) CFMEU Union Boss John Setka has finally bowed to pressure, stating this morning that he will no longer support a vaccine mandate for the construction industry. I don't know why Sky felt the need to include two videos of destruction caused by this morning's unrelated earthquake at the bottom of this article... they have plenty of earthquake-dedicated articles already... it was probably just to subliminally reinforce the "chaos" that protesters have wraught across the city in the past few days 😉 • News Corp | Best & Less to ban unvaccinated customers from NSW stores 22 September 2021 • News Corp | How IT expert Harrison McLean helped to plan Melbourne Freedom Rally 22 September 2021 Lite-Doxxing from the sewer rats at News Corp. Thanks for your efforts, Mr. McLean. News/Media/Misc (Independent) Facebook | Best Video of the Week.... Violent, heavily armed VicPol Nazi Officer points gun in protesters faces, retreats in fear after no reaction, 21 September 2021 • Real Rukshan | DAY 3 Melbourne Protests (still live and re-escalating as of 4:30pm AEST)

• Facebook | DAY 3 Melbourne Protests LIVE

• TOTT News | ‘We built this city!’: Pro-choice tradies bring Melbourne to a standstill 21 September 2021

TOTT News | Victorian construction workers converge on CFMEU headquarters 20 September 2021

• Shnapple Media | Byron Bay Freedom Protests 18 September 2021 – 10min video • The Echo (Northern NSW) | Byron Shire Councillors get behind vaccination push 22 September 2021 So much for Byron being the freedom capital of Australia! I believe neighbouring Mullumbimby now holds that particular title. Facebook | Inspirational community-operated directory of Aussie businesses vowing not to discriminate against customers, "jab or no jab", quickly gains massive traction on Facebook ~ Thanks for reading The Daily Dose, our editorial wrap-up of the most important breaking Federal, State, and miscellaneous news (mainstream and independent) concerning human rights in Australia. The sharing of an article herein does not necessarily imply agreement with its contents or originating source. Please exercise your own caution and common sense, particularly when viewing mainstream media content or any information from government-affiliated sources.

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